Moody Monday.

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I've got the Monday morning blues.  I just don't want to be at work today.  My allergies are kicked up this morning and this weekend I didn't get my required amount of sleep so it is all taking its toll on me this morning.

Let me do a quick recap of the weekend:
Friday night, I helped my mom make three cakes, two pans of brownies, and three different kinds of cookies all while keeping up with Jenna.  (Tiring event #1.) And for the record, no, we were not planning on going into a sugar coma.  The items were for a benefit that was happening Saturday.  The lady the benefit for is a friend's mom, and one of mom's co-workers.  She has been battling cancer for quite awhile and they really have given her no hope left, to be honest.  It is a sad situation, but some of the ladies from work pulled together this wonderful benefit, so that's where the sweets were going.  NOT to my stomach.  Thank goodness.

Saturday morning: I helped mom load all the sweets up and deliver them to the benefit location, and then stopped by one yard sale on the way back home.  Jenna was being picked up at 9:00 to go to a birthday party so there wasn't much time for any other sales.  But after she was picked up, mom and I hit up a few.  I got several things, so it wasn't a total loss. :)

I can't really remember doing much Saturday night.. but I think I went to bed early.  I was exhausted & now I'm kind of worried I can't remember Saturday night.. like much at all.

Sunday: Church (great message!) and then I went home to mop the floor.  Roxie has been having more accidents than usual lately and I think she may have something wrong with her... I need to drop her by the vet one day.  And on top of that, she has been SICK for two days.  As in I won't tell you about it sick.  Poor poor baby.

After I had the floor mopped & lunch fixed (and ate, thankfully!) Jennifer called to let me know they were taking Jenna to the ER.  She had a temp of 103.  I, naturally, freaked out and drove like a mad woman to the hospital to make sure my angel was okay.  They checked her ears and throat and said both looked fine.  They ran tests for flu, strep, and RSV, but none were present.  They think it is just a virus & and that's something that will just have to run it's course.  I am so thankful to know it was nothing else, but it still hurts your heart to see a poor baby lying there upset.  Jenna was supposed to have her regular 9 month check-up tomorrow, but since this episode it got moved up and she goes to see her doctor today.  So if you don't mind, say a little prayer for my baby girl! 

She had fun tearing up the paper!
 In other news, I am SO looking forward to next Monday.  I shouldn't be having the Monday morning blues then.. I will be OFF WORK! Woot! Woot!

Tonight is the premiere of the next Bachelorette.  Anyone who knows me, knows that I watch these shows faithfully.  Well tonight's chosen woman is Ashley Hebert.  I didn't particularly like her on Brad's second season, BUT they picked her and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't going to watch. 

This is her, for those who don't remember her face!
‘The Bachelorette’ stars...

I think I'm going to put in my application... It can't be any worse than the luck I have on a normal basis.

Well, I suppose this wraps it up for me today!  I'll be sure and have some feedback tomorrow  on the gorgeous, hot, men they show tonight! =)

It is better to be unhappy alone than to be unhappy with someone. - Marilyn Monroe.

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Friday, woot woot!

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Dear Friday,

Oh how I've missed you... =)

How is everyone today?? I'm obviously glad that it's Friday and the weekend is in sight!  Tonight I'm keeping Jenna-bugg (PICTURES later) and I'm very excited about it.  She is in that age where she watches you and tries her best to do everything you do.  I get tickled at her trying to keep up! 

Yesterday, after work, I went to my Mom & Dad's house and my mother was babysitting Jenna.  She was dressed up in this little watermelon outfit.
Nana K, Jenna bugg, and of course Dora..
I told you she was looking sweet... =)

Little Miss Melon herself.

Jenna bugg & me!
After I finished taking a ton of pictures of the child, we headed out to go eat.  Ramer Station is one of my favorite places to go & that's where everyone (whole family) had already decided on, so I was happy to say the least.  Although, when I realized I was not going to be able to fill my baked potato with my usual "goodies," I was starting to get a little depressed.  BUT I DID IT.  I didn't eat anything I shouldn't, so GO ME! 

I hate diets.

After our lovely dinner, we took a drive to see our Amish friends.  Yes, we actually have true Amish friends.
This was their first time to meet my brother, sister-in-law, and "Miss Melon" so they got a treat, and so did Jenna!

That pink thing in her mouth is an Amish rattle.  Miss Lizzie (The mother) gave it to Jenna.  I was jealous.  I admit it.  I am SO facinated with the Amish and their lifestyle that anything that has to do with them gets my full attention. 

The rattle.
 All in all, I had a good evening.  I love my family more than anything else in the world and I love getting to spend time doing things with each and every one of them.  I truly am blessed beyond measures.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday Tidbits!

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I've been busy reading so many blogs today I almost forgot to post my own... Now that is sad.

So, as I said I was going to watch the new show, Vanished, on Lifetime last night.  I did, and I cried. 
The first segment of the show was about the horrific disappearance and murder of Jessica Lundsford.

This precious child was living next door to a sex offender and her family was unaware.  The sex offender, John Couey, did not have his current residence registered.  He walked to the home of Jessica and lured her from her bedroom in the middle of the night.  He took her to his home, raped her, and ultimately "snapped" and buried the child under his front porch in a plastic bag.  Jessica was alive when he buried her, so yes, she suffered.

Since Jessica's death, her father, Mark, has worked to pass Jessica's law in more than half of our states.  It is such a great thing and I strongly believe his little girl is providing his drive to keep on with his struggles to have each and every state pass this law.

There was also another story on there about a woman in her 20's (I think) vanishing from her home.  Her car was there, her cell phone was there, her house was untouced; however, her wallet and her body were gone.   She is still missing to this day.  

I admit it freaked me out a little since I live by myself.  I got up and went and made sure my doors were all locked, and if you know me you KNOW how hard that is for me to do.  I just feel safe where I live, but I know that nowhere is safe anymore.

Anyway, I loved the show and I will be tuning in every Monday night for sure!  I recommend it if you like that sort of show!

In other news, not much else to tell on the homefront for myself, sooo.. I'll leave it with this:

Now, tell me you didn't smile?

Right now you are one choice away from a new beginning - one that leads you toward becoming the fullest human being you can be. -Oprah Winfrey

And it all starts again...

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Monday is on us again.  Seriously, where did the weekend go?

Friday seems SO long ago, yet I feel like I just left work.  Speaking of leaving work, when it was closing time Friday it was also looking very, very bad outside.  Apparently we were under a tornado warning that come out of nowhere.  And do you think that stopped me from going to a yard sale?  No.. apparently it didn't because I ran to the car, jumped in, drove like a mad woman to my mom's house, and we headed to a friend's sale... & got there and they were gone (due to the tornado warnings!).  Yes, I know I am crazy..

After the yard sale was off, we then headed to pick up a ham that my mom had ordered from a local school- and completely on the opposite end of the town from where we were.. so off we went again.  By the time we got the ham picked up, the sky looked like it might just drop down and destroy us. I was honestly getting scared and I think my driving showed for it.  My mom was constantly repeating "We won't die from a tornado.. we won't make it out of this car."  Thanks Mom, really.  My cell phone was constantly going off with text messages/facebook messages asking me where I was and reminding me there was a storm.  Sorry that I was slow getting back in touch with you all- I was driving like a maniac, apparently.  :)

We rushed to my house to pick up Reagan & Roxie and then swerved into mom and dad's driveway just in the knick of time.  The rain started and it was pouring.  Daddy and I are known for standing in their driveway and "storm watching" but this time I got a little more than I wanted to see.  There is a church on the next road from their house and just over its roofline the clouds were "mean."  The little "tails" as I call them during a tornado were swirling around and I was expecting to see one drop at any minute.  I ran and got both my dogs in my arms just in case.  Yes, if you know my fat dogs then this was quite a sight to see.  

Luckily, nothing happened aside from major rain.  And we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.  Post storm, we went to eat and I came home and went to bed fairly early.  I love those kind of nights! I am almost done with my book and I am getting anxious to see how it ends!

Saturday it was dreary outside.  The rainy weather was still looming over us, and the yard sale count was down considerably so Mom and I took late morning and slept in a little before heading out.  I got a few dresses and a few other items, so the day wasn't a total loss.

My newest dog, Ruby.   :)

Okay, she isn't real.  Buuuuuuuut I didn't say that now did I? :)

My dad was completely freaked out when I told him I had a new dog.  He knows, along with everyone else, that I DO NOT need another dog to feed.  But I found this cute little thing at a yard sale and I knew she needed to come home with me!  Reagan loves her while Roxie is terrified of her. 

By lunchtime I had a horrible headache so I went home to nap and try and rid it off.  I had plans to go with my dad to one of his tractor pulls and I had decided that I was going Saturday night.  So after my nap I gathered up another change of clothes (even warmer than the ones I was wearing because it was COLD) and I headed out the door.  We loaded the truck and got about 10 minutes away when we got the phone call that the tractor pull had been cancelled.  (Due to rain)  So back home it was.

Since the tractor pull was off and my whole night had been cleared basically, we loaded up and went to see who else but Jenna bugg! She was in a terrific mood so I spent the next good while watching her crawl all over the floor chasing me, bouncing her on my knees, trying to teach her to "step", and playing Mickey Mouse over and over and over....and over...and over...and over............................................

[Still waiting on a dream about that song....]

Sunday was church and then a quick run to Tupelo.  My dad had a tractor spotted and wanted to go check it out.  Mom and I agreed as long as Olive Garden, TJ MAXX, and Ross were involved- and they were!  I got a few more dresses and my belly full!!! I LOVE me some Olive Garden, yummmmmmmy!

I spent the rest of Sunday being very lazy and getting my coupons in order. 

Coups for Troops!
I have NO idea why this picture is sideways. And I've tried a million things and can't get it to flip, so BLAH on that... BUT... this is my on-going project!  This is called Coups for Troops!  You can visit this website for more information, but basically it is a way of giving back to our troops.  Each one of us knows how hard these men & women work to ensure our freedom and our protection.  I believe it is the least we can do to send our expired coupons their way.  Did you know that overseas military familes can use those coupons up to 6 months past their expiration date?  Think about that the next time you throw those out...

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday night... && and if you don't have anything to watch- check out the new show coming on Lifetime tonight. 

Some of you will remember Beth Holloway, Natalee Holloway's mother, from all the media surrounding her case.   Tonight, her show devoted to helping other familes going through the same thing she is, premires.  I am going to be tuning in!  I will give a feedback on it tomorrow!

Until then lovies, bundle up and relax!!!!! It's cold out there!!!

"Life is the greatest bargain- We get it for nothing!"  So true!

Mother's Day weekend!

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Let me start off with saying that if anything I post today doesn't make sense, please don't hold it against me.  I actually feel like DEATH and don't even know why I am attempting to blog... But here I am!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I know I sure did, for the most part anyway.  More on that later..

Friday after work I ran to mom's to pick her up and then straight on out to Kevin & Jennifer's house to pick up sweet Jenna bugg! She was dressed in a cute little ladybug outfit and her hair in a high ponytail.  Too Cute!

We went back to my parents' house to wait for Tammy, Bridgett, Landin, & Carl to arrive.  Surprisingly, Bridgett remembered the way to their house.  Way to go for her since the last time she was there was when we were 8 years old!!!!

Soon as they got there, daddy wanted to show off his "toys" so we had to run up to the shop and let everyone look at his babies.  Landin had a fit over them and wanted to sit on each and every one, so I sat him up there..   I loved seeing his little face light up! 
Jenna & Landin on two of the tractors!

Look at that grin!
I felt so bad when he cried when we had to leave!  But up next was Mom's "toys" so we headed to the house and Mom showed off her bedroom of Barbies.  Well, actually now its two bedrooms.  Since I moved out she has taken over my old room and now they are in there too!  If you have never seen my mom's collection- you totally should.

We then loaded up and went to McDonald's to grab a bite to eat before heading to the movie!  Yum! It was incredibly cute watching Landin & Jenna interact with each other! =)

Tammy & me!

Jenna & my mom
Bridgett & myself

The movie was SO MUCH FUN!  We all had a ball and took tons more pictures, but I'll spare you!  I sure hope they do this again because it was SUCH a cute idea!

Yard Sale Queens!
I totally LOVED this pictue of us!  We got up super early and got ready and hit the sales!  We all found some goodies and had a ball with each other doing it!  We are already planning our next adventure!
Bridgett and myself swinging!
We stopped at the old elementary school to let Landin play, and so Bridgett and I decided to take a stroll down memory lane and play there too, like we used to do as kids!  I love her so much and am SO thankful that God allowed a door to open and for us to reconnect after so many years.

Mother's Day:
God truly blessed me and my life when He put my little self in this woman's care.  What a blessing it is to call her Mom!
My sweet Mini Me.
Mom and Jenna!

Enjoying a beautiful day!
It is SUCH a wonderful feeling to know that I am surround by people I love, and who love me! 

I am already going to give out a warning- tomorrow's post will not be on a happy topic.  I am going to do what I have been needing to do for quite some time and finally deal with someone.  Some of you already know this, but some don't.  I am going to take the time tomorrow to put all my feelings out here in the open.  It is a time to release this hurt and anger and I need to vent it out.  You ladies are my best friends and I couldn't think of anyone else I'd rather open my heart to.

Now, I'm headed off here to watch the clock for 4:30 so I can GO HOME with this massive headache. 


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Hey lovies!!! =)

It is FRIDAY (I hear the angels singing..)... the sun is SHINING... and I am SO very excited about my upcoming weekend! =)

I have spent every single night this week cleaning my house like a mad woman because I have some very important company coming to see me! Tammy, Bridgett, Landin, and Carl (Bridgett's boyfriend) are all coming to see me tonight.  This will be their first time on "my turf" so of course I had to clean my house so its spotless.  You know what I mean, you do it too when someone comes to your house for the first time..

Or maybe I'm REALLY OCD...  either way- I'm happy!

I am SUPER excited about this flower.  I planted it at my mailbox the year I moved into my house (2008) and this is the FIRST time it has ever even acted like it wanted to bloom, much less doing so!  My mom saw it before I did and told me about it.  Honestly, I didn't believe her and had to go look myself... WOW! =)

In the middle of all my cleaning last night, I had another "project" going... Amish Friendship Bread!  It had been forever since I made any, so I took a starter from one of my sweet customers and had me a yummy late night snack last night! =)
No, I won't be eating all that myself.  In fact, I've already given all but half a loaf (mine) away...

So, the agenda for this weekend is that tonight (Friday) we are going to watch a movie.  Not just ANY movie either- WILLY WONKA!!!!

This is the first time to try something like this in Corinth, so I hope everything goes well.  It is an outdoor movie, and it is going to be so much fun!! Landin should LOVE it!  Okay, maybe I will love it as much as he does because I LOVE me some outside activities and who doesn't just love that movie?
IF the weather is alright, we are going to take Jenna too!  I bet she would have a good time "people watching."  She gets that from her aunt.. =)

Tomorrow will be another fun-filled day!  We are going to be up early for yard sales! Tammy & Bridgett like to go as much as mom and myself so you can bet your butt we are headed out tomorrow!  Look out Corinth (and surrounding areas.. ha!)!!

Also, the Green Market is tomorrow, so we will have to make a stop there.  I need to "re-stock" on some fudge.  Mary W. if you are reading this, I am now drooling just thinking of your mama's fudge.... mmmmmmm! How long is it until Christmas??? LOL!
Aaaaand, I am quite sure we will be making a stop in for a slugburger.  I mean, hello! This IS Corinth... =)

Past that- who knows what we will end up doing, but I am DETERMINED to get some pictures this weekend.  So be looking for those next week! =)

Before I go, I want to ask each of you to please take a second and say a special prayer for someone I at this point cannot point out.  They are VERY dear to me and they have some VERY exciting news, but I am under a sworn secrecy that I cannot tell WHO it is, but this person will be bringing home either...
 in December! =))))))

So, please take a second and pray for this miracle (or miracles) to be SAFE and for their sweet mommy & daddy to have a healthy baby (or babies). 

Dear God,
You are truly an AMAZING inspiration and have provided SO many of my friends, family, & loved ones with SO much joy.  I am SO very grateful for the opportunites that you have provided me, even the hard ones.  Those are the moments that have taught me who I am and where I am headed.  So again, thank you. 

Have a WONDEFUL weekend!!!

"Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on."- Iyanla Vanzant

This is gonna be a long one...

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Okay, I'm here.  At some point over the weekend, power was restored and all (I think) of our banking needs are back functional.  *Fingers crossed*

Let me back up to last week and play catch up. 

I'm going to start off with Monday.  I've already mentioned that I got to spend some time with Meredith and that it was MUCH needed.  Later that night started my lack of sleep (that would make a pattern throughout the week).  Reagan could "sense" the storms coming and it rained pretty hard that night.  Some of you know Reagan's fears of storms and know that he was a complete wreck all night long.  ((If you don't know my story of WHY, then ask me about the night Reagan and I ran from a tornado...yes, you read that right. ))

So, I come into work Tuesday VERY groggy.  And I had to be here early for some annual training things going on.  SO, I was hoping to have some good sleep that night.  ((Especially after being "high" all day.... if you missed that post then you are highly confused at this point- Which by the way my drawer STILL squeaks.. :( ))
After work, Cassie and I ran to Tupelo.  (Yes, in the storms.)  She needed dog food for sweet Amos, and I didn't NEED those flip flops.. but I got them :)  After several calls of concern, we headed home and made it before any storms. 

Later that night was a different story.  I was up and down so many times I can't even begin to tell you a count and around 2:00 I was headed to Mom and Dad's house, with a dog under each arm.  HA!  I'm sure I was QUITE a sight!  It was like the sirens were on constant blast and we all were waiting forever to see when "the next one" would be here... Honestly, a terrifying night to live through.  Once the most of the storms were past us, I went home and got about an hour's sleep and then off to work it was for me!

Wednesday was going to prove to be a LONG day as well.  Sirens blast throughout the city on and off all day.  We went to our basement and took cover twice during the day and I was praying to God the entire time to let us remain safe throughout the rest of the storms.  We finally got to leave a little early from work and I went straight home and crashed on the bed.  I was too tired by that point to even sleep.  How sad is that?  But just about the time we were getting off work, there was a HUGE tornado coming through Smithville, MS. 

Smithville, MS is a little town, population 900, that is SO close to my family and friends in Amory, that I was even admittinlgly a little scared to call and check on them, fearing the worst.  Thank you God for holding them ALL safe.  I got in touch with them all within 30 minutes or so and breathed a sigh of relief.  However, the little town did NOT make it.  No single business is left standing and the whole town is basically wiped off the map.  It is utter devasation and loss consuming the area.  If you wish to help, I ENCOURAGE you to see Help Smithville. It is a website that has been designed to help with the donation/volunterr worked that is needed for these people.  

Unforutnately, Smithville was not the only town to be hit hard.  Various towns, big and small, have been hurt due to the mass of tornados that swept the South.  So, be thankful for what you have.  Some people are without ANYTHING now and starting lives over.  Remember that the next time you want to complain about something.  And above all- PRAY for these people.  And pray hard

So, due to all these storms- our main branch (located in Huntsville, AL) lost power city wide and we felt the shock of that, work wise.  But for now, all seems to be back in place, or at least getting there. 

Thursday was a rather blah day.  I think we all had lots on our minds, and hearts, after the destruction of the previous day.  I went home and got some sleep.


Now, onto to something MUCH happier.. Friday morning!!!!  I woke up extra early-

Do I need to even say more?

Kate was stunning and honestly one of the most beautiful brides I have even seen.  I'm sure like myself, thousands of girls around the world got teary eyed when Prince William leaned in to tell her "you look beautiful".  I mean really.. SHE DID. 

My Favorite moment?
The look back on the balcony.  She was SO stunned to see so many people cheering her on as she stepped onto the balcony, and she reminded me of myself in this moment- one last look at a life-changing day.  GO KATE!! =)

The rest of my weekend I spent being LAZY.  I've got lots of cleaning to do this week, so I took the weekend off.  Tammy, Bridgett, and Landin are coming to spend the weekend with me this coming weekend- so I should have lots to tell about that!

Yesterday was another monumental day- It was my dad's 60th Birthday.  We celebrated with mom cooking spaghetti, a family dinner, and good times afterwards!!! He enjoyed it and so did we! 

AAAaaaaaand, last night certainly not least- Osama Bin Laden is dead. 

I am SO proud to be an American today.  God bless our troops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Told you this was a long one.. I'm wore out now... a photo post coming soon! :)