Wanna meet him?

OKAY, here it is...............

(And sorry it took so long to get it on here... It has been an INSANE week so far...)
I have to tell ya'll about my wonderful weekend!!!!  First of all, let me start with last Thursday night.  My sweet man come to see me and we had a great time just hanging out.  It still amazes me how in tune I am with this guy.. like for real. 

He ended up staying at my house Thursday night, which was absolutely adorable to be able to wake up and know he was still there beside me.  Too mushy? :)

Friday I was off work so I got to sleep in when he left to head to work.  I just lazed around the house until I went and joined up with my brother and daddy to do some errands around town.  It was nice to get some time with Dad and Shawn.  I like "guy time"..

Then I fiddled around the house, okay no.. I freaked out about what to wear Friday night.  Cassie, I'm sorry if I drove you insane... Oops. :)

Finally I settled on jeans, blue tank, and a grey cardigan sweater.  Thanks to Cassie's help, I removed the turtleneck in fear of getting hot.  (And I would have DIED, btw....)

So the plan was that B and I would ride down with his little brother and girlfriend and meet up with the rest of the family at Logan's for dinner before the concert.  This was my first time meeting his little brother and his girlfriend and I instantly liked them so that worked out good!!

Dinner was great, lots of laughs, and we did it... and by "it" I mean we went public with the relationship.  I've spoke on here before about the snoopers who are on my page, so we gave them something to talk about finally.  We took pictures of the two of us together and posted them on Facebook.  Because I mean everything is official when it hits Facebook, yes? :)

My man and I :)

B's sister and myself at dinner.
We made a quick stop at the mall and then headed over to get settled in for the concert.  We timed it pretty good because by the time we fought traffic drove over, got parked, inside, bathroom break, drinks and got in our seats the show started in about 5 minutes.  

I simply cannot say enough good things about the concert.  It was GREAT.  If you have never seen Casting Crowns in concert then I recommend you find somewhere they are near you and GO.  Their songs are heartfelt and being able to experience that with my man was all that more special. 

B's mom, myself, and B's brother's girlfriend at the concert.
After the concert, we headed back home and they dropped me off and I went to bed.  I was so tired.  Then Saturday morning I got up and went with Mom to a couple of yard sales (You didn't think I'd skip them, did you?). We had planned for Saturday night to eat with my parents.  I wanted my brother to meet B and see what kind of impression he got off of him.  Kevin and I are super close and his opinion really mattered to me. 

And not surprisingly it all went great.  We had dinner at a local restaurant and then went to see the Grand Illumination.  I was excited for us to be spending time IN PUBLIC and with my family and his finally. 

He is just a sweet, sweet man and I thank God every morning and night for allowing me to find him.  Some of you know me IRL and even if you don't, you've read my struggles with my last "relationship" and know I come from a dark hole before finding B.  I tell him all the time he is my angel and he saved me from myself. 

Sunday was another fun day.  Since it was night when we were at the Grand Illumination, they had already put the camels up for the night, so we took Jenna back Sunday to let her meet a camel.  Okay, and for me to meet a camel :)
SUCH a fun experience for us all!
So, there you have it ladies and gents... My relationship with my man is out in the open now and I could not be more thrilled.  So, let's toast... to a lasting relationship with this man! :)

                     Funny Picture Moment of the week:
Poor Roxie has static like her mama...

                      Fave Photo of the Week:
Everyone meet Brian, my new man!


  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :-) You KNOW how excited I am about this post! I am so so so happy for you! Y'all are ADORABLE together! LOVE! Thanks for finally sharing! I'm so glad you're so happy!

  2. Yayyy!I'm so glad you are finally sharing big time about this! And I know you must be so glad and relieved to be able to be public with your relationship! And y'all do look so happy together!

  3. Yay! So excited for you! Looks like you've really got a good guy and you two are really cute together!

  4. I'm so happy for you!! So sweet!

  5. haha NOTHING is official unless its on FB!! that is too funny and a sadly true! But oh my congrats I have been following your blog so Its very exciting to see the guy that has you super happy!!


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