Mumbo Jumbo.

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It's FRIDAY!!!  Thank goodness.  I'm kind of OVER this week, being sick and all. But I'm feeling better for the most part so it's all good.  

Last night, the man and I cooked dinner.  Okay, let me be honest- HE cooked me dinner.  (Yes, I'm that lucky!) and it was delish!  It was one of his mom's recipes he loves so much so he recreated it for me since I've never had hers.  I was enjoying watching him handle the kitchen, I admit it! :)

Next up, I'm a part of Allie's November Sponsor Giveaway, so be sure you jump over there, check it out, follow some people friends, and enter- you just might win.  Your odds are probably better than the Powerball! ;)

You can find all the info for that Giveaway right here.

I'm hoping to have some pictures for the blog by Monday.  B and I have a little something up our sleeves! ;)  Stay tuned!

This weekend, I'm heading out to his church with him to help him with a wedding, and then we are going out!  I'm excited!

Well, I know this has been ALL over the place, but that's about all I got right now.  I'm going to use today to continue knocking out the rest of my wedding magazines so next week I can make plans to go visiting some venues!  Now, THAT gets me excited!!!!!! :)

NOW (one more thing!), I need some help! For some reason my account keeps reverting back to a No-Reply Blogger and I'm not changing anything!! Someone help me fix it once and for all.  And thanks Allie for always letting me know!! ;)

Have a great weekend, pretties!

Thanksgiving 2012

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I'm a little late on this post, but better late than never, right?

Thanksgiving was nice this year.  B and I got to spend time with both sides of our family, where as last year we had to split the day up.  I really think if at all possible we need to try and keep it where we get to see both sides.  I know there will be times arise when we can't make it work, but this is just the beginning of our life and once we have a child, I know we will be more eager to make it to "all stops" ha!

Anyway, this year was nice!  I stopped by my mom's house and had a small lunch with my parents', Kevin, Jennifer, and Jenna.  Then it was off to Bethany's house to have another lunch with B's side of the family.  His grandparents' and uncle were in town too, so that was a nice visit.  Then it was back to my Mom's house for dinner with my mom and dad and my nephews and Heather.

I think I'm still full.  Good thing that day only comes once a year, ha!

I'll leave the rest to pictures! Enjoy!

I love this picture of us! :)

I am so thankful for the people in my life.  God has blessed me greatly!

Isaac Strong.

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Ya know how some days there is absolutely nothing that comes to your mind to write about?  Well, this isn't one of those days for me.  In fact, it's quite the opposite.. I have a million different things I want to touch on.  But today it has a focus.. a child.

My heart is just heavy.  I've been playing catch-up on blogs this morning and I stumbled across Erin's blog yesterday about Isaac.  If you don't follow Erin, and haven't read this story then go do so.  If you have, then you know my this is pulling at my heart strings.  

Cancer- an ugly word that no one wants to hear, much less experience.  But to hear of a child walking this path just breaks my heart.  Especially in Isaac's case when he was told he had BEAT this awful disease, and is now back in the path of such an awful destructive illness.  

You can find Isaac's parents' online journal here. Just be sure you have some tissues available.

So, people, the reason I'm saying all this is because this little boy needs help.  Six year old Isaac who has a full life that he needs to live, needs YOUR help. 

Erin is working on several ways you can contribute to this family's pain.  See her blog post here to read the details.  I'm so grateful that there are people in this world like Eric who rally up prayer warriors for special cases like Isaac's.  No amount of money can "cure" he or his family's hurts, but if at lease ONE person's $5 donation takes just that one $5 worth of bills they are facing off their chest, then it's worth every cent of that $5. 

I don't have children of my own, but when I read things like this I see flashes of the kids in my life that I would be devastated if it was them sitting in Isaac's position and I would hope that a team of prayer warriors rallied around my loved ones.  That's what I'm asking you to do now.  I know it's Christmas time and everyone is holding on to whatever extra $1 they have, but this little boy is looking for the best CHRISTmas gift he can recieve- his gift of LIFE. 

Please, I'm urging you to help with this family.  And I'm urging you PRAY for this family.  God hears all of our prayers.  Let Him hear your cries for this family. 

              He needs YOU.
I'm in.  Are you?


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Today I just want to say that I'm loving..

television.  I'm currently dealing with Strep throat.. so the television as entertainment is a lifesaver.  To say the least...

I'm loving.. my man! He really is my best friend.  Thanks, B, for all you do for me!  He takes ME into consideration on his choices in life, and I am forever grateful for those moments.  B, you are a strong guy, mentally and physically, and I love you.  And I stand behind you every day, always.  

I'm loving.. that I'm getting into wedding planning! :)  And hopefully SOON I can go venue looking.  I've a list in the works! ;)

I'm loving.. that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I need to get a post up on this... I really am slacking. :p

I'm loving.. water.  Yes, for real.  I have taught my body to crave it I think.  I thought this day would never come, but this is what I need for a wedding body! ;)

I'm loving.. Essie's nail polish, Grow Stronger.  My girl, Jenna, recommended it, and so far so good!  Even though I had to look high and low for it! ;)

I'm loving.. that it's almost Christmas!  I'm really in the spirit this year!! :)

So, what are YOU loving?? :)

Under the weather.

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I know it's been a week since I blogged.  Please bare with me.  I'm sick and trying to get back normal.

I'm heading to the doctor today.. so prayers please! :)

Hope you are all doing well.. Can't wait until I feel like reading and catching up on everyone!


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Today I'm loving... that I'm SO thankful for my life and the way things are right in this moment. 

I am blessed with a wonderful fiance, supportive family on both sides, encouraging friends, and a home filled with love and God's spirit.  

Not just today and this time of the year should be we so thankful, but every single day we get to spend with those we love and enjoy.  

So today, I'm loving, that I'm alive and living the life that God planned for me.

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving with your friends & family and remember to make those memories count!  We only get one shot at today!

Last night.

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I had a date last night.  Not with B.

[shock face]

I kid, I kid.  I had a date with Lindsey!

We went and had dinner and talked about lots of things :) Right girl? :)

Aaaaaaaaaaand then this happened..


If you haven't seen it.... Like get up and leave work and go do so........  Okay, maybe wait until after work so you don't get fired.. but GO!

I LOVED IT.  But now I'm sad... that was it.  The end. 

And I have to wait until November 22, 2013 for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.     I'll be MARRIED by then!!!!!!!!


Weekend Talk!

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Well, loves, it's Monday morning again and I'm sitting at my desk with coffee in hand.  And still wishing I were in bed, ya feel me? :)

But I had a really nice weekend and can't complain, other than to wish it were a little longer, but we could all say that, right? :)

Friday night: I cooked Cajun chicken pasta and B and I ate at home and watched our show, DDD.  We were just lazy and that's honestly some of my favorite times with him.  :)

Saturday: I kept Jenna bugg for a couple hours while Jenn and Kevin went to a wedding.  We watched Dora (of course) and some other strange shows.. It honestly weirds me out the things they show kids these days. haaaa!  After that, mom came and picked her up and I just straightened around the house some. 

Saturday night: B and I went to eat with Mom & Dad and Jenna at Top Of The River.  Yummmmmy!  It was B's first time eating there, and I think he was impressed! ;)   And I, of course, loved it.  Shrimp!!!!!!! :)

Sunday: Church and cleaned the house up some more getting ready for another week.  And throw in some grocery shopping and the most exciting thing... I worked on my wedding binder!!! Btw, for any of you newlyweds out there or other engaged ladies, any resources ya'll are using/used, please feel free to let me know!  I'm trying to stay as organized as possible for this and would love to hear any ideas/feedback you want to share!!!

And now it's Monday and I'm sitting here thinking about how lucky I am to be in the spot I am.  But luck has nothing to do with it.  God planted me and B right here in this moment, together, for a reason.  And I will forever thank Him daily for it..

It's SO nice to know I'm right where I'm supposed to be... for real.

So, how was your weekend? :)

Oh, and don't forget.. B and I will be doing a couple's vlog sometime in the near future, so submit your questions! :)

My Surprise Proposal

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November 10, 2012.. A day I will cherish for the remainder of my days.  A day that awakens such sweet memories in my mind.  A day that changed my life, forever, for the best.

The day had been like any other normal day.  We were enjoying our weekend with Ben and just making memories while we had time with him.  Ben had wanted to eat at Chili's for his dinner of choice for that night, so we were all getting dressed and excited to go out.  

They all kept talking about how they wanted to "get dressed up and take pictures" and I was so confused why they wanted to do this on Saturday instead of Sunday when we dropped Ben off at base.  But I went with it.  I picked the best thing I had left in my little suitcase (since I didn't bring very much at all) and got my hair looking sort of decent again.  Let's be honest- I was only getting pretty for a few pictures, right? 

Well, wrong.  B had the whole family in on what was about to happen.  Looking back and thinking about how they worded things to me, I laugh.  I don't know how I didn't really pick up on anything.  But I really had no thought about the possibility of getting a ring during this trip.  I was focused on seeing Ben and everyone having a good time. 

Well, we agree to leave the hotel at 5:00, so down the stairs we went.  Without my knowing, Lindsey started her video right then.  She caught the whole proposal on video and everything said/done leading up to the big moment.  It's really one of my favorite things about the whole thing.  That I get to re-watch the best moment of my life over and over (and over and over and over...) again. 

So, we get to the parking lot and everyone starts taking pictures.  
This was right before the big moment was about to happen.  I had no clue...

We took a picture of the the two of us.  That's pretty standard... we always get our picture made.  Still clueless....

And then it happened...

The most awaited moment of my life happened when B wanted to "take another picture with me", but once we started to smile for the camera he stopped everything, dropped to one knee, and opened this beautiful little black box and asked me "Will you wear this first?"  

I will just be honest and say I'm sitting here in tears just reliving this beautiful moment in my mind.  It came as a HUGE shock to me and I love that he chose such a spontaneous moment to ask me.  

My first reaction was typical- my hand went straight over my mouth! And then I jumped backwards!?  I'm not sure what that was all about but it sure didn't take me long to come back up to him, tell him yes, let him put this gorgeous ring on my hand, and hug my FIANCE!!!!!!! 

I really don't think even in these moments it had hit me fully what had just happened.  

At this point, we all loaded into the car to head to Chili's and I called my mom.  I could barely even talk to her because I had went into some uncontrollable happy years that lasted about 30 minutes.  I've never felt SUCH a rush of emotions in my life.  The day I had dreamed out, had came.

After dinner and back at the hotel, we made a few shots :)

November 10, 2012 was the best day of my life.  B, you are the love of my life.  You are the one that God made especially for me.  You know me inside and out and are beside me along the way.  You respect my decisions, and even respect me to disagree with you.  You believe in me, and bring out a side of me I didn't know was there.  

From the moment we met, I knew you were going to be my husband.  I've been crazy about you from that day forward and I can totally see us being the old people who still hold hands while walking into a restaurant.  You're the kind of man I was raised to be believe in.  You're the kind of man that my Mom and Dad wanted me to find and make a happy life with.  You're my best friend and the person I cannot wait to see or talk to every single day.

You're the man of my dreams.  You're the man I always had in my heart and now I have in my arms.  I promise to love and cherish you and never ever give up on your or forsake you.  I will be by your side in the worst of days and be your biggest cheerleader in the best of days.  I will love you when you are sick or healthy.  I will give you everything I have to make sure your life is your ideal love story.  We are now ONE.  And I will make it my life's mission to be the best Christian wife and future mother of your children that God sees me as.

You are my miracle.  You are my answered prayer.

And I want to thank both our families and friends for all the support you have shown us so far.  And a big thank you to everyone who knew about my surprise proposal and kept it a secret.  And thank you for the video and pictures of the event during it happening.  They are priceless to me and I am forever grateful. And a huge thank you for all the sweet words from you all!!!!! We are SO blessed!!!!

Now, COME ON OCTOBER 12, 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

A weekend with our Soldier!

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First up, let apologize for just leaving you ladies hanging.  I had NO idea the things that were about to happen last weekend, so I got threw completely off my game, ha!  As if, I had "game.." :)

Yes, I am ENGAGED!! And I will be posting that complete story as well.  But I also want to take some time to fill you in on what I THOUGHT last weekend was centered around- Ben.

Ben is B's little brother and some of you might have been around long enough to know he has been in the Army basic training since the end of August.  If you are new, and want to read more about that, see this post.  So anyway.  This past weekend was Family Day so we all loaded up and made the trip to spend some time with Ben. 

We left town Thursday morning, and had a really great car ride down.  We found our hotel with ease and got all our clothes ironed and ready for an early morning to go pick up Ben!  Friday morning rolled around, we all jumped up, got dressed, and headed out the door.  We followed the GPS to a road that was CLOSED, so we turned around and thought we had found where we needed to be.  We could see families gathering in the stands and soldiers on the field. 

And then someone handed us an Infantry Brigade program and we knew we were wrong.  So we asked for directions (were told wrong..) and headed out to find the correct spot.  I'll spare you the details but we rolled into the right spot 10 minutes before their ceremony started.  Panic was on all of our minds. LOTS of panic.

We ran up to the spot, got settled in, and then saw Ben and his troop marching in.  Honestly, chills just fled all over my body.  These men are the lives we take for granted every single day.  These are the men we should be thanking more than we do.  These men are the ones giving THEIR time and lives for all of our freedom.  To stand there and watch Ben be a part of such a strong unit, I was literally more proud than I expected to be.

Emotions were running high as the tears flowed from eyes and the boys were all so anxious to hug Uncle Ben.  It was honestly such a sweet moment and I'm forever thankful that I got to be a part of this moment in their lives. 

Once the ceremony was over, Ben met us and we all got our hugs and pictures made.  Then Ben was ready to eat!  Imagine that!  We went back to the hotel to drop his things and then headed to a meal.  We all listened as he told stories and explained how his life has been the last couple months.   

The whole weekend was full of fun.  We ate good food, talked about lots of things, made many new memories, and enjoyed every single moment we had with Ben.

You can tell me we were all happy to see him, and took full advantage of getting some pictures! :) 

We had such a wonderful weekend with Ben.  And Sunday was a hard moment to leave him once again..

Needless to say, we miss him but are SO PROUD of him.

Way to go Ben.  I'm proud to call you my brother.  

Aaaaaaaaaaand.. speaking of that.. my engagement story coming soon! :)


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I SAID YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Full story coming soon...

I'm still too busy staring at it.... and drooling.  A LOT. 

Mississippi Gals!

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Hope ya'll are having fun with my guest bloggers.  I love getting new ladies faces out there and showing support for them.  This one is no different.  I literally JUST started reading her blog, but what can I say- Mississippi gals stick together, so I'm proud to have Heather around today.  Be sure and check her blog out! :)

Hi there! I'm so excited that Kayla asked me to guest post on her blog today!  Let me introduce myself: My name is Heather and I blog over at {From Here to There} where I talk about a multitude of random things.  My blog was created as a way to share my life with others as I move from here to there figuring out the next steps in life.  I'm from the beautiful state of Mississippi and I graduated with a degree in Marketing last December from Mississippi State University.  I have two younger sisters who are both at MSU now and a boyfriend of roughly 5 years.  At my parents house, I have 6 adorable cats with an array of personalities and the most precious and spunky Pomeranian named Cappie (a.k.a. Captain Crunch).  After graduation, I headed to the hot and sunny state of Florida where I did the Disney College Program and worked there from January-August.  I met some amazing people, I consider most of my roommates that I had my best friends now, but I absolutely HATED my job!  I then moved back to my beloved state and took a job on campus at the leadership office.
Wanted to start this off with some pictures, because I know I love seeing pictures in post, so I'm assuming you do too! If you don't, then humor me, please!?
Me and the boyfriend at DISNEY!
That's me, with a How I Met Your Mother Shirt on
Do you LOVE that show? I do!

Now, I'm sure you're wondering when I'm getting to the GUEST POST part of this and that's just the thing, I've been racking my brain for a decent guest post topic.  I already have a Disney guest post going on with another blog, so I didn't want to copy cat that, I don't have anything particularly exciting going on in my life right now, and I'm not an expert at anything!  So I thought I'd write a few short sentences on a few topics that I know pretty well and offer the opportunity to get to know y'all a little better through that.  They are an assortment of randomness so I hope that floats your boat today!

{1} Disney

This is an obvious one to talk about!  Everyone loves it or they should! Just a few pointers if you choose to vacay at Disney! (1) Arrive early and get all the amazing rides done first (i.e. Mount Everest, Rock'n Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Splash Mountain, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain)  Those were my faves!  (2) Take snacks, Disney allows it! Save your money for a fabulous Dinner out, there are SO many great restaurants.  I ate at the Mexican restaurant in Epcot and was able to see "Illuminations" through the windows, it was magical! (3) See plays and shows, they are spectacular (i.e. Illuminations, Beauty and the Best, The Festival of the Lion King, The Little Mermaid). I saw Festival of the Lion King like 20 times while there because it ROCKS MY SOCKS! (4) Take pictures with the characters, it's such a fun way to make memories!  (5) Go to Downtown Disney at night and enjoy the entertainment, the shopping, the food.. and my favorite... GHIRARDELLI!
Do you vacay at Disney?
What's you're favorite ride/thing to do?

{2} Running
I love running.  Sometimes I have my ups and downs in training, but I've done 2 half-marathons so far.  The Mississippi Blues and the Disney Princess Half Marathons.  Racing is a lot of fun and always gets me excited to continue training.
 Do you enjoy running?
What's the funnest race you've done?
What's the longest race you've done?

{3} DIYing
I don't consider myself a great crafter, I don't have a lot of imagination, but I do enjoy trying my hand at it and I believe I'm getting better with each project.  This was a jewelry hanger I made last year.  I made a "date night" jar that will be up on the blog Sunday, so you should come back and check it out. 
Do you DIY?
What's your favorite project you've completed so far? 
Share a link to the post so I can check it out!

{4} Link-Ups
I think link-ups are so fun! Two of my favorites that I join in on EVERY week is "It's OK" and "Friday Letters" I love how many blog friends I've made through those two link-ups. 
Its Ok ThursdaysPhotobucket
Do you host or co-host a link-up that you want to share with me? I'd love to check it out! 
Are there other link-ups you join in on that you think I may enjoy?
{5} Harry Potter
I'm going to be honest, I read all the books and saw all the movies for the very first time THIS YEAR!  I'm now obsessed, I want everything Harry and sometimes I pretend like I'm an actual wizard, I can't help myself, I really wish Hermoine, Harry, and Ron were my IRL bff's! 
Are you a Harry Potter fanatic? 
Whose your favorite character?
Which book/movie is your favorite? 
Who is your least favorite character?

If you made it this far through this a lot longer than expected post, I applaud and thank you!  I hope you take the time to stop by my blog and check me out! It was a pleasure entertaining y'all today!