Influenster VoxBox- J'Adore {Review}

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"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."


Boots Balance Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask $9.39
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I am a big fan of facial masks so I was excited to see this on my box!  It feels great on my face! And I truly think my skin tone looks better.  A hit with me, and the price is right!

HERSHEY'S KISSES Milk Chocolates. 18.5 oz bag $5.29 // 11 oz. bag $3.28
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Hershey's Kisses
I mean, really, what can I say about this other than YUM?  I'm a woman, and I love chocolate.  Enough said.

Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Flat Iron Spray. 3.5 fl oz.  $9.99
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  3-Day Straight™ Flat Iron Spray
I really didn't know how this was going to benefit me.  My hair is naturally straight so I don't technically "need" a flat iron spray.  But, I used this product and I was amazed and how much it helped with me my flyaway hairs.  
Since I won't have to use it for it's real intended purpose, I can make this little bottle last a long time.  That's a win for me.

KISS Looks So Natural Lashes: 3.99
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Looks So Natural Lashes
I was so happy to see these in my box! I've worn false lashes one time, and that was my wedding day.  I love the idea of having "another set" of lashes to wear on a date or for church.  
Great for the price! 

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas: $4.49/ carton of 20 tea bags.
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Crème Caramel
I really liked the taste of this tea.  I'm not normally a "tea" drinker; however, the caramel in this one was a nice surprise.  It's honestly not something I think I will add to my shopping list, but I would recommend to other tea drinkers.
** Select Influensters were chosen to receive a product for their husbands**
Vaseline Men Spray Lotion. 6.5 oz can. $7.99
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Vaseline Men's Fast Absorbing Spray Moisturizer - 6.5 oz
This is a FANTASTIC product.  I have to admit, I've used it more than my husband.  It goes on smooth and leaves the skin silky.  This is a win in my book, and his! 

BIRCHBOX {Feb. 2014}

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**All opinions expressed are my own, without compensation**
Birchbox for February was a good one!
It included:
Harvey Prince Hello - 50 ml
Harvey Prince "Hello".  $55.00
  LOVE the smell of this.  It has a clean smell, but with a touch of "girly."  There is nothing over-powering about it.  I would recommend it!
Skin&Co Roma TRUFFLE THERAPY™ SERUM Boosting Anti-Aging Serum
Skin & Co. Roma.  Truffle Therapy Serum $75.00
  Looking at the price tag on this item scares me.  But feeling it on my face helps me understand why it holds such a hefty price tag.  This stuff feels great even the next morning after a nightly application.  I really believe it helped clear some problem areas of my skin.  I love it, but with the price, I will not be purchasing.  Unfortunately.
Beauty Protector Protect & Oil
Beauty Protector. Protect & Oil. $21.95
  I have naturally oily hair, so I was really skeptical about adding this product to my hair.  But I chose to try it.  I rubbed a dab into my wet hair, after combing it out.  I think it really helped keep some of my flyaways under control.  But if I'm being honest, I wouldn't spend $22 on it in order to add it to my beauty routine.
Harney & Sons Wrapped Tea Sachets
Harney & Sons Fine Teas. Wrapped Sachets. $9.60
  I'm honestly not much of a tea drinker.  Let's me honest.  I live in the South.  My tea comes sweet and in a glass with lots of ice.  (And made by my hunk of a husband!)
But, I gave it a shot.  It's totally NOT my thing.  Honestly, it made me think of what tree branches might taste like.  I'm sticking to my Southern Sweet Tea! 
OPI Sheer Tints Color-Tinted Top Coat
OPI Sheer Tints. Don't Violet Me Down. $9.00
The color is lighter than I was hoping, but it is subtle enough to be feminine.  It will be a good look for Spring.  
This is a shot of it on my fingers, taken from my Instagram.
And yes, I have a nasty habit of biting my nails.  

Rachel Ray Nurtrish {Review}

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**I was mailed these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are mine.**
Rachel Ray is one of my favorite cooks on television.  However, not only is she famous for making mouth watering dishes for people, but she is also cooking up some good things for our pet family members as well.
Let me introduce you to Rachel Ray Nutrish program.
Real meat, like chicken, beef, or turkey is the #1 ingredient in Rachel's line of premium dog food. There are no by-products, articial flavors, or ariticilal perservatives used in the food manufacturing process.
Nutrish is simple, heatthly treat and food source for our furry friends. 
Rachel Ray and her Nutrish team were so sweet to send Reagan, Roxie, and myself a huge sample pack of some of the products from the Nutish line.
We recieved Nutrish Savory Bites.
Real Beef & Barley Flavor
Real Chicken & Veggies Flavor
These come in two flavors:
Real Beef and Barley Flavor
Real Chicken and Veggies Flavor
We also recieved a package of Soup Bones.
 Real Beef & Barley Flavor
Real Chicken & Veggies Flavor
Real Turkey & Rice Flavor
These are available in three flavors:
Real Beef and Barley Flavor
Real Chicken and Veggies Flavor
Real Turkey and Rice Flavor
Both treats were a hit in my house (and didn't last long!)
Rachel Ray is someone I admire for her love for animals and desire for them to have healthy eating habits as well.  Dog lovers understand that they are members of our family too. 
The company didn't stop there either! We also received a travel water bowl for the dogs and  I was sent a beauitul Rachel Ray casserole dish and a tasty recipe! I was so excited to see somethnig for myself, as well as the dogs.
You can find one for yourself, here.
If you are looking for a great company, who has the well-being of your dog or cat in mind, then Nutrish is the way to go.
Thank you to Rachel Ray and the Nutrish company for allowing Reagan, Roxie, and myself to try your products!
For any further information, please see Nutrish's website.

February Goals, Revisited.

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Earlier in the month, I posted my February Goals
Well, since this is the last week of the month, it's time I face the music and see how good / bad I did.
1// -Spend more time away from my cell phone.
I failed, in ways.  I DID put my cell phone down more.  BUT that caused me to pick up my laptop more.  So yes, I consider this a fail.

2// -Start a new cleaning routine.
Failed.  Not to make excuses, but Brian and I were both very sick during the month so the cleaning was out the window.  We both managed with what we could to get us by.  I want to mention, I'm so thankful for a helping husband.

3// -Cook more.
Does finding the recipes and starting meal planning count?  Stay tuned for more on this, later.

4// -Work on my new business venture.
Success!  I made some phone calls, talked to some possible clients, and finally got my official EIN number so I'd say this was a winner!

5// -Spend more time with Him.
Success!  I've been taking my Bible to work with me most days.  While that might seem odd, it actually works for me.  I work alone all day, so when I'm not busy with "work" and customers, then I'm usually reading my Bible or doing some type of Bible study.  I've loved every minute of it.

So, did I do good? Nope.
But I felt this is how I learn to own up to these goals.  I share them with the public and admit when I've failed.  This is life.  I'm not perfect.  Proof. 
Did you have goals? Did you have a successful month?

Easy Canvas Prints {Review}

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** I was compensated with this product in exchange for my opinion and review of Easy Canvas Prints**

Mississippi Mrs

I was recently contacted by Easy Canvas Prints.  They graciously let me order a canvas of my own to see just how great their product quality is for displaying treasured family pictures.

Being the newlywed that I am, hearing the chance to get a canvas was like giving candy to a baby for me.  

The process to order the canvas was really so simple!
Pick out your photo you want to use.  This might be the hardest part you face! 

Set up an account with Easy Canvas Prints
The instructions to make your print are so easy to follow!

Mine turned out so great.  The quality of the canvas is great.  The color in the picture just pops.  I am so pleased to be able to hang this on our wall and show off the happiest day of my life.  All thanks to Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints

Even the back of the canvas is well made.  I know no one else will ever see this, but I like knowing that the canvas is attached so nice and neat.  

Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Prints has fully exceeded my expectations.  I am so happy to say that since I love my readers, and Easy Canvas Prints is so awesome, I am allowed to give you some discount codes so you can order your own print to show off! 

Click here to find a list of discounts.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go order yours now!

Five on Friday!

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Happy Friday! 

1 // I picked up this dry shampoo at Ulta last weekend.  It's made for brown hair, so I was sold from first sight.  So far, I've used it once and I love it!

2 // E-Cards.  Enough said.

3 // Amen, Amen.
4 // Love this quote from my Pinterest board
turquoise chevron comforter | Chevron Bedding Captures a Current Trend
5 // Can I have this for my spare bedroom?  I'm in love. Who else is looov-ing teal this year?
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I'm the kind of girl who...

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- hates making decisions, of any kind. 
-is very, very self-conscious.
-takes way too many pictures.
-doesn't care that I take too many of said pictures.
Mississippi Mrs.

-would rather spend a night at home with my husband that out on the town, any day!
-looooooooves dogs, haaaaaaaaaaates cats.
-wishes she could stick to a diet/workout routine.
-hates cold weather.
-thinks of a million good "blog ideas" in the middle of the night. 
-can't think of a single thing when it comes time to write a post.
Mississippi Mrs.

-does better under pressure.
-doesn't like ice cream that much, but will hurt you over chocolate.
-hardly ever shops in stores.
-loves her hair long, but wishes for short hair constantly.
Mississippi Mrs.

-can't stop biting her nails.
-wishes she had been an Optometrist like orginally planned.
-wants to know what kind of girl YOU are... :)

My (late) weekend events!

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This past weekend was stocked full of events for Brian and I. 
Friday night after work, we went to his sister's house for a birthday celebrate for his mom.  Yes, her birthday is Valentine's Day!
Early Saturday morning, I went to Tupelo to do a little shopping with my mom and niece.
Here are a few pictures from the day.
Mississippi Mrs. - GiGi

Mississippi Mrs. - Cupcake
Gigi's Cupcakes, of course!
And some shopping for make-up!
Mississippi Mrs. - Makeup Girl
My little sidekick hung in there.  She is going to be quite the shopper when she gets older I think!
But the day finally got to her on the ride home.

Mississippi Mrs. - Sleepy Jenna
After I was home, my husband and I went back our to his sister's house for a family dinner.
Then came Sunday, and church, and another family dinner.  And of course some pictures.

Mississippi Mrs. - Family

Mississippi Mrs. - Sisters
It was a great weekend, but I won't lie.  By Sunday night, I was pooped.  But luckily, I had a snuggle partner waiting to be lazy with me.  Insert Roxie.

Mississippi Mrs. - Roxie
Isn't she precious? 

Valentine's Day 2014

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Engagement Shot
 Valentine's Day...

Today there will be millions of dollars spent on flowers, balloons, chocolates, and fancy meals.

But not in the White House. 

In our home, we believe every day to be like Valentine's Day.  We share a love that is unbreakable because God mended it together. 

Brian and I won't be sending each other mushy things, and we definitely won't be going to overcrowded restaurants tonight.  It just isn't our style.

So, what does a newlywed couple do on Valentine's instead of all those mushy gushy things?

Well, we are going to eat (probably something non-healthy) while watching a movie. 

If you just rolled your eyes, then that's okay.  Brian and I are homebodies and we enjoy those "little moments" of being at home with each other, in pajamas.

To say our marriage is perfect, is a lie.  Even though we are newlyweds, we still have our own issues.  Finding a balance between our individual families and learning to make a family of our own takes adjusting. 

Finances are being combined and you have to budget even harder than you did while living the single life.  There are more bills, more due dates, and sometimes less money!

But that's married life.  And I wouldn't trade it for anything in this world.


Brian has my entire heart.  He is the wonderful Christian man that I prayed for so many nights.  Sometimes I still look at him, sitting across the room from me, and can't fully grasp that he is finally mine.  All mine.  God sure is good!

Wedding bands

Wedding DipSo, whether you choose to spend Valentine's on the town or in your pajamas like us tonight, then just remember that you are lucky to have someone in your life.  Make those sweet memories count before it's too late!
Dear Brian,
I love you baby.  There are not enough words in the English language to tell you just how happy and blessed I am to be your wife.  Thank you walking in at just the right time and stepping out on faith to get to know me.  I know it wasn't the best timing, nor was it easy.  I love you every single day more than I did the day before.  It's amazing the things I have learned about you in just 4 short months of marriage.  It makes me look so forward to the next years of our lives and seeing what all God can present before us and give us in this life.
Every day I pray for you and say a word of thanks to God for you, baby.  You're my one in a million, my soul mate, my forever friend, and the love of my life.
Happy Valentine's!