This is me. Today :)

Hello to my lovely readers out there. :)  It is a beautiful Tuesday morning here in NE Mississippi and I am in a terrific mood.  Yes, I just said I am in a terrific mood.  I told ya'll that I was going to be working on my attitude about life and the things we go through in each day.  I am doing just that.  And I am happy.

I don't even have to refer to what I'm talking about, but some of you know I have been in this huge struggle with myself over what to do in a certain situation.  I am p.r.o.u.d to tell you that my mind is finally feeling better.  My heart isn't aching anymore.  I am smiling today, for no reason.

I feel like myself, like Kayla... finally.

[A huge thank you to ALL of you who have emailed/text/called/etc.... You girls & guys are the best a gal can have!]

I totally stole this from someone's blog.. but I loved it! =)
Now, Mr. Right, if you are out there reading this.. you are free to enter now. :) JK!  Okay, really I'm not..

Yesterday was SUCH a long day for me..

I seriously cannot be pulling late nights like that again without it being a sleep in day afterwards.  Yeah, right, like I ever sleep in.

Last night I had the meeting for the upcoming election and I go back Thursday night for more of that training.  Whoo hoo! LOL.  :)

I am SUPER pumped about tonight.  My sweetheart best friend, former roomie, adorable mommy-t0-be, crazy friend Alicia and I are having dinner tonight.  I love this girl so much!  She was the PERFECT roomie for me and I can't imagine my life without her now.  I love you Alicia and can't wait to see you!!!!!!!

Tonight when I get home from dinner with Alicia, I HAVE to start working on the party decor.  I have several things that have to be made and that is going to take some time so I need to get my butt in gear.  I am going to save all the pictures about this party until after the party so I can show ya'll the before/after and where I got the inspiration from.  I just hope it turns out half as cute as it is in my mind right now. LOL.

And lovies, that's about it for me today.  I'm kind of out of things to say... imagine that.

I'll end with some Pinterest loves..

 Gotta thank Hillary for tagging me in this one... I am STILL laughing right now!




  1. Love that you have a peace about your situation now and are feeling happy and back to your old self again!

  2. Now that sounds better! Congrats Alicia!


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