Forever Friday's [Link-Up]

Today is a special day.

Not because I have a great wedding project to show off and not because I have some profound idea to share. (Unfortunately..)

It's because today, I'm celebrating.  Tomorrow is a wedding that I honestly wish more than anything I was attending.  It's a big deal, ladies.

It's my BFF's wedding, Hallie.  You all might know her from Life:Oceanside.  To me, she is my twin.  We met through blogging, and have developed this wonderful relationship. Yes, it started due to wedding related material, but it has grown into someone I see myself meeting for many years to come.

So in honor of today's Forever Friday, I'm taking a look at ANOTHER wedding besides mine- the one that will resemble mine in so many ways.  If you want to know more about me and my twin wedding, then jump over to her blog here.  I'm guest posting for my love today! :)

Aaaaand coming up next week is my first wedding project!  This was supposed to been on schedule today, BUT last week I got food poisoning SOOOO I've been out of pocket this week as far as blogging.  ((Can I get an amen to scheduling posts?  I would have had ZERO this week had I not done a lot of it last week!))

So be sure you check out my friend's page today.  And next Friday, meet me here.  We are going to get crafty!

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