Made To Crave: Week Two.

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Made To Crave, Week Two:
"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. Be self-controlled and alert."
- 1 Peter 5:-7-8
 This week we took a look into Chapters 4-6 of Made To Crave.  (If you missed my Week One Review, you can find it here.) 
When you are in the middle of weight-loss, does it make you feel more goal-oriented, or self conscious when you have a friend, co-worker, etc. experiencing losing weight and finding a new, healthier life?
In my own personal trials, it has burst my bubble more times than energized me.  I have a flaw that lets me look at other women and see what I "wish I had that she does" and let that get me down and out.  If I hear of a friend losing weight, I'm immediately happy for her but then I start to wonder why it isn't ME that is losing that kind of weight. 
That is a nasty habit of mine, that will need some work (and lots of prayer!) to break. 
BUT, with that said, I would LOVE to have a friend start the journey with me.  It absoultely makes a huge difference in having a person you have to "report" to besides yourself.  I can lie to myself and go on, but to tell my work-out buddy that I had that piece of cake at 3AM is a walk of shame.
This bible study is so helpful!  :) 

The Way You Make Me Feel...

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.... really makes me want to sleep.
Not what you were expecting?  Well, I'm here with a funny story for you today.  But please be aware that I have been sick for going on two weeks and I am at the end of my rope with coughing and feeling like crud.
So, a little back story.  Monday night was  t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e for me and the husband.  I'm fairly sure somewhere between all my hacking and coughing that Brian was wishing he had not said I Do to such a loud, snotty, coughing, attempt of a wife.
But I was dying people.
I had tried every imaginable position there is to sleep and nothing was working.  I was constantly hacking (what sounded like my lungs up!) and never getting any kind of relief.  So genius me thinks I can just prop the pillows up and sleep "sitting up."
It would work for a little while until I would get sooooo sleepy that I'd cozy my way down into the bed and snuggled back along my husband.  And then the hacking would start, AGAIN.
I finally gave up and went to the recliner.  At least there, I wasn't hacking in Brian's ears.  I'm sure he was sending a prayer of thanks at this point.  LOL.
Well.. moving on.
Yesterday, my honey shows up at my work with me some medicine, including some Robitussen. 
I had not had any since I was a child, so I was intrigued to see if it worked on me since NyQuil doesn't.  I know, I know, I'm strange.
So bedtime came last night and I looked and how much I needed to take.  The directions said 10 mL.  Well, I poured that and it didn't look like enough to me, so I poured more. 
Then I poured another little cup full.
Then during the night, I got up two more times for more "as needed shots" of the medicine.
Now, let's talk about how I felt THIS MORNING.
There is only one word to describe me: Drunk.
Ya'll.  I was a mess.  A hot mess.
I left a mess in the house.  I don't remember driving to work hardly. I couldn't concentrate for the first few hours of work.
So yes, the good ole Robitussen works, but I strongly encourage you to stay within the suggested amount.
You've been warned, haha!
Oh, and yes, I'll be taking more tonight.  But I think I'll leave it at the recommended dosage too!  

That Kiss.

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Mississippi Mrs.
Have I told you lately how wonderfully blessed I am to be married to my husband?  Well, I am.  He truly is my best friend, the best start and part of my day, and the only one I want to spend forever loving.  
And if you think I'm only saying these things because I'm still a newlywed, then you couldn't be more wrong.  I knew this man would be this way long before he ever slid that diamond ring on my finger.  
I prayed for this man.
God heard.
Have you told your husband how much you love him lately?  

In today's busy schedules between husband and wives, and especially if children are involved, then the romantic side of marriage starts to trail off.  I am determined to not let that happen with Brian and myself.  
Our days start off with Brian's alarm.  He gets up and starts getting ready for work and I stumble to the Keurig to make his coffee for work.  Yes, I know I do not have to get up with him and do this, but that's my part of ensuring his day gets off to a good start.  After the coffee is made, I crawl back into bed and wait for him to come lean in and give me his goodbye kiss. 
We do not skip that morning kiss.  
Throughout the day, we text and check up on each other's days and the things happening at each job.  It's our way of touching base and letting the other know that even if we aren't "with them" that we are still there and care in spirit.  
His random texts still give me butterflies.
When we both get home in the evenings, I kiss him as soon as he or I come in.  This too is something we do not skip.  I always want him to know I am proud to see him and proud to be able to be under the same, safe, roof with him for another day.
We might watch TV together, or we might end up separate with me blogging and him playing XBOX, but at the end of the night the same routine remains- another kiss goodnight.

We do not skip that night kiss.
Brian is the first and last moment of each day for me.  And it's unreal how satisfying it is to have him in my life.  Sure, he's good at handiwork and all, but him just BEING here is more than I could have ever dreamed to find for myself. 
I'm sure our routines will change once any future kids come along, but at the beginning and end of each day I know I always want "that kiss."

Made To Crave: Week One.

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Mississippi Mrs. Made To Crave

Hello there, my lovely blog friends.  I mentioned back in the beginning of the year that I was planning on being more involved with various Bible studies.  I also invited each of you to participate with me in the Made To Crave Bible Study.  If you haven't had a chance to look into the study (and would like to) all the information you could need / want can be found by clicking here.  We are only in the first week, so there is plenty of time for catching up!
This particular bible study is based on the book by Lysa TerKeurst. 
Made To Crave
I have a Kindle (Thanks hubby!) so that's how I'm choosing to do my study.  But if you want the order yourself a hard copy, you can certainly do so.  Also, if you have an Ipad or Iphone, you can download the Kindle app and use it as I'm using my Kindle.  Pretty neat technology these days!
This week's word: Empowered.
What comes to mind when you see this word?
I see someone I'm currently not.  Yes, I said NOT.  This blog and this study are going to be real ya'll.  I'm not going to fake it and make like I'm getting so much out of something if I'm not.  I want God to break down my walls and EMPOWER me. 
And even though I don't think I'm currently empowered, does not mean that I cannot be later on in this study.  This is a long study for a reason.  We didn't gain all the weight overnight, so we cannot expect lose all temptations and cravings overnight.  It's a study, a test. 
In chapter three, Lysa talks about wishing for a flower garden after seeing a man planting one.  This, too, she realizes is not something that happens over night.  But yet, it takes time, patience, and even good and bad days. 
For many of us, this bible study will seem hard at first, and even harder to continue, but with the things we learn and the skills to become empowerd- WE CAN DO IT.
Are you a planner? Do you thrive on plans?
I certainly do, almost sometimes working it's way into a flaw.  I love guidelines, rules, time limits, etc.
The Bible and your body are your timeline, your reason, your empowerment.
Let's make the most of it together.
Dear God, Unsettle Me.

Lone Survivor : Book / Movie Review

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Let's not hide the fact that I'm a nerd at heart. 
Oh, and books are my jam. 
Fun Fact: My husband; however, has never read an entire book. *Gasp*
So, with all the said I want to jump into today's post:
Book Review: The Lone Survivor.
Lone Survivor
I'll be honest and say that I would not have downloaded this book on my own to read.  It isn't that I don't care or want to know about what goes on in a military's life in the field; but yet more of a fear I don't have to face myself.  That sounds incredibly selfish, and it is. 
But then my husband and his brother starting talking about this moving coming out called Lone Survivor, staring Mark Wahlberg.  
 "Did I want to see it?"  Well, duh, didn't they just say Marky Mark was in it?  I'M IN!
My husband told me to get on YouTube and look up "Lone Survivor Part One."
That alone changed the whole thing for me.  It was now more about a hero, a soldier, a SURVIVOR.  We immediately began watching the second part of the interview and were even more hooked.  That following weekend, we went to see the movie.
I cried over half way through the movie, I'm pretty sure.  You see this hit close to home for me.  Brian's little brother, Ben, is in the military.  Fortunately for our nerves, he is untouched as of right now.  He is at school at Ole Miss.  But once his college is over, things will be determined at the point.
No, Ben isn't a Navy Seal and No, he won't be doing "those kind of missions" but the one fact remains- he WILL more than likely be on the verge of our enemy shooting at our men and women, no matter what their rank. 
If you've seen the movie, then at the end you know it shows the real lives that were lost.  To say I had a lump in my throat is an undertatement.  It made me feel SO guilty for having a "bad day" here when sometimes doesn't go my way.  And then we have men and women around the world fighting for OUR freedom and we want to claim the pity party.  I'm just a guilty as the next person.  And that movie OPENED my eyes.
So, back on topic, after seeing the movie and learning that Marcus Luttrell had a book out I knew I wanted to read it immediately.  So I downloaded it onto my Kindle and poured myself into the story.  It gives an awesome background on Marcus (and his twin brother, Morgan) and how they became the men they are today. 
The details of the movie very closely portray how things really did happen and for that I'm grateful.  I think having Marcus along for the filming made all the difference in the world. This is a book I am so glad that I own now and one I can see myself reading again in the future. 
We all need to stop and realize that yes, people are over there fighting a war for us every single day.  I know I read a lot of military wives blogs and it just hurts my heart to see them say goodbye to their husbands when they leave for deployment.  But I want to take just a minute and THANK each and every one of them that will never see my blog or know I even exist.  I know our freedom doesn't come for free, and for those brave men and women I am eternally grateful. 
So my rating on this movie and this book?  5 Stars ALL THE WAY.
It's a must see and must own.
Do yourself a favor and go see it and read it today!

Sick Day

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Well, it's me popping in, ladies.

And it's my day off.

And I'm SICK.  The husband gave me his sinus infection I believe,so I'm currently doctoring myself and watching Criminal Minds.  

Who wants to spend their day off SICK!?

My Best Friend

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Some call it cheesy, some may call it fake.  But this man is my best friend.
Sunday was three months of marriage for this hunk and myself.  I have LOVED every single second of getting to know this man on a whole new level.  Living with someone isn't easy, yall, but Brian and I just mesh SO WELL that it's made things a smooth transition. 
So, what have I learned in three months?
He makes a mess with the kitchen sink. 
He leaves hair in the sink after he shaves.
He uses A LOT of cups.
He doesn't always bring those cups back to the kitchen.
But you know what else I've learned?
He makes what was my house, feel like a home.
I've actually enjoyed picking up after him, because it means he's home.
I laugh at him all the time for the crazy things he does.
He is the best snuggler in the world.
He takes care of the dogs, like a good daddy.
He helps with the bills.
He can clean and take care of cooking/cleaning just as good as me.
He is a provider.
He's a prayer answered.
He is every bit and more of the man I envisioned him being as a husband.
Three Months and counting... :)

Wedding Day Pictures

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Most of you know that I recently got married in October of 2013.  It was by far the most magical day of my life thus far.  I was blessed to get my wedding pictures back from the most amazing photographer.  I was super busy during the holidays, so I wanted to take the time to share some of the day's moments on the blog. 

Yes, it will be a picture heavy post.  

My absolute dream day.

Let's talk God!

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Hello, loves!  How is 2014 treating you so far?  I must say, I'm loving mine.  Brand new year brings about brand new opportunites for yourself.  If you are a "scheduler" and a Type A personality like myself, then you see endless chances to get things back on a good schedule.
Reading my Bible more is actually my #1 task this year.  I will admit that I have tried three different times to read the Bible from front to back, and failed each time.  And oddly enough, I get to the same spot each time.  I just get lost in all the long names, I suppose. 
So this has been on my mind, and since my wonderful husband bought me a new Bible for Christmas (complete with the new happily married name!) then this is now the time to try once again.  BUT this time, I don't want to pressure myself.  I am currently in the middle of a few Bible studies that I encourage you to try yourself.
Being that I am a newleywed, I am beyond thrilled to be doing the Wife After God challenge this year. It is 30 days of devotions and time with your Bible to help you be a better Godly wife to your husband.  If you are interested, please feel free to visit Unveiled Wife, where she is leading this challenge.
Oh, and don't worry if you are thinking it's already Jan. 7th and you're behind.  I'm actually not on the same time-line as they are, but I caught up last night.  So it doesn't matter WHO else is doing it with you and when.  God's word isn't on a time limit.
Now, item #2 on today's Let's Talk about God post, is that I am so excited to share that you can download FREE Beth Moore books for your Kindle, or Kindle app.  Please see this website to get your books.  This is a fantastic chance to get Beth's books.  She is amazing, and I know you will love her.  Also, she is coming to Memphis in August and I am going! Maybe some of you can too, and we can meet??!
Aaaand, item #3 is the devotional I mentioned in my last post. I am joining in from Jan. 19 -March 1 for a devotion and Bible study entitled Made To Crave.  See the website for more information, and let me know if you will be joining me!
This is your time, ladies, to get better in line with God.  Let's make it worth it!

New Year, New me.

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I kind of feel like I should re-introduce myself.  My apologizes for being absent for the most of December.  I finally took a break from the blogging world and LIVED.  

And I am so glad that I did.  I spent time with my family, Brian's family, friends, and gained a new outlook on life.  I'm turning over a new leaf in this little corner of mine on the blog-o-sphere.

So, let me back up with Christmas.  

The unofficial Christmas card.  I totally slacked getting a picture of the real one posted this year too.  Hey, don't judge.  We are barely back from the honeymoon, ha!

Anyway, the hubs did a good job this year by getting me a new Bible (with my married name), a Keurig, and a MICHAEL KORS.  [Sidenote: I might or might not have cried over that one!]

It was a great time hanging out with family and getting some much needed "life" back in me. 

But it is GOOD to be back.  I've missed you ladies and I have tried to keep up with others blogs here and there, but let's face it- I got too behind. 

So, if I missed something big in your life, bare with me! :)

So.  That brings me to 2014.

And I was in bed around 9:30 last night so, so no wild party pictures from me for this year.  I'm pushing 30 and I can feel it more

But, I do have some new years resolutions. Aside, from the obvious weight loss that a million other Americans are swearing to do, I want to get a better "Kayla" all around.  I want to lose around 10-15 lbs, but I've decided I'm not going on some crazy diet.  I can't win at diets.  I'm just going to eat smaller portions and try and control the sugar and bread intake! :)

Speaking of food and the temptation that comes along with it, I am starting a Bible Study (with my wedding photographer!) very soon.  If you are interested and want to participate, then please see THIS WEBSITE and join in, and please let me know you are doing so!  I would love to have you to discuss it with as well!

Another resolution that is dear to my heart is one that I have tried at three times, and failed.
But this will be the magic year for me.  I just feel it.  I am going to read the Bible through THIS PLAN I found via one of my favorite bloggers, Nicole, who is a God-loving woman.  I strive to have a mindset more like hers. I can't wait to strengthen my heart, my mind, and my relationship with God.

So, I'm back ladies.  And I'm ready to give 2014 the best it can be! :)