Merry Christmas from The White Family

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My December To Do List

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It's that wonderful time of the year, December..
I really want to make the most of the month, so I've came up with a list for the month.
xx. Wrap the Christmas presents.
xx. Get the Christmas tree up and decorated.
xx. Decide on the Christmas meal (to be held at my house 12/24)
xx. Buy some eggnog and sit aside a night for Christmas movies and relaxation.
xx. Order & send Christmas cards.
xx. Get outfits together for family picture (12/25)
xx. Get a small tree or Brian & I's new ornament tree.
xx. Go see Christmas lights.
xx. Celebrate my brother-in-law and sister-in-law's birthdays! (12/16 and 12/31)
xx. Get a good family Christmas shot during the holidays.
What is on your December list?


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So I was on the way back to work today from lunch, and lost in thoughts of what to get each person for Christmas, how to pay for it, etc.  And then the radio just broke in my thoughts and it was a story I want to share.
I mentioned already this week the loss of Paul Walker. 
But I learned something new about him today- that he had a heart of gold.
Apparently ever since his death, his Facebook page has been filling with memories of things that he did for people along the way, total gifts of kindness.
One in particular was about him going into a jewelry store one day where there was a soldier and his girlfriend in the store shopping for engagement rings.  Paul overheard the girl say she really loved this particular ring, and then heard the boy tell her it was too much and he could not afford it.
Paul secretly went to the counter and paid for that ring, costing $10,000.00 and told the clerk to put it on his tab. 
Amazing, huh?
I wish there were more people in this world like that. Not to be handing out expensive jewelry or even spending a dollar.  I just wish for more people with the heart for it.
Today's world has became so materialistic that it scares me for m future children.  That's not the environment I want them to grow in and it's certainly not the kind of things I will be teaching at home.
So, this year, take a moment and really evaluate what is the true meaning of Christmas and a kind Godly heart.  I bet it's not having the most expensive new gadgets.  Think on that one a little while..


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Just a few random things that I am thankful for..
Cute nephews...

First "married" couple pictures at church..

&& DEER MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let the grilling begin!

Sad day.

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I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent time with your loved ones.
As we all know, we are not promised tomorrow at all.
With that said, I want to pay my respects to Paul Walker.
This is my all-time favorite photo of him.  *Swoon*
People, we truly don't know how blessed we are to see the sunrise each day.
Grab your loved ones, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES, and enjoy each other!