Already 2012..?

Okay.  My apologizes for the absence.  I truly have made one of my goals (since I am terrible at "resolutions") is that I will become a better blogger.  Mark my word.  I am even going to start thinking up some topics and writing them in my famous planner.  This should help, yes?

Okay, before I can carry on with this year's agenda.. I must do a recap of the end of my 2011. And since I left off on Kaleb's bday...  

Christmas 2011- I was lucky enough this year to get off extra time for Christmas to get my house ready for the family get together.  You see, my house is always the Christmas meeting spot.  When I closed on my house three years ago (Gosh, where has time went!?) I wanted to have my very first Christmas there.. and now it is the tradition.  While it kind of makes me nervous since I don't have the biggest house, and I'm not used to that many people in my house (along with my huge LEANING ((more on this in a minute)) tree) it is still fun and I'm glad to have my family around for a little while just enjoying each other. 

Well, like I said... I work at a bank as some of you know and we were lucky enough to close at 2:00 on Friday Dec. 23 so I had the rest of that day and then the entire Christmas Eve to get prepared since my festivities didn't begin until 7:00.  We usually stick to 6:00 at my house, but since B is a part of my family now, and he had other family obligations to be at, I pushed mine back a whole hour so we were sure he would make it.  Yes, I love my B.

I wish I had a picture of the spread of food.  (More on that in a minute too!)  But I sadly don't.  When I'm hosting something at the house I tend to forget to actually capture the moments because I'm being a mama hen and trying to make sure everyone is taken care of, ha!  But the spread was good and we all had a fabulous time!

Christmas 2011 w/ Mom and Dad

Best shot I have, once again.. No pictures..
Mama's Christmas furbabies!
My oldest child.. haha!
Well, that's about all the pictures I have from Christmas Eve.  I am hoping to get copies of everything my sister in law took, and then maybe I'll show those off too! :)

Well, once my family was gone, B and I decided to have "our" Christmas together that night.  We had already agreed to not do it with either side of our family since we wanted it to be just us.  So we were both gathering our gifts to start our little merry Christmas and then it happened. 

What, you say...

Well.. the Christmas tree fell on me. 

Yes. You read it right.  It fell.  ON ME.
Crappy Iphone picture..
Okay, you have to look close, but there is a piece of TWINE holding my freaking tree up. 

Fabulous Redneck Christmas special.

Okay, back story on this.  When I was decorating my tree this year, I knew it felt a little "odd" but I thought I had overloaded it with ornaments since I added some different touches to it this year.  So I removed some and it still didn't get better.  I warned my family about touching the tree, that if it fell.. to run for your life.  They all laughed.  I was dead serious and with good reason. So the night before at my house I was trying to be responsible and I moved ALL the presents out from under the tree and grouped them by family.  I know this sounds dorky and while yes I fit that bill.. It was clearly to save my life from the scary falling tree. 

Well my plan worked and my tree survived Christmas with the family.. BUT when B and I sat down to get our presents out... well there she came.  All I could hear was him making strange noises in the background and I looked up to a sea of green/burnt orange/and gold coming at me.  Luckily, B saved me and caught it before it absolutely trampled me down.  But still.. there we were- both of us holding onto the tree that was NOT going to stand on it's own.

You see earlier in the night when I told my family about the tree, my brother made fun of me and told me I could tie it to the cieling. Sooooo..when the tree fell, I did what a smart girl does and takes the brotherly advice-I got the twine.  Thank God for there being a hook in my cieling (I dont know why??) and us being able to save the tree without a room full of disaster!

Well, once the tree was secured to the cieling (okay that just sounds ODD...) B and I went ahead with our gift exchange.  I think he was happy with what I got for him, or at least he acted happy! haha.  But more importantly I have to brag on my man.  He got me a gift certificate to Victoria Secret, which I swear is more for his benefit than mine, but still all smiles... and you ready?....

A NEW FREAKING CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama is back in the house with her pictures.  I guess anyone who has 2000 pictures on their IPHONE needs a camera, right? :)  Well daddy delivered and mama is happy.  SOOO happy.
I haven't gotten those pictures uploaded to this computer yet, so that's on my "to do" list (that really is lying here by me..).  Anyway, it is a FABULOUS camera and I'm pretty pumped about getting to really use it.  So far I keep forgetting I have it in my purse since I've went so freaking long without one.. that and there is nothing to take pictures of but my dogs.. and God bless them.. they hate me getting on a picture rant.. haha.

And then there was the funny gift from the man..
You see, lovies, this man of mine thinks that MSU is the best.. and his woman begs to differ.  So we are and always will be a house divided.   But yes, this tag really is going on my Jeep.  I love him.. can you tell? :)   Anyway, it was FUNNY when I opened the box and saw this.  He sure got me with this one. haha.  Boy keeping a girl on her toes :)

The next day was B's family Christmas.  I should mention that this was the first Christmas I have been to or had anyone at my own in 6 years.  So this was a big deal to me.  But his family is awesome and I had a lot of fun watching them all enjoy their family time!!! So blessed to be a part of it now.  And I got some super good goodies from them too.  I'm still excited about it all!!!

Now, I gotta take a second and pass along some pictures of my sweet girl that my sister law sent me of Jenna.
Remember the Dora kitchen I purchased... here ya go! :)

Love this kid.
I just have to take a second right here and brag on what kind of fabulous end to 2011 I had.  Those that know me IRL or have followed me long enough to see, know I have been through some serious heartache this past year.  But I also got to experience some wonderful memories and some life changing trips.  A special thanks for Mert for that special talk we had in Florida that finally assured me of letting a certain bad situation go.  And another special thanks to Tammy for being the one to encourage me to take a chance of faith and talk to a complete stranger.  That man has evolved into the man I hope to spend the rest of my life enjoying. 

So, 2011 was crazy/dramatic/life learning... it was all worth it to end up where I am right now. 

So that brings me to 2012.  B and I spent the NYE eating pizza and watching Moonshiners on tv.. and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  I got my new years kiss and I got to start this year off with the man of my dreams..

I am living the fairly tale now.  Good luck bringing me down..

CHEERS TO 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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