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Yeah, so I saw this on Pinterest this morning and it spoke to me.  Ever had a quote SPEAK to you?  Well, if so then you know the exact thing I am talking about right now.

Re-read it.  It might be true for some of you too.  I admit that I look too much into things.  I get my feelings hurt too easy.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am easily hurt. 

But that doesn't mean it gives me the right to just fall apart when things don't go "my way." Or how I saw them going.

Life is going to throw you some lemons and some bad days.  It isn't about the lemons.. it's about what you do with them. 

I've had a rough last (this going on two) days and I'm stopping it... right now.  And here is the kicker: there is nothing wrong with my life. I have the best family, friends, boyfriend, dogs, etc. that a girl can ask for.  But I'm in a slump. 

And by golly I'm digging my way out. 

Because being in a slump isn't my style.  It is just that fabulous (sarcastic moment) part of my month and I HATE feeling this way.  And it happens every month.  Emotions go to soaring and I am a basketcase. 

I have not slept the last two nights and I'm assuming that's why.  I lay there and think of a million STUPID things.  Like last night I thought how I could rearrange the drive thru at work.  WHO DOES THAT!?!?!

Can someone please pray I get some sleep, like actual GOOD sleep, tonight? :)

Prettttty please.  Because I'm getting on my own nerves and I'm sure everyone else's too.

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  1. I am so happy that I am not the only one that goes through this!! There are times I get so frustrated with myself because nothing is going wrong in my life but I still tend to get in a slump??? Normally, I recognize it and give myself a good talking to then its over!!! :) I will say a prayer for you!!


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