long wait.

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I can't help it.  I love this ring more every single day.   

Hurry up, October! 

Kindred Spirits..

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OKkkkkkay.  Normally I have my posts scheduled out for the entire week but this week I slacked.  I was writing the next day's post every single night this week.  I really can't handle it.  I'm a big planner.  Like I like to plan things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy in advance to the point where people will look at me like I'm an idiot.  Oh well.. That's just me! :)

So, today I'm sitting at work & catching up blog reading,  I mean I was working... ha!  Who am I kidding?  I blog at work.  *shh!*

All is a pretty normal day, I read my blog besties.. I look through my Google Reader deciding which ones were catching my eye, and then I found Hallie.

Now, I have been following Hallie for awhile, but today was different.  Today's post just sparked some major interest to me.  So I left her a comment, and her sweet self replied!  After a couple of e-mails, we graduated to text, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't STILL sitting here at 9:00 smiling.  This girl is my kindred spirit.

Hallie blogs over at Life: Oceanside and if you don't follow her, then I like COMMAND you go do that right now.  This is your permission to exit my blog. :)  I've had a ball today going back and reading some older posts of hers and getting to know her.  I just wish I'd realized how great she is earlier, but that's okay. A new friendship has bloomed!

I'm not going to go into big details since her wedding is March 30 and mine is October 12 and we are using A LOT of the same ideas, but let's just say I think we were meant to be friends.  We were (literally!) finishing each other's sentences!  And I even think P & B would be okay.  Hallie and I can sit them in front of a football game and go do girlie fun things! :) ha!

I'm so excited to get to know Hallie even better!  Blogging is SUCH a wonderful environment for meeting great women who share your likes/dislikes in life.  I'm so thankful for it today! 

{Blog Swap}

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Today I have a treat for you.. another Mississippi girl like me! I know you will love her as much as I do!  And today we've swapped blogs, so check her out here and come see me over at her place! :)

Take it away girl... 

Hey y'all! I'm Heather and I blog at From Here to There where I talk about DIY projects I try, recipes I enjoy, and basically this journey of life that gets me from one point to the next! Last January I had the opportunity to move to Disney World and do the College Program!  While there, I tried to take advantage of "Big City Living" because I'm from Mississippi and even Jackson (our biggest city) doesn't compare to a New York, Orlando, Atlanta, or Dallas.   I'm also a runner and I enjoy trying my hand at eating and shopping healthy.

There are definitely some advantages to living in a big city, and I MUST say that having a Whole Foods Market is one of them!! Living in Mississippi, I had never been in one nor seen one, so I wanted to see what it was all about!! A friend and I chose to check it out one evening and we were amazed at what all they had! If you've never been- when you get the chance, you should definitely check one out!!  Here are some pictures from my first experience!!

Fruit and Granola!
DO YOU SEE THIS!? A wine tasting bar!

Look at that coffee selection!
Build your own granola!  This would be perfect for a day hike!
Olives aren't my thing, but I think it's cool that they have so many stations around!
I had such a fantastic first experience, everyone was so nice and the creativity they have with their food is to die for!  They also had a large buffet with anything and everything you can think of!  It's fantastic to find such a health conscious store when today you see so much processed food and unhealthy lifestyles.  

I thought I'd share their values with you:
* Selling the highest quality natural and organic products available*
*Satisfying and delighting our customers*
*Supporting team member happiness and excellence*
*Creating wealth through profits and growth*
*Caring about our communities and our environment*
Creating ongoing win-win partnerships with our suppliers*
*Promoting the health of our stakeholders through healthy eating education*

Thanks Kayla for swapping blogs!  Y'all should go and see what Kayla had to say on my blog today!
And if you're ever interested in swapping blogs with me like Kayla is doing, feel free to e-mail me at heatherblack79@gmail.com

Wow!  Now for those of you who do have a Whole Foods Market near you, I'm jealous!  Thanks Heather for this post.  Now I'm hungry.. ;)


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This past weekend was so great.  I took time out and away from my phone and social media and got more in touch with what's important in life- loved ones!

Right after work I went and picked up the boys.  I was so excited to get to see my little men! These three are always a bucket of fun!  
We got back to my house and while they played on the Wii, I helped B as much as I could.  My poor baby had to replace my refrigerator!  
My mom brought Jenna down to my house so J could see the boys.  She loves the boys and talks about them all the time when they aren't around.  I'm so thankful for a blended family! :)

After the house was semi-back together after the new fridge was in, B and I went out the dinner with the boys and Bethany and Brandon.  It's always good to spend time with my future SIL and BIL :) 

Since Bryce's games are over, I didn't have to get up and out too early so I took the chance to sleep in a little! I gotta admit, it was nice!

Once I got up and around, I went to my mom's house to visit with her and Jenna since J had spent the night with her "Nana"...

She is currently in potty training, so as a reward for doing so well, mom got her this really cute baby doll who is also potty training!  Her little potty flushes and it says encouraging phrases like "Way to go!" and "No more diapers!"  
Very, very cute and Jenna loved it!!
 And then she painted my nails and hers.  
Can I say I'm thankful for child nail polish that peels off? HA!

I love that B and I have wonderful families with kiddos who mean the world to us!  

Now, just for fun.. I'm currently looking back through old family photos.  I ran across some of yours truly.

I'm such a catch.

Kiss Me Candle [Review]

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A few weeks ago I got a great item in the mail that I was allowed to review for my lovely readers.

Shawna at KissMeCandles sent me this lovely candle, scented Chocolate Chip Cookies, and I have loved trying it out.  Anyone that knows me in real life knows that I love a good candle.  This is a good one to try if you are looking for something new!

Every candle is hand crafted and designed on spot.  They offer a great variety of different scents you can choose from and the best part- these candles have a 55 hour burning time!  Now that's getting the bang for your buck!

They are also non-toxic, dye free, environmentally safe, and made free of any lead or zinc.

Please do yourself a favor and jump over to KissMeCandles etsy shop and get one for yourself!

Shawna is offering a promo code on her website at Kiss Me Candles for 15% off, just use the promo code: Kayla

Time out.

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I'm taking a mini-break from blogging.

No, I'm not sick or anything.  I just need some time.

I think in today's society we all get so wrapped up in our lives and what all we have going on that we forget to make time for ourselves.  And that's why I'm doing this.

So starting today, no blogging, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Instagram.  If you need me, text me or email me.  The only outlet I will still have open for my checking is my Facebook messages app.  And that's simply because that's my only line of communication with my long lost family that I spoke about in an earlier post.  And they will be the only people I answer via Facebook messages (no offence!)

My break is short, but necessary.  I will be "offline" from today until Sunday afternoon sometime.  I just want to take some time to enjoy my life with my family and friends right in front of me.  It has seemed like this week I keep hearing about people facing devastation in their lives, so I want to make it more of a point to keep my life with those I love more on a personal level than spending "time" with them and sitting on different social media outlets. 

There will be a day when these very people will be gone from my life and I want to be be able to look back and remember memories with them and all the fun we had.  

This is just a personal decision, and I am glad you all understand! 

But like I said, I'll be back next week.  And there's a giveaway coming! :)


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I'm loving...
I mean these babies are GOOOOOOD.  Go get cha some! :)

I'm loving...
that I finished my book I touched on last week.  What an uplifting book for me to read.  It makes me even more thankful for the life B and I have established and that we have already worked on a lot of the material it covers!

I'm loving...
finding lost lost loved ones! I'm still beaming with delight! :)

I'm loving...
it's a short work week for me!  Yippeee!!!

I'm loving...
my parents for the wonderful gift that I was told B and I are getting :)  They really are the best parents! :)


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Thankful is best how I would describe my life right now.

The last few weeks have showed me a lot about myself.  Nothing sparked these emotions, just pure God's will.  

I'm so thankful for the family that God gave me to.  They are all such strong, deep rooted, caring people.  I was born into a thick group of people who I beam with delight to say are my family. 

I'm thankful for my fiance.  B does so much more for me than anyone will ever know.  He truly is my best friend and God's miracle sent directly to me.  He is my soul mate.

I'm thankful for my friends.  They know me inside and out, and they love me every step of the way.  We've had differences of opinions, we've had long silly nights, and in the end it all boils down to a friendship that I wouldn't trade for the world.

I'm thankful for my job.  Some days it's all I can do to wait until time to clock out, but at the end of every single day I am thankful that God placed me in this spot each day.  

I'm thankful for my books.  Sometimes I just need an "escape" from every day life, and that's the perfect way in my eyes.

I'm thankful for my dogs.  Sometimes all we need is a good cuddle buddy after a long day and I have two of the best here in the house! :)

I'm just so thankful to my God.  My life is a fairytale.  Maybe it's not every one's fairytale, but this is my life and I am SO excited for every day new that I'm given to share with those I love.


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What a last few days this has turned out to be!  

God has been working some MIRACLES around my family!

When I was a little girl, my dad's oldest brother died and left a wife and a small child.  The small child was like my baby doll since all my other cousins were older than me.  I always wanted to hold him, etc.  

And then he was gone.  

After my uncle passed, we stopped seeing him or his mother and for over 20 years we have been left with an empty hole wondering where they were, how they were, etc.  We have tried to do online searches many times over the years, but all with no luck.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday night.  My aunt was in visiting in town and she and my dad had spent the day looking again on the Internet for our long lost family.  We talked about them some, heard stories, and had the same wonders we always had.

Well, I came home that night from dinner and my brain kept going right back to our conversation. So I took a stab at it and started searching Facebook.  And then it happened- I found my cousin.  I sat there in complete shock for a few minutes and then decided I had to send him a message.  But I was at a loss for what to say.  After over 20 years, what does one say to someone?!

So I waited until the next morning.  I sent the profile picture to my dad and aunt and they both told me they were sure it was him.  I took a deep breath and sent him a long message and then sat and waited.

To make a long story short, my dad sent his own message and started talking to him before me.

It was true.  I had found my family.  

So needless to say, this has just came across my brain more times than not lately.  I am feeling beyond blessed to know I have my family back (and have cousins that I had no idea about!).  Life just feels GOOD.  I can't explain it, but I feel like I granted my grandmother's wishes in a way.  Mamaw never gave up on finding him and I know she jumped for joy in Heaven when I got the confirmation that it was in fact, him!

So this weekend I started a new mission.  I am gathering long lost photos from the family.  My cousin and his mom had a house fire many years ago and so he has no pictures of his childhood.  I am on a mission to fix that for him.  I want him to know he has a family that loves him, has missed him, and is so entirely thankful to God for allowing us to find each other again!

My life is simply incredible right now. My heart is full.

Sunday Social

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Sunday Social

1. What is the best Valentine's Day you've ever had?
This will sound totally cheesy, but it was last year.  That was B and I's first Valentine's together and he did SO good.  He got me lots of goodies, took me shopping, to eat etc. but what stuck out to my was my flowers and teddy bear that got delivered at work.  That's unusual for me.  But my teddy bear was a WHITE bear.  Symbolic that I would one day be a "White".  Just a lot of thought went into it and I appreciate it!

2. What is the worst Valentine's Day you've ever had?
I can't think of a bad one really.  I mean sure, it sucked a few times being alone on V-day, but that's okay.  I was alive and well and had my family! :)

3. What did you do for Valentine's this year?
I had some crock pot ribs going during the day, so after work I came home and prepared the sides and set the table.  B and I ate and then watched Moonshiners and Swamp People. LOL

OH and this year's flowers had the "white" roses and my teddy bear had a chocolate ribbon around it's neck, symbolic of the wedding colors! :)

4. What is your best Valentine's idea if you're single?
Either go out with some girlfriends or gather together in someone's house and have a ice cream/chick flick night!

5. What is your favorite Valentine's candy?
Chocolate. Any kind, any shape, and lots of it! :)

6. Favorite Valentine's memory from your childhood?
Mama and daddy would usually have some type of Valentine's goodies waiting on me!  It was always nice and fun! :)

Letters to Former Single Self, and [Giveaway Winner!]

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Well, the end of this week has totally went downhill as far as my blogging went, but in my personal life is went BEYOND great.  I'll be posting an update on what I'm talking about soon! :)

So with that said, I'm going to skip right on into today's post and the giveaway winner from the Monogram Sweatshirt Giveaway!

Today I'm linking back up in the final segment of

This week's questions are:
Describe your first date with your now current partner. 
Did you feel any "butterflies" on your first couple of encounters? 
Did you have any indication it would later be the "real deal?"

First Date:  Ya'll will laugh when I tell you this, but B and I didn't have a "first date" until about two months into our dating.  There were just some circumstances and reasons that I'll leave personal, but we didn't make our first public appearance until 11-11-11. 

On the date, we went with his entire family to eat and then to the Casting Crowns concert.  And some of you might be thinking how weird it is that our first date was with his family and we weren't alone.  But that's just how B and I are, we do a lot with our families, so it's completely not weird for he and I.  (And we had OUR first date not too long after that! :)  Alone this time! ha!)

Now, did I feel butterflies?  Well, if I did.. those were some HUGE butterflies.. LOL.  I was feeling LOTS of emotions with B on our first few visits.  In fact, I acted like a complete idiot the night we met. 

Some of you know we met via Facebook, chatted on there, text awhile, and eventually got the plans up to "meet" in person.  He was going to come to my house.  You can read my entire story about this on my sidebar under Our Love Story.  But just a quick funny about that night- B pulled into my driveway and instead of being a lady and waiting at the door for him- I bolted.  Like I RAN (almost!) down my sidewalk and went straight into a hug with him.  I look back in hindsight and wonder why he didn't get right back in that truck and pull away, but he didn't.  And he likes my hugs! ;)

Now, did I know this was the real deal?  Yes, without a doubt.  The night we met and we sat and talked and got to know each other more, I knew this man was someone who belonged in my life.  I'm lucky, lucky, lucky that I was right and he's my forever love now! :)

Well, that concludes the letters to my former single self.  I had SO much fun with this and hope I can find another link-up like this soon! :)

Now, *drumroll* it's time to announce the winner of my Monogram Sweatshirt Giveaway!  First though, I want to give a big THANKS for all you ladies participating and joining in.  This was a fun giveaway for me too and I just know the winner will love her new sweatshirt! :)

So, the lucky lady isssssssssssssss...

Haley W.  :)

Congrats darlin! :)  Hope you love yours as much as I do! :) I'll be emailing you soon! :)

Happy Weekend!

Honey Day!

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Today is all about our honey's! :) And they say it's our day. 

Love is in the air.. :)

Well, it's no different around here in my neck of the woods.  I got a surprise this morning when the flower shop delivered my dozen roses and teddy bear!  Man, he knows how to get me! ;)

And since me and B are different than other couples, my roses were mixed.  3 red, 3 pink, 3 yellow, and 3 white.  There is always white roses when my baby brings me flowers.  It's kind of our thing, "white" and all! :)  If you are new around here, or don't know.. my last name will be "White" so the white roses really stick out as special to me! :)

B- Happy Valentine's Day to you sweetie.  Thank you for my GORGEOUS roses and new teddy bear! You truly amaze me more every single day with how much more I can fall in love with you.  But it's truly a miracle to know you're my forever Valentine!  :)  I love you to the moon and back! :) 
And now to all you ladies out there who are single- DO NOT get down and depressed.  Trust me, I spent MANY of Valentine's in your shoes and it is not near as bad as you think it will be!  Look at it this way:
1. You have more money than the rest of us who just spent some on our "significant others".
2. You can go out and party with your girlfriends tonight... ((And there might be a single guy out with his buds!))
3. You can watch a chick flick ALLLLLL night long with tubs of ice cream and it's perfectly okay- no regrets about the calories.  Because they don't count on Valentine's! ;)
4. You get to wear your pajamas all night if you want.  You don't have to go home from work and get right back dolled up for anyone.  I'm jealous.  Really.
5. YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO BE SAD.  Girl power ladies.  Don't be down, be happy that God has kept you waiting.  That just means He will give you an extra special man one day for waiting on His timing instead of yours! :)

Everyone have a FABULOUS day!  Happy Valentine's!


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Thank Goodness it is Wednesday, but honestly it feels like it should be Friday.  Longest week so far..

Moving on... It's Wednesday! You know what that means.  WILW!

I'm loving...
my sweet man.  Ya'll just don't know how good of a man he is to me.  It's so unreal to know that he is the person I'll get to spend the rest of my life with, living happily ever after! :)

I'm loving...

Gary Chapman's Things I Wish I'd Known Before We Got Married.  This book isn't just for newly engaged couples.  I think even couples who are dating, or even still single, can benefit from this book.  B and I have a wonderful relationship to where we have worked out a lot of the issues that Gary touches in this book, but there have been times in my reading it that I've stopped and sat and thought about what it was saying and applied it to our lives. 
I really wish I'd found it even earlier in our relationship because I can look back and think of times I could have used it when we've dealt with certain issues.  But better to have found it later than never at all! :)

Next up, I am going to get his famous one, The Five Love Languages.  I have heard some really great things from readers and I simply cannot wait to indulge in that and learn more about B and myself and why we react the ways we do toward each other in day to day life. 
So if you like to read, and think this is for you then I am giving you a huge thumbs up!
Go get it- NOW!

I'm loving...
that I'm finally making more "me" time for reading than I have been the last few months.  But with the holidays and things going on, it was hard to find time to sit down long enough to read anything.  So I'm pumped for new books! :)

I'm loving...
that in less than 8 months I get to marry my man!!! Yippieeee!!! :)

I'm loving...
my life.  Simple as that! :)  

What are you loving today??

Wear You [Giveaway!]

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If you love my sweatshirt as much as I do then you need to scurry on over to The Monogram Monkey on Etsy and to their Facebook Page and show some love!

When I opened this package, I honestly squealed at how cute it is!! 

I have had SO many compliments on it that I know of a few orders I'll be making for some birthday/Christmas gifts!  I mean, really, who doesn't love a good monogram item?!?!

But The Monogram Monkey isn't just clothing items, it's a lot of fun personalized items.  You really need to jump over and check it all out.  I already have my eye on a few items I want to buy myself!  #birthdayideas

I'm honestly SO excited about this review.  I love every single thing about it.  It's so comfortable for one of those lazy days, but yet screams cuteness with your monogram displayed on it.  And I chose pink to bring out the girly in me!  It is SO much more perfect than I imagined!  

And guess what?  One of you lucky readers are going to win one for yourself!!!  


Go enter!!! ;)
The giveaway will run from Feb. 12-15th. 
Winning entry will be verified. 

Good luck!

Our Day...

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So Thursday is always mine and B's night.  We try and spend it alone, if we can, but sometimes that doesn't happen.  I usually cook, he watches Moonshiners, and we just enjoy being together. 

But this past Thursday he wanted to grill.  And I was all in favor of it.

You see, my man can grill.  Like REALLY grill.  
((I think all that watching Diners, Drive-In's, & Dives has rubbed off!))

So I got off work, drive home, and find my sweetie sitting on the front porch, with a glass of sweet tea of course.
Yes, I need to do some major curb appeal.  I already got the plans in my mind..... :)
Lots of new paint is involved!

He just makes me heart skips beats.  Looooooove him!!!

Now, I mentioned he was going to grill for me...

And he did. 

Oh boy, he did.

My heart skips beats....

...and my tummy full. :)

I got a keeper... who grills! ;)  SCORE!

Sunday Social!

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****Don't forget to enter in the awesome giveaways I'm participating in right now!!
KitchenAid Mixer and Better Life Bag.  You don't want to miss out on either!!! :)

Sunday Social

1. What was your first car?
I had a white Nissan Altima.  I think it was a 1994, but I'm totally sure about that now.  But I loved it!  I had a lot of fun in that car!

2. Who was your favorite childhood teacher?
Oh, there were a few I loved, but one sticks out above the rest.  Mrs. Gibbs was my 5th grade teacher and she was such an angel.  Bless her soul, she passed away a few years ago, but I'll always have sweet memories with her!

3. Were you involved in any sports/extracurricular activities? Share pictures if you can!
I did color guard in high school and college.  Unfortunately all those pictures are not at my house, so I'll have to dig up some oldies and do a post on a blast from the past soon!:)

4. What was your favorite birthday party?
When I was younger I always had the same girls over for sleepovers for my birthday.  It was ALWAYS so much fun!  I can't pick just one since they were all SO fun! 

5. Who was your teen celebrity crush?

Don't judge!;)
Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Ben Affleck...   I still like him, a lot. :)

6. What show/movie did your parents not allow you to watch?
I don't really remember my mom telling me I couldn't watch things.  Is that weird?

Letters to my Former Single Self (Link-Up)

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Last week I saw a new blog series and I knew I wanted to join in this week! P.S.- I'm going to play catch up with the week's past questions too! :)

 I know I'm not married (yet!) but I already consider myself married, so I'm doing it anyway! :)
8 months from now I'll be on the verge of saying I Do to the man of my dreams anyway.. :)

Week One:
What did you think about dating and relationships when you were little? 
 What do you think of them now?
When I was little, I thought dating and relationships just happened.  There weren't any troubles, issues, or heartache.  I thought once you found the one you were going to marry that life just carried on as it should be. 
I was wrong.
Relationships are work.  Every single day they are work.  B and I have a solid relationship and I still know when he and I get married it will just be more work.  That's not to make it sound like a chore, because being married to him will be the biggest blessing of my life.  But there's always "work" to keep your marriage alive and successfull.  We can't both want to be lazy and let the other handle our relationship and keep it together.  We will both have to make every day efforts to keep the fire and romance going. 
I'm lucky because I know I have a man who will.  B cares more about knowing I'm happy than any other man I've known.  It's wonderful!
So while my childhood thoughts might not have been exactly how things are, with work from both partners, it can be! :)

Week 2 Question:
What did you think about dating and marriage the year before you met "the one?"

For those of you who knew me before I met B, you know the last year of my life had been one of the roughest.  I don't really want to go into a lot of detail since it's the past and I swore to myself a long time ago to leave it there.  I knew when I met B, that all my past heartaches were over.  I knew I had found a genuine good guy.  It was just a mystery to see if I was the one that God blessed to be given a chance with him.  I'm so glad God loves me! ;)

Okay, back on track-  the year before I met B..

I had been in a relationship with someone who didn't appreciate me or anything I did for him.  I wasn't even valued as a person when I look back on things in hindsight.  So that lead my thoughts in that year to be depressed, stressed, and angry.  I wondered what was wrong with me.  I wondered what I did to deserve it.  I later learned it wasn't me at all...

Thankfully, God was on my side and gave me some strength I didn't know what hiding inside me.  I put that relationship to a final end.  No going back. No more tries.  No more communication.  No anything except seeing them taillights leaving one last time and feeling the weight come off my chest. 


And then it was another set of emotions- starting over with just me and the dogs.  But you know what?  I loved it.  I got to know myself and know my strengths through all that.  And while I do not talk about it or even think about it I am glad and thankful for what it all taught me.  And I use a lot of those life learning lessons with B and myself.  We are both SO open and honest with each other.  NO secrets, NO holding in feelings, none of that.  We are just a match that lets out our good and bad emotions, fears, feelings, and deal with them TOGETHER. 

So, in a nutshell- the year before I met B was a whirlwind of sad/angry emotions.  I was scared that all dating and marriage was a series of being done bad and you'd eventually have to figure out what the best of the worst there was.  I kind of felt like I was stuck either alone or in a heartless marriage.  And I was opting for single.  But when I met B, my whole inner self changed.  A new outlook on life was born and my heart and soul found it's peace within him.  I wake up every single morning even more thankful than the last for him and thank God for this man.

And since he reads this- I love you babe.  You are my soul mate.  For life.  Can't wait to say I Do with you :)

Week Three:
Over the years, what did you learn you needed in a significant other? 
What did you learn about yourself?

Over the years my ideal needs have changed.  I used to just want the "ideal family" with the house, dog, and 2.5 or whatever that crazy statisic is... but now my needs are so much different.

I need a man who is devoted to me.  I want him to have hobbies and enjoy his alone time and hang with his buddies and have a life outside of me, but I also want to have alone time with him when he devotes himself to me.  And I should do the same for him.  No internet, no cell phones, no nodding through conversations while you are secretly watching the tv.  Just pure time alone to get back to where you started and WHY you started.  Some of my favorite moments with B are when there is no one but just us and conversation. 

I need a man who loves to be himself around me.  I love when B does things that he wouldn't do in front of anyone else.  He tells me things I know he'd be embarrassed to tell others.  He is just HIMSELF around me and I love the raw him. 

I need a man who needs me.  Now, don't take me wrong with this statement.  I fully expect B to hold us his end of the household things and know he will.  But I want a man who needs me to help him make sure his clothes are done, make sure his favorite shirt is ready for our date night that weekend, to make sure his meals are cooked, to make sure there is tea in the fridge.  I just simply want a man who needs me in his life to make a marriage work TOGETHER.

I need a man who loves family time.  B and I have both have great families and I need someone who understands that sometimes we have to sacrifice a date night to go see a ballgame or beauty pageant.  Thankfully, B, is very family centered. 

Well, honestly I could go on and on.. but I'll stop here.  I just need a man who I can depend on and who can depend on me.

I just simply cannot wait for October 12, 2013! :)


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Hi friends! 

Do I ever have something special for you today!! 

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I am SO glad that it's Wednesday! 

I'm loving...
This little lady!  Even when she wears goofy glasses! LOL

I'm loving...
that B is so sweet to me sometimes that I feel like I need to pinch myself! 

I'm loving..
My sweet furbabies!

I'm loving...
That me and Bryce seem to be the teeth gang! LOL ;)

I'm loving...
Spending time with the kiddos! ;) 

What are you loving??
Ps.- The Valentine's Pillow winners are in!  Karen Nahas and Becca Moss- Be sure and look for an email from me today! :)  Congrats!
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Better Life. {Giveaway!}

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Honesty is appreciated.

Blah Blah Blah..

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I feel BLAH.  I really am physically TIRED of sneezing and taking medicine.  I'm longing for some warm weather. 

If you don't know and can't tell- I hate winter.

So today, to brighten my spirits I just thought I'd post a funny one.  Maybe someone else needs it today too!

That's all I got today loves!  Enjoy!

Oh and don't forget to enter my giveaway for two lucky ladies to win one of three designs shown on my blog.  Details here!
And come back Thursday for another surprise! ;)

And another thing.. go read my friend Kendahl's blog today.  I love every line of it.  And I couldn't agree more.  There are SO many times I wish neither B nor I had a cell phone because I just want to communicate with him without "the latest on facebook" interrupting!!! GO GIRL!!!!