Welcome back, to me.

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I did it.  I decided to come back to the blogging world. 
There's been a lot happen since my last regular posting.  I've started a "new" job and had a baby.  I'd say being busy is an understatement. But I've missed the interaction with my blog.  I've missed looking back at pictures and documenting the things that seem to pass so quickly every day.  In fact, when I got the new look up and running I took some time to re-read over some old posts about my wedding and meeting Brian. I was flooded with sweet memories of falling in love with him and planning our life together.  It was good for my soul to read those words.
That's what I've missed.  My soul loves to write and pour my feelings out for those I love and cherish. Now I have a beautiful baby girl to snuggle and watch grow into a little lady.  I will be taking a step back in time and sharing her birth story one day soon. 
I don't intend on making myself an every day blogger like I used to strive for.  I let myself start to see the blog as a "chore" instead of a hobby.  I'll blog when I have time.  I'll live life and enjoy it all, one day at a time. 
I'll share too many pictures and be perfectly okay with that.
I'm ready for the blogging world again.  Is it ready for me?

Making Time

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It has been quite some time since I left my mark in the blogging world.  This used to be my hobby, my peace, my moment in each busy day.  Now, I find myself moving from one chore to the next and watching the clock until the baby cries.  

Yes, that's right.  There is now a baby.  

I'll get around to sharing her birth story and some great pictures, but for now I'm just trying to get my feet back wet and fix some broken links.  

It's time to get back to me.  Time for me to get back to what I love, writing.

2016 is going to be amazing.  

First Day of .... back to blogging.I

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Hi, friends!  If there's any of you left... 

Back in January, I made the announcement that I was taking some time off from blogging to focus more on me and my personal life.  Well, I did just that and it was a nice breath of fresh air.  I really think sometimes in life we just need to stop and listen to our hearts more.  There was such a large part of me that needed the time away from the responsibility of blogging. (And as we all know, blogging is almost like a second job!)

So, it's April and I'm back.  I don't intend to push myself to keep some insane blogging schedule.  I think that's where I went wrong before.  I pushed myself to write when I didn't even feel like thinking.

I want to write to truly write.  I have always been a fan of documenting my thoughts in some fashion and that's what I hope to get back to here on the blog.

I've missed reading about your lives and the things going on with all of you.  I can't wait to dive back in and see how ya'll are doing.  And as for me, and what I've been doing... WELL.  

You'll have to come back and see..  It's a story to tell! 

Don't you just love it when people do that?!