Foodie Files: Cake Batter Confetti Dip

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We recently had a potluck lunch at work.  I always typically bring the same things so I wanted to swap up and find something new.  I looked through recipes and found this one and knew it was "the one!"

If you remember "Dunk-a-roo's" then this is similar to that taste.  I paired my dip with Nilla wafers.

1 package (about 18 oz.) Cake Mix
1 1/2 cup plain yogurt
2 cups Whipped topping
Sprinkles (not pictured)

In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients and mix well until smooth and creamy.
Chill for at least 1 hour before serving with your favorite crackers or fruit.

Have you ever tried this dip?


Wedding: 10 Things I Would Do All Over Again

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Last week I saw a few bloggers making a list of things they would do all over again from their wedding day. Mine was so wonderful and perfect so I knew I wanted to join in!  Hope you enjoy! 

1. Use my grandmother's Bible in our ceremony instead of the traditional ring pillow.
Ever since my sweet grandmother passed, I've held onto her Bible dearly.  Inside she has scribbled various wedding dates, birth dates, etc.  It's a very special item to me.  When it came to deciding some of the details of our big day, I KNEW I wanted this Bible to be a part of my ceremony.  Brian's youngest nephew, Brad, had the honor of carrying this down the isle for us.  This is one of my favorite moments of the day.

2. Deciding to do "the first look" before our ceremony.
There are a lot of differing opinions for couples on if this is something they want to do.  Yes, it does take away from the "surprise" factor when the groom sees you for the first time, as does the rest of the guests.  Brian and I knew all along we wanted to do our First Look due to a number of things.  One, we were leaving for our honeymoon as soon as the wedding was over, so we were on more of a time crunch than a lot of couples.  Secondly, our location (while beautiful and all I could have ever dreamed it to be!) was just not set up for such a secluded thing to be carried out.  

Brian and I still got to have "our" moment, alone.  And it was perfect for us.  I would make that decision again in a heartbeat.

3. Spending the morning with my sweet mother. 
My mom is my best friend.  I had dreamed of my wedding day for years and every dream included my mom being there with me.  I got to watch her get her hair/make-up applied and get the royal treatment.  I got to see her smile at me and see her eyes glow as she seen me in my wedding gown.  I love you, Mom.  Thanks for being my biggest fan, always.

3. Having a wedding party that knows how to have fun!
I loved that our wedding party was game for all the funny pictures.  My ladies, and his men, were fantastic sports and made this day special for us both.  I still giggle looking at these crazy moments!

4. Getting pampered, completely.
My wedding destination was almost an hour away from my hometown.  This meant that going to the salon the day of the wedding was out of the question for me.  Luckily, a sweet friend of mine, and my hair and make up artist went out of her way and made the trip herself just to be able to help me feel beautiful for my big day.  Thanks, Lauren.  I felt amazing. 

5. Changing plans, at the last minute.
Originally, I was going to get ready at our wedding location.  But after some last minute thoughts, I changed my mind and found this cute little bed and breakfast that's hidden in a small Southern town nearby.  It worked out so beautiful.  The pictures from "my" shoot are gorgeous.  I definitely want to plan a trip back to this place to take some more pictures of it's history.

6. Making sure my groom's table was as fabulous as he is!
Brian is a serious tool-freak.  When it came time to look for his cake, I knew exactly what he would love.  I found a picture of a similar cake and showed it to our baker.  She did more than a fabulous job.  We are STILL hearing compliments on how great it turned out AND how delicious it tasted!  Win/Win for us!

7. Approve these guys all over again!
In case you can't read the letters, it spells out "Don't Do It Brian".  During the prayer, I heard lots of shuffling around and you can imagine my reaction when I opened my eyes to find these crazy guys on the ground.  I had no idea until AFTER the wedding and reception that their shoes had the funny message all along! Such pranksters, but I love each and every one of them!

8. Pick our rustic theme.
From the day we were engaged, I knew I wanted a fall/rustic wedding.  One of my first "visions" was having white pumpkins at our wedding.  For those of you who don't know, our last name is "White" so the significance is there. 
I found these beautiful pumpkins at a local farmer's market and had a co-worker paint them for me.  I still love the way they all turned out.  A vision come true!

9. Pick all these special friends/family again!
I love the friendships and bonds that we have with our bridal party.  Brian loves my girls, and I think the world of his guys. We truly feel like God handed us each and every one to make our lives complete.

10. Pick my photographer again & AGAIN!
This lady may have started out as my pick for the big day, but she has turned into one of my BEST friends.  I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have found my lifelong family photographer.  She is such a sweet person who is willing to go above and beyond to make the big day all you've dreamed of as a bride.  Her wonderful husband helps her and Brian and I feel like they are some of the best people we have found in this lifetime.  God gives us those we need in our lives.  I'm looking forward to this lady being right beside me for Baby White's arrival (whenever that comes!)

Well, that's it.  My wedding day was the day I had dreamed of for years.  I married my best friend and found myself surrounded by a group of the best family and friends we could ask for in this life.  October 12, 2013 changed my life.  And thus, Mississippi Mrs. was born.


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Taking a moment to pray for those who are dealing with tornado damage from an earlier tornado. You can read this article and see youself.  Please help me to pray for all those families involved.
Right now my area is in carefully watching the next path and I'm praying for safety and God's hands to be on us during this time.
Tornados are very scary things people.  Listen to the warnings and keep yourself safe!
God Bless.

Where I've Been...

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Life has been a little hectic around here for me.  I apologize for my absence last week, but sometimes things pop up and they seem to make you drop everything else.  Last week was one of those week's for me and the blog.  

I just want to ask for you to keep my life in your prayers.  Times get hard, a lot.  But God can lead me through anything.  

This weekend, my mom and I took a little day trip out of town for some shopping.  It was so nice to get out with her and have a good time.  We laughed about so many things and both really needed to get out!  The sun was shining and the weather here in NE Mississippi was beautiful! 
We stopped for a delicious lunch at Chili's.  There is never a time that mom and I don't order some Skillet Queso.  I mean, hello, YUM!  By the way, has anyone tried this recipe from Pinterest? I want to try it, but never have gotten around to it yet.  My waistline does NOT need it to work though, keep that in mind! 

We also took a little time to check out a new store.  Can we say my baby fever skyrocketed?!  There were SO many cute little smocked dresses and skinny pants.  My heart seriously was racing!  Just to clarify, no, I'm not pregnant. 


Come back and see what else I have for you this week! 
Don't forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter as well.  

A Glance Back...

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A lot of times I love being able to look back at what was going on in years past.  Before I began blogging, I would have to go dig out my old planners and look it up.  Now, as a blogger, I can do this virtually.  

So, for the fun of it, I thought it would be fun to see what April 2013 held for me.  

Easter 2013 was nice and relaxing.  It was also the first time I mastered "the bump" hairstyle.  

I still do this look, a lot.  It's definitely one of my favorites and SO easy.

I shared some details about me and life in this Getting Deep post.

Brian and I joined his parents to see David Jeremiah

Annnd, the weirdest thing I found while glancing back.. I was 6 months away from being a Mrs.  It's amazing how time flies!

My life is blessed beyond what I could ever ask.  

The Lord continues to show me just how great He is if we are faithful to Him.

What were YOU doing a year ago?

Easter 2014

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He Is Risen Scripture...

I can't express how wonderful this quote hits my heart.  There are so many things in my life that I am going through, but just taking a day "away" from the troubles to say a big THANK YOU to our God.  

Seeing so many extra faces fill the pews at church was so fulfilling to my heart.  I wish more Sundays and Wednesdays were like that. 

I hope you attended your church! 

So, today I just want to just leave you with a few pictures and some thoughts.

Happy Easter, from my family to yours. HE IS RISEN!


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One of my dear blog friends, Halie, had this jewel on her blog today.  She welcomed other bloggers to follow her and do it as well.  Since I'm slacking on a blog topic for you today, I'm here to join in.  So thank you Halie for helping a girl out!

Yours truly, *muah*

Eating // Strawberry Poptart. I don't normally even eat breakfast, but I was needing something extra in my system today. 

Drinking // Another unusal answer for me, Mello Yello.  I ALWAYS have to have my coffee, but this morning I was literally sweating so I had to go with something cold to cool me off.  And the weird thing is, the temps have dropped again here so I'm not sure what this being hot business is all about, but I better not be getting sick!

Missing // My husband.  Yes, I saw him this morning.  No I'm not being cheesy.  Without getting into any details of my personal life at the moment, I just want him to know he has been more than fabulous and a wonderful support system.  So, I've kind of let myself stay under his wing, per say, these last couple days.  And right now I'd take one of his bear hugs.

He does crazy things like this for me.  AKA, being my "doctor".

Reading // I'm never reading just one thing at a time.  I'm weird like that, I suppose.  First of all, I'm reading Gone Girl.  This is going to be a movie in the near future and I wanted to make sure I had read the book before seeing the movie.  I'm also reading Unglued by Lysa Ty.  If you remember awhile back, I did her study on Made To Crave.  She is a wonderful author and I recommend her.  And last, but certainly not least- my Bible.  I guess this should be a given and not on my "list" but I have just found some serious comfort lately in my alone time with my Bible, so it is on my list.  God is good, ALL the time.  And ALL the time, God is good.  Remember that.

Watching // Well, at this very moment, I'm watching the cars drive by outside.  But at home, I'm watching whatever Brian wants to watch.  Yes, it's true.  Pretty Little Liars and The Walking Dead are both on breaks (and I'm going INSANE!)

Wishing // I could just leave work for the day.  I have so many other needs that need to be taken care of, but I know I have to work so I'm wishing for a good afternoon at least!

And cheers to new sunnies!

Planning // The trip to see Casting Crowns tonmorrow night.  I am so excited it's ridiculous.  I love being in a place where I'm surrounded by God loving people who want to worship.  I can't wait!

Listening To // Silence.  Really.

Craving // Coffee.  Back to that being hot thing and getting a Mello Yello instead of my coffe is starting to sneak up on me.  I'm half-asleep still.

Wearing // Dark jean leggins and an off-white top with brown flats.  I'm casual today.  Don't judge.

Excited For // Easter weekend.  God's love pouring into so many people's lives that may have never heard His story.  

You know it's funny. Ha!

Smelling // Chocolate. That funny made me want chocolate. 

Feeling // Mentally exhausted.  This has turned out to be a less than great week for me so I've had a lot on my mind.  I feel like my brain cells are screaming for me to just slow down, at least for a little while.  But my heart is heavy and my mind is consumed.  That's the raw truth today.

Anticipating // Life in general.  Is that a good answer? I mean really, back to the things I don't want to personally discuss, I'm just waiting on life in general to see what happens.  Let go and Let God is what I'm trusting right now.

Thank you once again, Halie, for letting me copy this and have something for all you lovely readers here at Mississippi Mrs.  I want to thank each and every one of you for the time you spend reading my blog, commenting, and contacting me outside this blog.  You are all truly a great community of friends that I'm thankful I have in my life.   

Weekly Wishes

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The Nectar Collective
Hey, loves.  I know it's late on Monday for me to post, but better late than never.   I took off work today to just rest up.  I ended up cleaning out two bedrooms and loaded my car with things for my upcoming yard sale.  So much for resting, ha!

Sooo, I'm linking up for Weekly Wishes this week in hopes of keeping myself, and the blog, on track.  

1// Post 3-4 days this week.  I've got to get better with scheduling for the upcoming week.  

2// Organize the "trouble" areas in my house.  Yes, my OCD is kicking in.

3// Work-out at least 3 times this week.  Enough said. 

4// Work on a food post.  It's time for that to appear again.

5// Get better with my quiet time with my Bible.

What are your goals for the week?

The First 6 Months.. {Marriage.}

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Mississippi Mrs.

My friend, Brittany at Happy Is A Choice, recently celebrated her 6 month anniversary.  Since Brian and I are right behind them and it is now our 6 month anniversary, I wanted to take her idea and share my thoughts and things I have learned in the first 6 months.

1. Spending time together is an adjustment.  Yes, Brian and I still enjoy doing things together.  We have a series of silly shows we watch, a set of meals we love to cook, and a million other little quirks we have figured out.  But one big lesson we have learned even more so as a married couple is that time spent separately is just as valuable as time together. 

Neither Brian nor myself are the type of people who "need" to have our spouse at our side every second of free time.  In fact, I'm sure we would end up having a HUGE argument if one of us tried that at all.  We have kept our own leisure activies since before we were married.  Saturdays, I love to go to yard sales.  I also love to read and play on Pinterest.  Brian likes to play XBox and go use his tools on a project. 

We both are interested in what the other wants/needs, but we also believe our marriage deserves some alone time.  It works for us!

2. Text fighting never ends up good.  Brian and I have had numberous issues where one or the other of us has taken something "said" the wrong way.  This is one reason I do dislike my phone.  I can say something completely harmless and he may take it as I was being snappy.  Brian and I are not perfect.  We do have spats about little things.  Texting about those spats is NEVER a good idea.  We are now trying to watch what we say in those moments so nothing CAN be taken wrong, or simply picking up the phone and discussing the rest and making things more clear. 

3. Forgiveness is something you will do every single day of your marriage.  Yes, we are working on 6 months of marriage and almost 3 years of dating.  We don't know everything about each other.  I don't feel like we will know it ALL by the time we are 80.  Every day there may be some little thing or word said that you want to fix or claim it hurts your feelings.  Nine out of ten times, your spouse never meant it that way. 

It can be as small as a joke that is taken wrong, or someone leaving something out place.  The bottom line is, life is short.  No one is promised tomorrrow.  There is no need to get bent out of shape over one thing when tomorrow it will not matter.  And it for sure will not break your marriage.  Pick your battles. And forgive when hurt. And ALWAYS really forgive.  No one wants the past threw in their face.

4. Trust one another.  I believe with my whole entire heart that Brian would never, ever do anything outside of our marriage.  Yes, other women have made that statement and found out they were wrong.  This is when I'm telling you this is MY husband and I know this to be true.  He doesn't have the heart to do that to me.  Nor I would him.  It took us way too long to find each other in this life to risk throwing it down the drain like that. 

With that said, trust is major in ANY relationship.  Brian and I both came from hurtful, decieving relationships and were not ready to fully trust again.  I know in the beginning that we had to work hard to let both our walls down and let each other into our hearts.  That's a lifelong commitment we made to each other. 

Trusting Brian is like second nature to me.  And as we grow older, that is factor that will never break.

5. Keep the romance.  We are still newlyweds, folks.  But that doesn't mean that we don't both come home from work and want to just collapse on the couch/recliner and call it a night.  And in all honesty, a lot of nights WE DO.  And that's perfectly fine because we understand that.  But we both know how equally important it is to keep our flame burning, for lack of better terms. 

Brian still kisses me at random times, or squeezes my hand in the middle of the night.  I still send him random "I love you" e-mails and pick up his favorite candy at the store.  It doesn't have to be some big elaborate date.  Brian and I are fine with a pizza and an episode of Shark Tank. 

However, we keep a place in the back of our minds when we last had a "real" date and like to make sure we get around to that as well.  It's important to still want to go out and show off your spouse.  It's "super" dating.  I get to take my date home and keep him all night! ha!

6. Keep God first.  I purposely left this one for last.  Why? Because I want this one to be the one that sticks in your mind after this list.  At the end of the day, Brian and I are human.  We will make mistakes.  We will let each other down.  We will argue.  We will get angry.  We will cry.  We will fight.  We will hug.  We will be our own best/worst enemies.  But at the end of every single day, we are both a child of God. 

He is a God who forgives us and shows us the way to mend our mistakes.  He is a God that binds us.  Brian and I stood before God on October 12, 2013 and vowed to conquer this world as one, with Him being our focus.  That is and always will be our view. 

And one last and final thought.  Brian's father married us and in our ceremony he told us there were twelve words we will always need/use. These words will be spoken throughout our lives as man/wife. I wanted to share them with you today, in hopes you can also use it in your own marriages/relationships.

"I was wrong. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I love you." - Ken White

Dear Brian,
Thank you for an amazing journey thus far as your wife.  I still get butterflies knowing I get to go to sleep and wake up next to you every morning.  I've prayed for years for these days we are living now.  It's even better in reality than it was in all those dreams.  God placed a special person in this life when you were created.  I owe God and your parents' lots of love and devotion for raising such a good, Christian man and future father.  It has been an incredible first six months.  I am looking forward to all the years of our lives... Love, "Wifey"

Five on Friday!

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It has been awhile since I did a Five on Friday with the gorgeous , so it's GOOD to be back!
First off, HELLO FRIDAY. I've missed you since last Friday.  #truestory

I promise, the weeks are getting waaaay longer than they used to be.  Or is this a sign of getting old?! Either way, hello Friday.

1// Organized desk station.  I just love how all the items are in their very own place.  I need more of this in my desk at my home AND work stations.   

2// Mello Yello is seriously my favorite.  I had been craving one for awhile.  #satisfaction 

 3// Sea salt spray.  I have been wanting to try this out for such a long time.  My sweet friend, Cassie, was a darling and got me some while she was at the store.  I can't wait to try it out! Review soon!

 4// Enough said.  I just love it.  Pinterest has the funniest things, ever.  You can find my Laughs board for more!

 5// Hairstyle.  I'm debating cutting my hair.  I probably really won't go through with it for awhile, but when I am a mommy I know I will want something similar to this look.  Yes, I am planning a haircut for sometime in the next year or so.  I'm a little bit OCD about planning things. LOL!

And, I have to mention, be sure and check back on the blog tomorrow.  I don't normally post on the weekends, but tomorrow is a special post you will want to see!  Happy Weekend!