Mumbo Jumbo.

It's FRIDAY!!!  Thank goodness.  I'm kind of OVER this week, being sick and all. But I'm feeling better for the most part so it's all good.  

Last night, the man and I cooked dinner.  Okay, let me be honest- HE cooked me dinner.  (Yes, I'm that lucky!) and it was delish!  It was one of his mom's recipes he loves so much so he recreated it for me since I've never had hers.  I was enjoying watching him handle the kitchen, I admit it! :)

Next up, I'm a part of Allie's November Sponsor Giveaway, so be sure you jump over there, check it out, follow some people friends, and enter- you just might win.  Your odds are probably better than the Powerball! ;)

You can find all the info for that Giveaway right here.

I'm hoping to have some pictures for the blog by Monday.  B and I have a little something up our sleeves! ;)  Stay tuned!

This weekend, I'm heading out to his church with him to help him with a wedding, and then we are going out!  I'm excited!

Well, I know this has been ALL over the place, but that's about all I got right now.  I'm going to use today to continue knocking out the rest of my wedding magazines so next week I can make plans to go visiting some venues!  Now, THAT gets me excited!!!!!! :)

NOW (one more thing!), I need some help! For some reason my account keeps reverting back to a No-Reply Blogger and I'm not changing anything!! Someone help me fix it once and for all.  And thanks Allie for always letting me know!! ;)

Have a great weekend, pretties!


  1. Venue hunting can be so annoying!
    What kind of wedding are you wanting ?

  2. I know you are loving the wedding planning! So many wonderful ideas out there! :)

  3. Love you! Have a great weekend and let me know how church goes and of course about the wedding planning!

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