Kindred Spirits..

OKkkkkkay.  Normally I have my posts scheduled out for the entire week but this week I slacked.  I was writing the next day's post every single night this week.  I really can't handle it.  I'm a big planner.  Like I like to plan things waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy in advance to the point where people will look at me like I'm an idiot.  Oh well.. That's just me! :)

So, today I'm sitting at work & catching up blog reading,  I mean I was working... ha!  Who am I kidding?  I blog at work.  *shh!*

All is a pretty normal day, I read my blog besties.. I look through my Google Reader deciding which ones were catching my eye, and then I found Hallie.

Now, I have been following Hallie for awhile, but today was different.  Today's post just sparked some major interest to me.  So I left her a comment, and her sweet self replied!  After a couple of e-mails, we graduated to text, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't STILL sitting here at 9:00 smiling.  This girl is my kindred spirit.

Hallie blogs over at Life: Oceanside and if you don't follow her, then I like COMMAND you go do that right now.  This is your permission to exit my blog. :)  I've had a ball today going back and reading some older posts of hers and getting to know her.  I just wish I'd realized how great she is earlier, but that's okay. A new friendship has bloomed!

I'm not going to go into big details since her wedding is March 30 and mine is October 12 and we are using A LOT of the same ideas, but let's just say I think we were meant to be friends.  We were (literally!) finishing each other's sentences!  And I even think P & B would be okay.  Hallie and I can sit them in front of a football game and go do girlie fun things! :) ha!

I'm so excited to get to know Hallie even better!  Blogging is SUCH a wonderful environment for meeting great women who share your likes/dislikes in life.  I'm so thankful for it today! 


  1. Seriously, this post just made my day!

    You are beyond sweet and I am sooo happy we found each other through the blogging world!

    So excitedddd to get to know you bettter:):):):)


  2. You are the sweetest thing ever. Muah!


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