Rachel Ray Nurtrish {Review}

**I was mailed these products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are mine.**
Rachel Ray is one of my favorite cooks on television.  However, not only is she famous for making mouth watering dishes for people, but she is also cooking up some good things for our pet family members as well.
Let me introduce you to Rachel Ray Nutrish program.
Real meat, like chicken, beef, or turkey is the #1 ingredient in Rachel's line of premium dog food. There are no by-products, articial flavors, or ariticilal perservatives used in the food manufacturing process.
Nutrish is simple, heatthly treat and food source for our furry friends. 
Rachel Ray and her Nutrish team were so sweet to send Reagan, Roxie, and myself a huge sample pack of some of the products from the Nutish line.
We recieved Nutrish Savory Bites.
Real Beef & Barley Flavor
Real Chicken & Veggies Flavor
These come in two flavors:
Real Beef and Barley Flavor
Real Chicken and Veggies Flavor
We also recieved a package of Soup Bones.
 Real Beef & Barley Flavor
Real Chicken & Veggies Flavor
Real Turkey & Rice Flavor
These are available in three flavors:
Real Beef and Barley Flavor
Real Chicken and Veggies Flavor
Real Turkey and Rice Flavor
Both treats were a hit in my house (and didn't last long!)
Rachel Ray is someone I admire for her love for animals and desire for them to have healthy eating habits as well.  Dog lovers understand that they are members of our family too. 
The company didn't stop there either! We also received a travel water bowl for the dogs and  I was sent a beauitul Rachel Ray casserole dish and a tasty recipe! I was so excited to see somethnig for myself, as well as the dogs.
You can find one for yourself, here.
If you are looking for a great company, who has the well-being of your dog or cat in mind, then Nutrish is the way to go.
Thank you to Rachel Ray and the Nutrish company for allowing Reagan, Roxie, and myself to try your products!
For any further information, please see Nutrish's website.


  1. Helllloooooo adorable casserole dish!! I might have to pick up a pack of these treats for my fur pup, Harrison :) :) He loooooooves bones. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

  2. Love the casserole dish! I'm going to try out the Nutrish line on my favorite boy Grizzly.


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