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Life, it has a way of being ugly and beautiful all at the same time.

But I refuse to see the ugly part.  I am going to thrive on the beautiful.

Lately, I've had a lot on my mind as far as relationships with people go, how I handle them, etc.  And I've decided to clean up my life in ways.  I might end up losing friendships due to this, but if that's all it takes to lose a friendship, then it wasn't secure to begin with in my eyes.

I've been trying to clean up my Facebook list, IG, blog roll, Twitter, email contacts, etc.  It really isn't anything personal towards anyone.  I just have let it all get out of hand.  

I have too many "friends" on various social media outlets, and I don't spend enough time with my friends that are right in front of me.  So I'm just working through my lists and cleaning up a bit.  Some I'm deleting because we don't talk often, we haven't talked in years, we were friends because we had someone in common, etc.  Just different reasons, but the outcome the same- I'm just cleaning up.

So, why am I doing this? 

Well, actually its a few reasons.  

One- Just too overly crowded.  I tend to "scroll through" more social media entries than read them, so I need to limit that to those I'm really reading.

Two- I'm working on de-cluttering my whole life.  This just falls into that category.

Third- and the most important.  I'm a little over 6 months away from getting married.  And that's a pretty big deal to me.  I am making a commitment to this man and our marriage and future family.  I want to have a strong, healthy, Godly based marriage, and in order for me to do that, I need to pick who and what I see and use for entertainment.  
I'm not at all saying all social media is vulgar and threatening, but this has been a huge prayer of mine for I'd say over a month now and I feel like I'm being led to simplify my life and give more focus on God.  
This world is tough.  There are temptations and evil looming in every aspect of our lives.  I'm doing what I can to protect me and my future children by forming a strong bond in God and letting Him lead me to the friendships He sees fit for me.

This is in no way a reflection of anything, anyone, has done to me.  Although I do know that there have been some hurtful remarks on Twitter regarding my recent decisions, there is simply no more I can do.  Honestly, when you pray to God and you feel God move you- you act on it.  So, to this person (and I will address this publicly because I don't want to stir the pot with anyone)- for you being deleted, I am sorry.  But you are not alone.  There are others that have been as well, and there are more to follow.  I'm thankful for every part of my life, even though some do not stay.  People come together, and people stray apart.  That's simply life.  

I hate you feel that this was done in hate, and that you felt led to make the remarks you have.  As I said, it was no personal reasoning other than mine.  And I'd be happy to talk to you about it if you want me to further explain.  There truly are no reasons for hurtful tweets.

And that brings me back to another reason I am doing this de-clutter.  I have seen lots of hateful things being said/done via the social media (not even related to me) and it just pains me.  I worry about these things more than I admit, but I think about them in my spare time and I tend to get my feelings wrapped up in things that don't even involve me.  So again, this is just me- I'm setting myself out of it.  

So, if you were unfollowed, I'm sorry.  I have shifted my focus and how I want to run my life and some of the blogs I was reading, just don't have the same lifestyles as myself so I'm choosing to not read anymore.  Again, nothing personal. 

So, that's life these days for me.  

Thanks for letting me release! :)

Sunday Social [Link-Up]

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Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite type of workout to do?
Although, I don't do near as much of this as I need with an upcoming wedding looming, BUT I personally like to walk/run.  Of course, with music turned up so loud I wouldn't hear a car honking it's horn at me.  Yes, it's dangerous, but I like to "space out" during my exercising. :) 

2. What is your favorite guilty pleasure candy or sweet?
Milk chocolate, just about anything.  It's a fact that I CANNOT stand not having any chocolate in my house.  I'm a little addicted. :P

3. What is one thing you continuously forget to do?
Give the dogs a bath.  I know that's weird, but I can always "find an excuse" for not doing it at times, and then I forget to do it.  Poor babies, at least they live inside. ;)

4. Do you prefer post-its or phone reminders? Why?
I'm a post-it girl all the way.  I use my phone when I have nothing else, but I don't prefer it at all. I'm old school- I like to physically WRITE it.

5. What is your favorite picture currently on your phone that always makes you smile?
I just love this man, with my heart and soul.

Forever Friday's [Link-Up]

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Today is a special day.

Not because I have a great wedding project to show off and not because I have some profound idea to share. (Unfortunately..)

It's because today, I'm celebrating.  Tomorrow is a wedding that I honestly wish more than anything I was attending.  It's a big deal, ladies.

It's my BFF's wedding, Hallie.  You all might know her from Life:Oceanside.  To me, she is my twin.  We met through blogging, and have developed this wonderful relationship. Yes, it started due to wedding related material, but it has grown into someone I see myself meeting for many years to come.

So in honor of today's Forever Friday, I'm taking a look at ANOTHER wedding besides mine- the one that will resemble mine in so many ways.  If you want to know more about me and my twin wedding, then jump over to her blog here.  I'm guest posting for my love today! :)

Aaaaand coming up next week is my first wedding project!  This was supposed to been on schedule today, BUT last week I got food poisoning SOOOO I've been out of pocket this week as far as blogging.  ((Can I get an amen to scheduling posts?  I would have had ZERO this week had I not done a lot of it last week!))

So be sure you check out my friend's page today.  And next Friday, meet me here.  We are going to get crafty!

Cara Box [March Reveal]

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Cara Box

I was so excited to get back into the Cara Box crowd this month, hosted by Wifessionals.  I participated back before the holidays, but I took off during Christmas and I just now feel like I've gotten caught back up on my sanity to take on something extra.   I am so glad that I did.

I was paired with Holly from Back Home Again.  Be sure you go over and check out her box!

And my box came from Lauren at Enjoying the Journey.

I was SO excited when I got home to see that pretty package box sitting beside the door!  Lauren really did a great job of looking over my blog and finding what was really "me" and what I like!

She mentioned she had a hard time finding "K" items, and I can totally understand.  Even in those monogram items, there is hardly ever a K! So she incorporated into my box some leopard print items and bows.  How thoughtful!! :)

So, here is my stash:

I got a black headband with an adorable bow, some Kleenex's, some "kite" brownies (Right, Lauren!?), leopard pencils and erasers, Kit Kat, a new cup, and an adorable picture frame with my letter K in it, and my name below.

Realllly- it is fantastic!  Thank you, Lauren, for all the wonderful things! And thank you, Kaitlyn, for continuing to host this link-up.

Miss J in the house!

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I have real treat for you ladies today! One of my BEST friends is taking over my blog today! I'm going to just let her have at it...

Hello lovelies!
If you don't know me by now I'm Jenna from Life Is Sweet.
Kayla has no idea what she's getting into with allowing me to take over Keeping Up With Kayla.
We should change it to....
Keeping Up With Jenna!
Yeah that sounds good!
It's the slowest day of the week but lets trying to have a good Tuesday.
I found Kayla's blog by "accident" one day and have been BFFs with her since.
She was the first blogger I gave my number to and we haven't looked back since. Even when others have walked out on a friendship with me she's always been there for me.
Bloggers are so mean these days. It's like the Mean Girls movie but all through twitter & blogging. It's immature if you ask me. The vague tweets need to go. The backstabbing is ridiculous. Whatever happened to encouraging each other?
Kayla and I are so much alike. We've been waiting for our prince charming to find us! Her's found her a little sooner than mine did. We like to double date. Even though we're hundreds of miles away! I was one of the first to call her she I found out about her surprise engagement & I can't wait for her to call me when it happens for me.  
I love to send Kayla a piece of my hometown every now & then. Since I live a few miles from the beach I send her videos of the ocean. I can't wait to actually meet her and Brian in person come October.
If you haven't gotten to know Kayla yet you're missing out on an amazing girl. She's sweet, loving, sensitive, funny, honest and all around the best
Best Friend EVER!

Happy Tuesday y'all!

 photo signaturecopy_zps8e140f3e.jpg

Isn't she the best?  It is SUCH a blessing to have such a good person to fill your days with encouragement and happy thoughts instead of having someone filling your ears tearing someone else down.  I always know when I talk to Jenna, I'm going to smile and laugh.  THAT is a true friend. :)  Thanks, Jenna, you're the best!

First Things First [Link-Up]

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First Things First

First roommate:
Back, what seems like decades ago, Hillary and I ran off to community college and shacked up in the dorms.  Was it glamorous? Not at all.  Was it cheap? Not at all.   Was it an experience?  You bet it was.

Our dorm was TINY.  I really don't think they are supposed to be that small, but ours was. All I know is that it's a good thing we went into that living situation as best friends because I don't think I could have moved into that tiny of living arrangements with just anyone.  And the most amazing thing- we came OUT of that dorm still best friends. :)

And just for fun,-a funny story that I remember most about this tiny living hole.  Hillary and I had went to watch The Ring with some people.  When we got back to our dorm that night, we had to sleep with the TV because we were scared.  But here's the thing, the LIGHT from the TV was annoying as all get out, so we had to tape paper towels around the screen to keep the light from "bouncing" in the room.   Ah, dorm life.

First time living away from home (when/where/why): 
This is the same as my #1 answer.  It was when I moved out of my parents' house and into the dorm, for college.

First college dorm room (pictures and explanation):
I really DOUBT there are any pictures from the dorm room.  It was too small to even do that in, LOL.

But let me explain it best I can.  When you walked into the door, the mini fridge with the microwave and tv were on top was sitting right to your left as you walked in.  This was also "Hillary's side" of the room. If you looked to your right, you saw her twin bed.  In the center of the right side of the room there was two huge, old, WAY too big, OLLLLLLLD (can I stress that it was OLD AND BIG!!?!?!) desks that were back to back.  If you kept walking straight when you came in the door, about middle ways was a door to your left.  That was the door to the SHARED bathroom with our suite mates.  (yeah.... hated that.)

Walking past the door, on your left was the sink (on "my side" of the room now) and then my twin bed.

It was cramped.  It was small.  It was dirty and smelly.  It's a good thing I was skinny then.  Me and a twin side bed wouldn't work these days, LOL.

And as a treat for you ladies, here is my ID from college.  Wow.

Sunday Social

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Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite thing about spring?
- I am not at all a fan of winter, so when I see spring coming alive around me- it is SO welcoming.  It is the sign of my beloved summer coming soon!  I love seeing all the grass getting green again, and my lilies starting to sprout!

2. What is your favorite kind of flower to grow or receive?
I love hydrangeas, lilies, and Gerber daisies.

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
I'm really simple.  I like like pastel colors.  I have a bad habit of biting my nails ((any tips/tricks are welcomed!)) so I like something more muted!

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
I LOOOOVE to plant flowers!  I didn't get to do much of it last year, so I'm hoping this year I can get back on track!

5. Do you have any fun spring fans? Details :)
My spring plans kind of go along with #4.  I am really just hoping to get the outside of my house looking more up-to-date and cute!  :)

Sugar 'N Spice VoxBox [Influenster]

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This was my first VoxBox, and to say I was excited is putting it lightly!

The Rundown:

Vaseline Spray & Go Moisturizer Total Moisture: $7.99 for a 6.5oz can

I have to say, this stuff is great!  I am such a huge lotion fan, but this makes life so much easier.  I literally get out of the shower, spray my body with this, rub, and go.  It's that simple.  This WILL be a part of my daily life now.

Nectresse: $6.99 for a 5.9oz container, or $3.99 for a box of 40 packets
NECTRESSE(TM) Natural No Calorie Sweetener, 40 Count
I was skeptical at this product at first.  I'm not one of those girls who has ever just went wild over Splenda or anything, but this I do like and enjoy.  And it makes my plain water easier to drink when I'm having a "soft drink urge."

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Oil Controlling Towelettes: $5.99 for a 20 count box
Warning, these things have a strong smell.  But don't let it turn you away from them.  They are a fantastic product.  I use them after I've washed my face, and even sometimes in the middle of the day (when I'm not wearing make-up) just as a refresher.  I also really love that they come in individual packets, so they can be carried in your purse, car, etc. easier.

Colgate Optic White Regimen:
Toothpaste: $2.99 for a 4oz tube
Mouthwash: $2.99 for 8oz bottle
Toothbrush: $2.99 per brush

With an upcoming wedding looming, I'm all over looking for things to help my beauty routine.  Whiter teeth is high on the list when it comes to thinking about all the pictures that will remain with us for the rest of our lives.  I'm really excited to try these products and post a full review later. :)

belVita Breakfast Biscuits: $3.69 for a box of 5 packets of 4 biscuits.

I cannot say enough good things about these little biscuits.  Most mornings, I'm out the door with no breakfast.  I know, that's bad.  But these just changed my life.  Not only are there 4 per package, which filled me up, but they taste like Teddy Grahams to me.  Win, win! :)  I'd recommend you go get some, for sure!

Forever Friday's [Link-Up]

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Well, if any of you other brides-to-be are looking for another link up related to wedding planning since Southern Charming decided to end Wedding Wednesdays then I have a treat for you!  The sweet Jax at  According to Jax revealed a new link-up today.

I, personally, am so excited to see it because right now I'm in wedding mode (like many of you!) and I love to see other people's ideas and share mine as well.  It's fun to share with other women what they are doing on "their big day!"

So, head on over to According to Jax and link-up a post.  Today is the first day, so no rules to follow!

See you there!

Aaaaand, I'm going to start off my Forever Friday's with the re-cap of B & I's love story.  (Keep in mind, this was written around Valentine's 2012, and we weren't engaged at the time so it mentions that!)

**If you are new around here (which I see I do have quite a few new faces!) then let me point out that I have a tab for "Our Love Story" up top.  Feel free to click there to see a shortened version of our story.  Also, there is a new tab for "Our Wedding" that I will be working on in the next few weeks to get all of our information updated and in there for viewing!

As always, thanks for coming and reading!

Friday's Letters [Link-Up]

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Dear Friday, really you were about to get on my nerves dragging your feet.  Thankfully, you are here now and I can see the end of the work week in sight!  Dear B, thanks for another awesome Thursday night "date."  I loved getting to do our "married responsibilities" with you.  You even make shopping for boy toys fun!  Dear cold weather, seriously- I hate you.  Dear Spring, Hello.. I can't find you.  HURRY UP!  Dear vacation, I need you so badly.  My feet need sand between my toes.  Now.

Dear hair, you are not my friend today.  You actually aren't my friend most days.  Ugh!  Dear Kaitlyn, thank you so much for making my blog prettttty!  You're the best!  Dear lazy weekend, HERE I COME.


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Oooops.  No post today.  I forgot to schedule one, like a loser!

BUT... I'm working hard on wedding things.  That counts as productive in my book!

Come back tomorrow.. I got some letters. :)


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-how responsive you beautiful ladies were to Monday's post about Control.  It means a lot more than you will ever know.  I try not to get down much, but sometimes we all just get in those moods and I have figured out talking about it helps sometimes just as much as anything. So a big thank you to all you wonderful ladies!

-that it's Wednesday.  This week is creepin', just saying.

-that I now have my wedding band in my possession, even though I can't wear it for another 6+months.
Gooooosh, I cannot wait to marry him.

-B's sweet tea.  Yes, seriously.  His is better than mine, I'll admit it.

-wearing pigtails.  I've been sporting it.  So what if I look five.
What are YOU loving??? :)

I'm also joining in today for the Bloglovin' link-up!

First Things First

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First Things First

Today I'm joining in with the First Things First link-up! :)  I've recently discovered that Halie and I are wedding twins (meaning we are getting married on the same exact day) and that our sings are even similar shaped.  I think it's cute! :) So I've been getting to know her better, and I'm all in today! :)

First ever blog post:
I had no idea idea what I was doing (and really still don't..) but I rambled on about my dogs and how old I was, etc. The normal, nervous, first meeting someone chit chat.  Seriously, I always go into talking about my dogs when I'm nervous.
And I can't believe it, but I actually posted a picture on my first blog.  Score!  I showed you my furbabies.

Oh, and I was going on a date.  With a loser who I wish I hadn't blogged about.  Life, it's funny! ;) You can find my first blog post, here.

First ever comment:
Cassie replied to my post about not being able to publish any new blog posts.  Cassie is the reason I started this blog.  She had been reading blogs awhile, had one herself, and I joined in.  Thanks, Cassie!  Love you! :)

First ever blog-friend or friends:
Mallorie was the first person outside of IRL people that I knew that made contact with me.  And to this day, she is still one of my favorite blogs.  I've watched her go from engaged, to married, to a mother of a PRECIOUS little girl.  She is always trying a new DIY project (and making it look so easy!) to having a yummy recipe to share! She is a dear friend, and if you don't read her blog, you totally should go now.

Jenna was the first girl that I spoke to outside of the blogging world.  She was the first "blog friend" I exchanged numbers with and we have literally been best friends ever since.  She lives in Florida and I sit in Mississippi and dream of Florida.  She is there when you need her, and always ready to help.  I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything!

Amanda is the second person I exchanged numbers with from the blog world.  She had just recently given birth to her son, and was still getting over all the issues they had when he was born.  She is a fabulous mother and I encourage you to go read her posts.  She will have you laughing, informed, and feeling like you just reconnected with someone you've known your whole life!

And the last person for me who I have formed an incredible bond with is Hallie.  She and I are both engaged (and she is just DAYS away from becoming a MRS!) and it's like we could have planned the same exact wedding.  Our tastes are the same, our lives are the same, and I even think our men share a bit of the "twin action" going on.  She is my newest BFF, but one I see having for a lifetime!

I've met SO many amazing women along the way, and that's just naming a few.  But this blogging world is fantastic for meeting new friends you wouldn't have other ever met!

Come back next week, I'm joining in this link-up again!

P.S.- Are ya'll loving my new look as much as I am?  I'm currently in construction, but it's looking SOOOO good!!!


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Today's post isn't a funny one.  It isn't meant to be anything but REAL.

So today's topic is control.

To be more exact- birth control.  Ladies, I'm struggling with it.  A little back story: I changed my BC at my last appointment.  I loved my previous kind.  It never gave me mood swings, it kept me regular, and it kept the worst time of the month short and sweet.  It was fantastic for me.

So, you're probably wondering why I would change if it was that good to me.  Well, I wish I hadn't, BUT with a price tag of $70.00 a month, I simply had to let it go.  I work hard for my money, and the bills pretty much consume my paychecks, so that much of an extra expense, I just had to let it go.

So, enter the new kind- Lutera.

It's become my nightmare.  I literally DREAD taking it because it makes me feel like a crazy person.  I wish I was kidding.  And to make this worse, it's happening in the wrong time period of my life.  I'm trying to plan a wedding to the man of my dreams.  I know weddings themselves can be stressful, but with this added extra level of worrying, I'm just feeling lost.

This past Saturday when I went wedding decor shopping, it was like my head was spinning and I couldn't think a clear thought.  I mean I haven't even been on Pinterest looking for wedding ideas lately, and if you follow me on Pinterest, you KNOW how odd that is in itself.

But it's not just in the wedding department.  I feel on edge with every day things.  I hate the alarm waking me up because most of the night I spent lying awake and worrying over little stupid things.  So when the alarm goes off, I have barely been asleep during the night and the last thing I want to do is get up and back at it again.

I feel like every decision I make, I second guess myself.  Even little decisions about which shoes to wear to work.  I literally am driving myself crazy it feels like some days.  And I know women go through this all the time.  People swap BC and their hormones go into raging lunatic mode, but this has never happened with me.  So I need help ladies, is there any advice, tips, tricks that I can at least try so my man, family, and friends don't end up turning me into the crazy house?

I'm just down ya'll.  Like really down.  And I can't stand this feeling.

So, I don't do this often, but I'm asking for some prayers for me.  I want to feel normal again.  But there is some good news.  I have a friend who tried this kind and she said month 2 is much better.  I just started month 2, so let's pray it is!

Many thanks to you all..

Busy Bee & [Giveaway Winner!]

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I seriously cannot believe we are already facing Monday again.  If only the weeks went as fast as the weekends..

So, this weekend was a busy one for me. Friday night, a group of us went to see The Call, and let me tell you- if you have not seen this movie- GO.  Like get up right now and just go.  It's fantastic!!!

Saturday morning, my mom and I left town early and went wedding decor shopping.  Our first stop...
Hobby Lobby! (Of course!)

We were in there over two hours, and I probably could have stayed another two really analyzing things.  But I came out with a project (that I'm hoping to show off for you on Wedding Wednesday!) and a list of other things I need still to buy. 

We spent the rest of our shopping trip going from store to store checking on more wedding things.  This was the first big shopping trip dedicated to the wedding, so I was focused all day long.

I ended up finding some perfect wedding shoes, so that's crossed off the to do list, and I have to admit, I am SO glad.  Those shoes were stressing me out!

And, the most exciting thing all day was picking up my wedding band!!!! Sliding that band on my hand just simply made things REAL.  And the realization that the wedding is coming just intensified!  I cannot wait to get that band back on my hand, permanently. :)

Mom and I made it back in town in just enough time for me to shower and hit the road's again to go to B's sister's house for a cookout.  

Needless, to say, I was worn out by bedtime!

Sunday was a good message at church, and then home to cook up some dinner.  

Tell me that doesn't look good.  I'll never eat at Sonic again. LOL.

Well, that's all for me today loves.  I have a mountain of laundry waiting, a house full of dirty floors, and wedding crafts that I wanna get my hands on!

Happy Sunday!  & Happy St. Partrick's Day!

Also, the winner of last week's tumbler giveaway is Kelly Carey!

Congrats, Kelly, if you will email me, then we can get you set up with your prize!

Sunday Social [Link-Up]

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Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?

First of all, I love a good rainy day.  As long as I don't have to get out on it in on a work day, or a day I had something planned.  But what I like to do is curl up with a blanket (and maybe a dog!) and watch a good movie or nap! :)  It's so relaxing!

2. What is your favorite thing to do on a summer weekend?

Summertime is my favorite time of year, hands down! I love to get up and out early on a Saturday morning and hit up some yard sales! Some people think yard sales are "junk", and sometimes that's true.  But sometimes you run across a nice treasure just waiting for your love and touch!  So that's how I spend Saturday mornings, and then Saturday afternoon is nap-time, and Saturday night is whatever me and my honey want to do!

3. What is your favorite spring activity?

Spring is when I like to start getting my yard in order for the summer.  I like to go buy new flowers, potting soil, etc.
I like to see "life" around my house after dreadful cold weather!
I'm thankful for springtime looming!

4. What is your favorite way to spend a winter day?

I despise winters.  I like to stay in bed or cuddled in blankets and dream of summer, LOL!

5. What is your favorite season and why?

Summertime!  There is just nothing better than flip flops, tank tops, and tans!

6. What is the best birthday you ever had?

I've loved all my birthdays! Everyone always makes me feel so loved!