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 Today is going to be a short one for me! Sorry... hoping to be back on a regular blogging schedule next week! (And fill you in on why I haven't been blogging..)

I'm loving...

MY SWEET BOYFRIEND :)   ((Who told me he loves me, aww!)) :)

See ya'll next week! :)

Fill In The Blank Friday

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1.   A nervous habit I have is     biting my nails.  I started years ago and cannot seem to stop.  It's horrible   .

2.   Something that makes me sad is   thinking about losing my parents.  It is an honest fear of mine      .

3.  Today I am thankful for    my sweet boyfriend, even though he has hard a work week at work.  He still makes a girl smile    .

4. My favorite room in my house is    my bedroom.  I love my bed, hands down   .

5.  I can't stand    people who ask silly questions, (and they KNOW they are stupid questions)  .

6.  If I had an extra $100 to spend on whatever I wanted today I would    probably buy someone else's Christmas gift..  .

7.  The last person I hung out with was    Brian :)  .

Wanna meet him?

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OKAY, here it is...............

(And sorry it took so long to get it on here... It has been an INSANE week so far...)
I have to tell ya'll about my wonderful weekend!!!!  First of all, let me start with last Thursday night.  My sweet man come to see me and we had a great time just hanging out.  It still amazes me how in tune I am with this guy.. like for real. 

He ended up staying at my house Thursday night, which was absolutely adorable to be able to wake up and know he was still there beside me.  Too mushy? :)

Friday I was off work so I got to sleep in when he left to head to work.  I just lazed around the house until I went and joined up with my brother and daddy to do some errands around town.  It was nice to get some time with Dad and Shawn.  I like "guy time"..

Then I fiddled around the house, okay no.. I freaked out about what to wear Friday night.  Cassie, I'm sorry if I drove you insane... Oops. :)

Finally I settled on jeans, blue tank, and a grey cardigan sweater.  Thanks to Cassie's help, I removed the turtleneck in fear of getting hot.  (And I would have DIED, btw....)

So the plan was that B and I would ride down with his little brother and girlfriend and meet up with the rest of the family at Logan's for dinner before the concert.  This was my first time meeting his little brother and his girlfriend and I instantly liked them so that worked out good!!

Dinner was great, lots of laughs, and we did it... and by "it" I mean we went public with the relationship.  I've spoke on here before about the snoopers who are on my page, so we gave them something to talk about finally.  We took pictures of the two of us together and posted them on Facebook.  Because I mean everything is official when it hits Facebook, yes? :)

My man and I :)

B's sister and myself at dinner.
We made a quick stop at the mall and then headed over to get settled in for the concert.  We timed it pretty good because by the time we fought traffic drove over, got parked, inside, bathroom break, drinks and got in our seats the show started in about 5 minutes.  

I simply cannot say enough good things about the concert.  It was GREAT.  If you have never seen Casting Crowns in concert then I recommend you find somewhere they are near you and GO.  Their songs are heartfelt and being able to experience that with my man was all that more special. 

B's mom, myself, and B's brother's girlfriend at the concert.
After the concert, we headed back home and they dropped me off and I went to bed.  I was so tired.  Then Saturday morning I got up and went with Mom to a couple of yard sales (You didn't think I'd skip them, did you?). We had planned for Saturday night to eat with my parents.  I wanted my brother to meet B and see what kind of impression he got off of him.  Kevin and I are super close and his opinion really mattered to me. 

And not surprisingly it all went great.  We had dinner at a local restaurant and then went to see the Grand Illumination.  I was excited for us to be spending time IN PUBLIC and with my family and his finally. 

He is just a sweet, sweet man and I thank God every morning and night for allowing me to find him.  Some of you know me IRL and even if you don't, you've read my struggles with my last "relationship" and know I come from a dark hole before finding B.  I tell him all the time he is my angel and he saved me from myself. 

Sunday was another fun day.  Since it was night when we were at the Grand Illumination, they had already put the camels up for the night, so we took Jenna back Sunday to let her meet a camel.  Okay, and for me to meet a camel :)
SUCH a fun experience for us all!
So, there you have it ladies and gents... My relationship with my man is out in the open now and I could not be more thrilled.  So, let's toast... to a lasting relationship with this man! :)

                     Funny Picture Moment of the week:
Poor Roxie has static like her mama...

                      Fave Photo of the Week:
Everyone meet Brian, my new man!

I'm still drooling...

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Yes baby... you were looking SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOKIN' last night.  

[Snap out of daydream...]

Okay, I'm back.  But man, really, MY man was looking some kind of FINE last night.  He is sexy anyway, but put him in that solid black and this little gal is ready to take a ride on his big green tractor. :)  Inappropriate? :)  

Alright, alright.. enough of Jason.  For now.

Last night was a pretty big night in my life.  My mom and dad got to meet "B".  I wouldn't really say I was nervous, just more like anxious.  I know what I feel when I look at this man and I wanted him to meet my parents and them hit it off too.  And it was dead on.  Mom was already hugging him as he walked in the door and my dad really shocked me.  

Those of you who know my dad IRL know that he isn't a "jump in your face and start a conversation" person.  He lets you do some talking and IF he happens to like you, THEN he will talk.  And never shuts up....

That's what happened.  He was talking to B and asking him things and I was more less sitting there in shock.  That's just not Larry.  But then he wanted to show B his shop (of course...) and so the three of us walked up there.  It was freeeeeeeezing, but I didn't want to let B go alone in case the situation took a turn.  So I sat there, freezing, and waiting.  Finally they were both in this big discussion of motors and this and that about them.   It sounded like a foreign language to me and I just got up and walked myself back to mom and dad's house.  

In a little while, Dad and B come back to the house and joined in with me and mom.  We finished up watching the CMA Awards and then B and I left.  But we barely got out the door because my dad was STILL talking to B.  He actually got up ourt of his recliner and moved CLOSER to B to talk.  

[Shocked face.]

We finally got out of there and B asked me what I thought about it and how I thought it went.  I told him he could unpack his bags because he was just welcomed to the family, ha!  

I am SOOOO glad that now my mom and dad know the man I've fell head over heels in love with and can't wait to see what the future holds with.  I think they got a good glimpse of him last night.

So, you see.  It was a good night for me!  And today has started off wonderful!  We are closed tomorrow so today is my Friday.  Yippee!!  I plan on sleeping in some and then, if time permits, going to the Veteran's Parade with Whitney.  Then I will be headed out to Tupelo with B and his family to see Casting Crowns.  I am very excited about getting to spend some time with his family now.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE that this man is family oriented?  I mean that is just SO me. :)

I hope you all have a blessed day/weekend.  I probably won't be back with a new post until Monday.  And that one should be a re-cap!  So come back! 

Bye loves! :)


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TERRIBLE BLOGGER HERE....I am sorry.. I have been busy!

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I'm loving... LIFE!  I mean really and truly.  Every day my life seems to keep getting better and better!  

I'm loving... that I get to have lunch with a friend of mine today.  Always nice!

I'm loving... all my pictures Cassie is sending me.. that's all I'll say about that!  Teehee!!!

Pinned Image
I'm loving... this quote.  It makes me think of my sweet new man!

I'm loving... that I get to see B tonight, tomorrow night, AND Friday night.  Whooo hooo!!!

I'm loving... that B is meeting my mom and dad tonight.  I can't wait to see how fast they fall in love with him too.  And yes, I know they will.  What's not to love?

Pinned Image

This one is me!
I'm loving... that I tried this on my hair- AND IT WORKS. Oh, and it's from Pinterest.. and we all know I LOVE me some Pinterest. :)

I'm loving... how this new man makes me feel.  Kayla is ABOVE Cloud 9!!

I'm loving... that I get to be OFF WORK Friday. Whooo hooo!!!!

I'm loving.. my sweet mama and daddy.  They just make my world go around. :)

I guess that's all today loves.  I'll try and get back on a regular writing routine..

He is..

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If you think I'm crazy... please find the X in the corner.

Because this post is about to get wild.   Okay, not wild like that..  I'm not that kind of girl.  (Most days.. )

What I mean is.. I love him.  Yes, I just admitted to my blogword that I love this new man. 

He is the perfect combination of every thing I've ever wanted out of a man, a partner, a husband, a father to my future kid(s).  I just look at him and see my life standing before me. 

I can't tell you one certain thing that made me know.  I just was overcome with so many emotions.  I've known for about a week.  Actually last Wednesday night is when I felt the RUSH of emotions run over me like never before. 

And all he did was walk into the room and smile at me.

I wake up each morning thinking about him and I go to bed thanking God for trusting me to be the woman in his life.  He makes me feel like a little girl and a beauitful, grown woman all in the same minute.  His eyes are kind and I feel like I can read into him in ways I've never experienced with anyone else. 

I know his thoughts before he says them, because I'm already thinking the same thing.

We compliment each other in so many fantastic ways and are confident that when the day comes (and we know it will) that we disagree about something, that we know how to handle each other.  Relationships are about teamwork and both of us are willing to give it 110%. 

He knows the hurt, he knows the pain.  He has longed for the love for his entire life just like I have.  We've danced around each other our whole lives.  Small towns are good for that sometimes.  But we never once met, and I believe God did that on purpose.  He wanted both of us to live out our individual lives and even go through some of that pain so when He let us find each other, we would know what a true God given miracle it is. 

He is a strong Christian man who I need in my life.  I want a partner who will agree to raising a child in the same way as me and living out our daily lives together.  He is the Prince Charming I've read about in my fairytale books.  He is the man who made me cry in all the romance books I read.  He is elderly man who will still want to hold my hand when we are 80 years old and going out for dinner.  He is the man who will never leave the house without a kiss goodbye and telling me he loves me.  He is the man who a child can depend on.  He is the father that will take time out of anything else in his day to play football with his little boy. 

He knows who and what matter in life and MAKE life. 

He has awakened my soul on so many deeper levels than I thought could really happen.  I've found the man I see giving my life to.  I can see myself standing before him on our wedding day and completing falling apart from tears because I will be so overjoyed.  I see this man and know I'm safe.  I know the world is a bad place, but in his arms I am safe. 

My life changed because of this man.  And I owe him my life making sure he knows what kind of person he let me fall back into.  He brought me back home.  I am more myself than I have been in years.  I finally sleep at night and enjoy life how it is supposed to be done. 

He is the one I've been waiting on. 


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Whew, so glad it's Hump Day!! Can I get an Amen?

I'm loving... this apple juice.  Yes, I am weird and just named apple juice on here, but hey... I am crazy.

I'm loving... that I get to see my man tonight!!!!

I'm loving... that "my man" and I had a 3hr 51 min phone conversation last night.  I haven't done that in years with someone.  Wowza!

I'm loving... that I got to see my Tammy last night.  We met up at Chili's for some catch up talk.  I miss her so much and it was AWESOME getting to be back around her!!!

I'm loving... that this is November and that means a couple concerts are coming up!!!! (Casting Crowns and Reba!)

I'm loving... THIS.  Need I say more?

I'm loving... my sweet friends and family.  They have been so supportive of me over the last year and half and I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for each of you!!  Good things DO pay off to those who wait... :)

What are YOU loving today?

Sissy and Sassy

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Can you believe we are already in November!?!?

Today is the first of the month and in the banking world that equals out to I can't make a long blog post.. so sorry.

But I can show you some pictures of my baby girl from last night...

She looked like a cabbage patch baby.  And I squeezed her like she was one! Ha!!!

I had put her some new "Mimi" pj's in her basket from me, so after I got all the picutres I wanted of her.  (Since my brother said I'm the paparazzi around Jenna, ha!) We let her put the jammies on.  She was still busy digging... notice the jewelry hanging from her arm.  Yep, a girlie girl after my heart.

I also got to see Whitney's kids, Peyton and TJ.  They looked so cute!! And I think Jenna had a good time seeing some little boys! 

So, the title of the blog post?  Well, Jenna got to see her "sissy" and the boys got to see their "sassy"... you see. :)