Makes me wanna take a backroad...

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Friday is such a sweet day.

It ends the week and begins the fabulous weekend. 

I don't have any particular plans, except working on the decor for Jenna's upcoming party.  You all know me.  I'm a planner.  I live to make lists.  I actually look forward to planning.  


This might be the only reason this party is a sucess.  I have to admit I am stressing more than I should, but c'mon she only turns one ONCE, so it all has to be right.  Can ya'll even imagine what my life is going to be like when I have a child of my own?  Oh my....

Should I start planning it now? LOL

Back to it being Friday.  That means it is my day to vent, with a license to.  So, without futher ado.....
Be sure you all go check out Mamarazzi and see what she is confessing about today!
[I confess...]

That this week I might have said more than my normal limit of cuss words.  And I don't regret it.

That this week I have learned what I am NOT willing to take. And who from.  

That I might have wished bad things on someone......

[I confess...]

That I look at Pinterest way more than I should.

That my #1 searched item on there is "wedding" related.

That I am ready to find my "Mr. Right" instead of all these "Mr. Right Now's"

[I confess...]

Wednesday and Friday are my favorite blog days.  I know.

That I am sick of fast food.  I ate it twice this week and that was more than enough.

That I am in love with Jenna's new facial expressions.  Priceless.

[I confess..]

That I really love that my ex made a comment on facebook about my new profile picture "Looking good!"..... See what you COULD have had, loser? =)

That I am devastated that Bath & Body Works no longer has my scent eggs.  Shame on you B&BW!!!!!!

Now you know that means it is time to join up with Lauren and play along to Fill in the Blank Friday too.  Check her out.  You will like it!

1.   My favorite color is       brown.  I'm boring.

2.  My travel destination of choice is    the freakin' beach.  It is my goal in life to be a beach bum.

3.  My favorite  food is     pizza, but pasta is running a CLOSE second.

4.  My happy place is   the beach, no lie.  I am instantly carefree there.

5.  My favorite saying is      Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

 6.  My dirty little secret is      I use the same towel two days in a row, a lot .
7.  Something friends might say about me is that I     am way too dang nice for my own good, unless the temper comes out

Life is about trusting your feelings and taking chances, losing and finding happiness, appreciating the memories, learning from the past, and realizing people change.

Now that I feel completely crazy...

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Yes, I changed my blog.

And I thought I was going to have to slap someone before I got it "just right."

So, what do ya'll think??

Little of this, some of that...

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I'm super stoked right now.

I just got back from picking up the invitations for Jenna's party.

I'm so happy how they turned out!  I can't believe my little Jbugg is about to celebrate her first birthday!  I do know I was one excited gal last year waiting on this little lady to get here.  I've said it before, and I will again- being an Aunt is the best gift someone can give! :)

I don't really have much else to talk about today, so I will ramble, as usual.  I had to go to Kmart last night to pick up a few things and while I was there I had to check out what they have in stock with the e.l.f products.  I ended up buying:

This mascara is double-sided, so you can choose either waterproof, or not.  $1.00 = steal.   I love it.

Complexion Perfection
This is the tone correcting powder.  It is used to even out your skin tones.  So far, I've only used it this morning but I was pleased.  I haven't felt "shiny" like I do some days.  Awesomeness.   $3.00

I mean ladies, you really cannot go wrong with this stuff.  Even if you get something that you truly hate and don't think works on you then you still probably only paid a couple dollars for it.  That's cheap enough to throw away or give to a friend! That's what the ladies here at work do, we try and if are not pleased, pass it along. You never know when someone else might think its the greatest thing since sliced bread! :)

Well, that's about all for me today girls.  But I don't want to leave you without showing you who I had lunch with today.

Yep, that's my little mini me. 

  Bless the world's heart...


There's a bug in my Maragarita...

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Am I the only one LOVING that song?? LOL!

Ya'll know what day it is..
Be sure and check out Jamie's blog and LINK UP!
Hey ladies!  I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday so far!  It's time to join in with my normal Wednesday fun! =)

First up let me say that I am super excited and loving that it is Hump Day.  This week got off to a slow start for me since I was moving at turtle speed Monday.  Again, someone remind me that Sunday night concerts aren't a good idea for this old woman. 

 I'm loving... this quote that I found on Pinterest [of course.]

I'm loving... Pinterest itself.  Seriously if you have not checked this out, I am almost demanding that you leave my blog this moment and do so.  But warning, it IS so addictive.

I'm loving... that I can sit back and watch some people as they lie in the bed they have made for themselves.  And that's all I can say about that one.

I'm loving... that I got a sweet, unexpected, text message from Whitney last night.  I love you woman!!!

I'm Tervis still.  Even though I spilt coffee all over myself this morning...

I had the best roomie!!!!!!!


I had to.  I truly HAD to do this. LOL! 

I love this girl.  SO SO SO much!

The one time she actually went out with us in Oxford!

Misty's Bachelorette Party!

Yes, there is a naked man on the wall behind us.  LOL.

I'm loving... that I had such a good time with my girls last night.  Alicia and Misty are two of the sweetest people I know.  Again, God is SO good for blessing me with friends like these two!

As always, I'm loving.. this kid.  Because she melts my freakin' heart.  Can't you see why?

And last but not least, I'm loving... my new nail polish that Cassie and I got this past Saturday.  Fabulous. :)

Head on over and link up with Mamarazzi!
{1} Who would you call if you had to get bailed out of jail?
Tammy. I would be too scared to call my parents and she is my other parent. LOL :)
{2} If you were a superhero what would your hero name be?
{3} What do you think is one of your best qualities?
My patience.  It has been tested and tested and here I am. I'm fine and I made it through.  Even though I did have to go off a few times..
{4} What song would you pick to be your own personal theme song?
[Yes I did, yes I did, somebody please tell him who the F I is
I am K-Love, I mack them dudes up, back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up]

Okay, I'm not serious.  But truly I don't know.  I can relate to SO many songs. 

{5} What celebrity do you think is most over rated?
I think it would be easier to tell you who isn't.... I don't really get into the celebrity news.  I don't much care what they are doing in their personal lives.  Just keep making me some songs to sing and some movies to watch and I'm good with it. :)


Can I get an Amen? =)

This is me. Today :)

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Hello to my lovely readers out there. :)  It is a beautiful Tuesday morning here in NE Mississippi and I am in a terrific mood.  Yes, I just said I am in a terrific mood.  I told ya'll that I was going to be working on my attitude about life and the things we go through in each day.  I am doing just that.  And I am happy.

I don't even have to refer to what I'm talking about, but some of you know I have been in this huge struggle with myself over what to do in a certain situation.  I am p.r.o.u.d to tell you that my mind is finally feeling better.  My heart isn't aching anymore.  I am smiling today, for no reason.

I feel like myself, like Kayla... finally.

[A huge thank you to ALL of you who have emailed/text/called/etc.... You girls & guys are the best a gal can have!]

I totally stole this from someone's blog.. but I loved it! =)
Now, Mr. Right, if you are out there reading this.. you are free to enter now. :) JK!  Okay, really I'm not..

Yesterday was SUCH a long day for me..

I seriously cannot be pulling late nights like that again without it being a sleep in day afterwards.  Yeah, right, like I ever sleep in.

Last night I had the meeting for the upcoming election and I go back Thursday night for more of that training.  Whoo hoo! LOL.  :)

I am SUPER pumped about tonight.  My sweetheart best friend, former roomie, adorable mommy-t0-be, crazy friend Alicia and I are having dinner tonight.  I love this girl so much!  She was the PERFECT roomie for me and I can't imagine my life without her now.  I love you Alicia and can't wait to see you!!!!!!!

Tonight when I get home from dinner with Alicia, I HAVE to start working on the party decor.  I have several things that have to be made and that is going to take some time so I need to get my butt in gear.  I am going to save all the pictures about this party until after the party so I can show ya'll the before/after and where I got the inspiration from.  I just hope it turns out half as cute as it is in my mind right now. LOL.

And lovies, that's about it for me today.  I'm kind of out of things to say... imagine that.

I'll end with some Pinterest loves..

 Gotta thank Hillary for tagging me in this one... I am STILL laughing right now!



I can't hang like I used to..

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And I mean it.

This weekend was so much fun, but this old gal is feeling it this morning.  I feel like I just tried to be in college again, and for the most part I'm alright.  But it never used to be this hard to get going afterwards, haha.  

Let me recap the weekend for you. I know you care, right? 

Friday was a normal day with nothing to talk about after work.  I ended my day with laying in bed and watching "Say Yes to the Dress: Bridesmaids" edition.  First of all, let me say this- if any of you heifers act like those girls did I will smack you in your face.  Bet.  Second of all, this bride was giving them way too much freedom.  I may or may not turn into a Bridezilla IF I ever get married.  I apologize now for any toes I step on or feelings I hurt. 

Neeeeeeext, LOL.  Saturday morning I was up bright and early and met Cassie at our usual spot.  We headed off to Jackson, TN to do some shopping.  She had a list she needed to get and I had my list of left-over birthday items to get. 

Oh yeah, Minnie Mouse in the house!  See that big Minnie head ballon?  I thought I might have a stroke over that stupid thing.  Okay, it isn't stupid.  It is adorable.  But I was in the mood to call it stupid because it was about to stress me out.  I have seriously looked all over the place for a balloon for Minnie Mouse parties and no one has had ANYTHING.  I mean yes, online has everything you can possibly want, BUT I didn't want to order EVERYTHING.  I just am not into online shopping as much as I should be I suppose.  I always worry it won't get here on time or something.

Although I did order her dress and her invitations.  And yes, I'm stressed about them not making it in time.....

Okay, back on topic here.  Cassie and I hit up Trees-N-Trends.  I was excited to see this since ours went out here in Corinth a few years ago, but I was disappointed in their selection.  Cassie said it usually isn't like that so maybe they are just in a transitition state right now to fall/Christmas stuff?  We also hit up Bed, Bath, & Beyond.

Cassie let me use her extra coupon and so I got me a Tervis.  I may be the last person on Earth to own one.. But now I do.                    

.....And I am already in love with it.....

[And yes, I'm chugging down some serious coffee this morning....]

We hit up several more stores and got the list all checked off- both our lists! Then we went to Steak-N-Shake and ate like fat kids.  And I can't speak for her, but I enjoyed myself.   But note to self, next time get the milkshake to go.  Right Cassie? HEHE!

We got home and I went to show Jennifer & Kevin what all I had gotten and tell them my plans for their daughter's birthday party.  They were excited about it even though I'm pretty sure they are confused why I have some of the items I do.  But she is worth it.  My little angel only turns 1 once and I plan on making it a big deal :)  There will PLENTY of pictures of this to come, don't fret. :)

Let's see after all that I went back to my mom's house with her since dad was out of town and we watched some reruns of My Big Gypsy Wedding because she never watched it before.  She laughed and loves it as much as I do now.   I knew she would.  We both love gaudy people :)

Sunday morning was church with mom.  [Great service Bro. Randy!] And then we had the family over for lunch.   I always enjoy that time so much.  These are the things you can't buy in life and being with my family is my #1 fave thing to do. 

Then the reason I am so beat down like an old woman today is because at 4:00 Scott and I left Corinth.  We made the drive over to Memphis and ate at Huey's.  It was my first time trying it and I was impressed. :) Then we just drove around Memphis looking for awhile.  We were going to a concert but we were way early so we just killed some time.  We checked out Beale to see how many people were there- packed.  I love Memphis.  I truly do.  I just hate that along with all the things to do and beauitful places also comes the not so nice things of the city.  But that's life I suppose.

Finally it was almost concert time so we made our way over to Newby's and joined in the crowd.  Eli Young Band was the attraction and they were actually standing outside their tour bus taking pictures with people.  Sadly, I do not have one myself because I refused to lose my spot in line.  It was like a gazillion degrees and I just wanted to NOT be standing in the sunshine and heat anymore haha.  But I DID get a look at him up close and he is beautiful.  Seriously.

eli young band :
This is from last night's show!

And ladies, you all know I love me a country boy.   And that place was full of them good-lookin', jean wearing, cowboy boot steppin', beer drinkin', good ole American backwoods boys.   MMMMMMMmmmmmm! =)
This is Chris Cavanaugh.  He is purty too! ;)  He was the opening act and the dude can sing.  I actually have one of his songs stuck in my head.  Oh, and I held his guitar case for him.  Yes, I am awesome. :)
This is Carter's Chord.  They were the second act up last night.  I wouldn't neccesarily call them a "bar music" type of band, but I WILL be checking them out because it seemed like something I can totally jam to in my car.  They were fun spirited girls though and got the crowd rolling good!

Needless to say, I had me a good time and I danced my tail off.  Literally I think because I'm sore today and can't feel my tail. haha. I need sleep and I plan on getting it at lunch. 

Well that's all for this little lady today.  I am going to fix another cup of coffee now........................

Ya'll knew I would do it..

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Go hit up Mamarazzi's page...
[I confess....]

  • That last Friday at this time I was laying on a beach.... And I like it better than where I am today.

  • That I want me a Marga-daquiri-screw-olada-on the beach.   
                        And I'll take Jerrod Niemann with it...
  • That I am starting to NOT care about someone as much as I thought I did. 

[I confess...]

  • That I am pumped to go shopping with Cassie!!!

  • That I am a little bit stressed over Jenna's party since I feel like I've planned it all by myself.

  • That I want another snowcone.  And a chocolate bar.  And something salty.    I want some freakin' food. 

[I confess...]

  • That I jam out to some rap, more often than you might think.

  • That I have my own dance moves, done only for Reagan and Roxie in the comfort of our home.

  • That I just want to tell some people to get over themselves.  And I fear I might really do this... soon.

Hollar ladies! :)


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Be sure and jump over to Lauren's page to check her out too!
1.   One of my happiest moments ever was    seeing my niece, Jenna, for the first time.  Sure I had seen newborn babies before, but this child stole my heart in ways I cannot even describe.  I guess since I've had a shrine to her on my blog you can tell I am slightly obsessed with her.  My future children are in trouble.

2.  Summer is wedding season and weddings are   so much fun when it is someone you care about and love.  One day I plan on having me a beach wedding, just sayin.  

3.  This summer    has been one for the books.  It was been muggy hott and it has been a time of learning for me.  That sounds cheesy, but this summer has opened my eyes to a lot of things/people.

4.  My summer food of choice has been  LOTS of sweet tea and some good watermelon.  Yummo.

5.  My summer uniform has been    shorts/tank tops/flip flops. What else does a girl need?

6.  If I could spend the entire summer in one location I would choose    I can't give you an exact location, yet.  I plan on traveling to some islands in the next few years and I'm quite sure there will be a spot that screams my name, or several spots.   Ask me again in 5 years.

7.  My summer anthem is   anything Jason (duh!), Blake Shelton "Honey Bee", Luke Bryan "Shake it", man, this list would take forever.. just trust me.  I like me some music.  OH, you know who the F I is! ;)


So, you all know yesterday was Reagan's 4th Birthday.  He had a good one, thanks to his mama love!  We celebrated with his very own cake.  

[Yes, I buy my dogs a birthday cake.  Shut up.]

I am sorry the picture is so blurry but he was eating it like a maniac and wouldn't slow up, like at all.   Can't say I blame him.  I'm a fat kid too and us fat kids like cake.  A lot 

So, what is everyone's plans for the weekend?  Cassie & I are headed to Jackson, TN tomorrow to do some shopping.  She needs a few things and I'm mainly on the hunt for a few last minute birthday party buys.  I need to make a list...........

Sunday I am headed to Memphis, TN (Guess I'm really into TN this weekend?!?!) with a friend of mine for some dinner and who knows what else.   I'm looking forward it anyway.  And hey, Memphis has some dang good food. :)
In other news, last night I finished up the book I've been reading.
This was most definetely a good read.  I cried several times during it.  Some of the words said in it, just hit home with me.  I think it was definetly something I needed to read right now in this period of my life.  Thanks Hillary.  You always know the perfect book to recommend to me.     
Well, that's all from me today babes.  I am going to sit back and wait on rush hour to hit at work.  Then it's smooth sailing until 5:00! :)

Everyone have a blessed & fun weekend!!! =) 

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile."

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

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Today is going to be about a special someone in my life...., not a boyfriend.... fur-son, Reagan Jensen....

My baby turns 4 years old today and I am one proud mama! 

Mama loves those eyes....
My sweet little family..
He always sits in the bed and watches me get ready..

First time to meet Roxie.. HA!
Reagan is my best friend.  This poor dog has heard me cry/cuss/laugh/snot cry/hee haw laugh/throw hissy fits/etc.  And he still loves me and comes and sits in mama's lap every night.  He is my rock, he is my little passion in life.  You mess with this dog and heads will roll.  

He also doesn't like to touch the floor, be dirty, walk, or eat anything messy.   I sort of babied him his whole life... and am proud of it.

I love you baby boy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be partying tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!