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This morning was a life changing morning.  I went with B and his side of the family to take his  little brother, Ben, to catch a plane for basic training with the Army.  Words are never enough in moments like this to express how PROUD I am of Ben.  

I think it takes a special person to voluntarily walk into a life with the military, but Ben has a driven personality that is good for that.  I know he will do well in every step of this part of his journey.

We will get to go visit him in October sometime.  I know the whole family has a countdown until that day now.  And it will be nice to see him. I've thought about it a lot today since we left him and I really do pray God watches over him as he learns more about himself in a matter of months than it takes some people a lifetime to do.  

His eye will be opened to new, sometimes exciting things, and at other moments his heart will break for those he loves back at home.  Regardless of which mood he is in, God will have his back and guide him through the best & worst of days. 

Commitment to our military is not for everyone.  I'm eight years older than Ben and can't fathom the idea of it, but he was excited.  From the bottom of my heart I am proud of those with the mindset to do these type of things.

And I am more than honored to say I personally know one and will one day call him my brother in law.  

We love you Ben.  
&  Can't wait to see you in October!! 
&&  Bring you HOME in December!!


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Today I'm linking up at Living in the Moment.  This morning I got to work, opened up Google Reader and ran across this blog post.  And I just smiled.

She posted this picture in her post, and it just struck me this morning.

Amber was talking about Negativity and how it can effect you.  And think about it, she is so right.  If you wake up in a bad mood, roll into work and spit off something bad to a co-worker then that's going to put them in a sour mood and just spiral from there. 

I know I've done it before, we all have.  I think every once in awhile we just need a bad mood to realize how good we truly do have it.  But not daily.  And I know people who thrive on daily gripes. 

On another note, I kind of thought about B and myself when I read this.  In the beginning of our relationship B was worried how people would see our relationship since it happened so quickly and the whole time I was sitting and thinking about how much I didn't care.  But I guess I did in a way because it fired me up to think people found it any of their business to discuss OUR relationship. 

So this kind of made me think of that this morning.  How sometimes you just need to do what YOU know is best, and make the best out of every situation.  Even when it's one you want to crawl in a hole and die because of. 

No one "enjoys" negativity.  But we are all guilty of it from time to time. 

So thanks, Amber, for posting this today.  I think it kind of hit home with me to just appreciate the good things in life and not worry about what others think/say about me or anyone I'm close to.  That's THEIR judgement to deal with one day. 

So, want to link up with Amber?

Happy Monday, loves! :)


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I've been neglecting this blog, big time.  And I'm sorry.  I guess I'm like most of you whose blogs I read and have been in a "blog funk" with nothing to talk about. 
Well, I have things TO talk about, I've just had a problem finding time to write up these posts.  But I'm working on that. 

Today I just wanted to touch base and show you a little of what's been going on around my neck of the woods...

Jenna's 2nd Birthday has came and gone now.  But beforehand, like all pretty girls, she had to go to the hair salon! =)  This was from her first ever trip!  I didn't get to go, but mom said she did fantastic.  And she was excited to show me her "pretty hair" after I got off work!

Sneak peek- Jenna's party!  Post coming soon! =)  Hard to believe my little angel is two.

We have spent a lot of time outside, playing with chalk and taking pictures.  Nothing better than summer months and getting to spend time outside making precious memories. 

Yes, it's really as big as it looks.  This is my mom's birthday present from my dad.  Yep- today is my Mommy's Birthday!  So give her a big shout out if you will! :)

[Mom, thank you for always being there for me.  You've held my hand every step of the way and always will be my #1 fan through life.  I know you are there whenever I need you as my mother, but as well as my friend.  I appreciate all you've ever done for me and all you will do in the future.  You are my best friend and I cherish every moment with you. Here's to a Happy Birthday for you.. ]

We've played dolls..haha! =)

And today this is the picture I woke up to... Yes, my oldest nephew, Kaleb, has his first high school game tonight.  Seeing this brought back so many memories for me of high school and seeing the guys wearing their jerseys on game day.  I cannot believe my baby is old enough to be in high school.  Time just flies..

This weekend will be packed full with the game tonight, Mom's bday celebration, dad's tractor pull tomorrow, and our last double date with Ben & Lindsey before he leaves. So expect some posts coming soon!
& Have a Fantastic Weekend! :)

P.s.- I'm coming up on 90 Followers.  When I hit 100, there's a giveaway!

I know..

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I'm majorly slacking.

I have just been on the go 24/7 it seems like and I haven't had a chance to sit down, edit pictures, and write a post that would make sense.  But life is calming down considerably now.  B's ballgames are over, Jenna's 2nd birthday party has come and gone, and next Tuesday Ben leaves for the Army.  (And yes, these are all things I want to get post done about..)

But just bare with me.  I'm going to work on it some tonight, but just know I'm alive.. and will be back! :)

Oh, and I'm playing with a new design for the blog.  So just lots of goodies coming :)

The King.

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Some of you know, some don't.   I live in the NE part of Mississippi.  On any normal given day, there is a whole of nothing that occurs here.  Or anywhere near here for that matter.

But today, just a little over an hour away there is something happening.

People are celebrating The King.  Yes, Elvis Presley.

August 16th is the 35th anniversary of his death. 

Now, while I'm not just the biggest Elvis fan myself, I do have a great deal of respect for the man.

And I think it's cool he was born 45 minutes away from my house ((Tupelo, MS)), and died a little over an hour away in Memphis, TN.

Anyway, I was looking around at the news today and found this article.. So if you're an Elvis fan, here's a little tidbit.

Another cool link with some photos.. Click here.

Isn't it amazing to still have that kind of effect on people 35 years after your death?  Amazing.

And I thought it would only be fitting to end this with a true Elvis quote..

"Thank you, thank you very much."


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This past Saturday was the tractor pull at Mercer, TN.
B & I had been wanting to take the boys for awhile because we thought they would really enjoy it.

And we were right.

They were SO funny when that first tractor went down the track & had such excitement on their faces.  It made it completely worth it right then.

Here is a few snapshots from the night:

In other news, my dad was also a little excited.

It turns out that we were watching dad's newest toy...

Yes, I'm dead serious.  He and my mom went Monday and picked it up. 
Some of you might be wondering just what that thing even is.. && honestly a few years ago I would have too.

That, my friends, is called an OutLaw.

I know, I know.
[It frightens me too...]

So anyway, dad and B and my brother, Kevin, are all excited about this beauty.  Of course it needs lots of TLC.  As in: A hood made.  A paint job.  Decals carefully placed and spaced. And the biggest of them all....

A name. 

Yes, they name them. 

So, ladies, ny suggestions?  Keep in mind it needs to be manly... and it's probably going to stay somewhere in that color family.. So..c'mon!

Oh, and soon as I get the first video of this baby going down the track, I'll show you what this Outlaw is all about.. Trust me, you will be amazed. 


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I'm not going to lie at all.

This is about all getting me through today.

This week needs to be over, soon.  I'm ready to forget it.

Stay tuned, going to do a real post tonight at home.

Yes, you heard that.  AT HOME.

The laptop came in...


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Ya feel me?

It's one of those days... 

What's on your list?

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Today I'm linking up with Shannon from Page Twenty Two for a Bucket List link up! 

We all have one, wether is be written down or not, a bucket list. 

I think they are great.  They are a way of making you want to see the little beauties in life and experience things that you might not otherwise ever get the chance.  And honestly it feels good to "cross one off."

I have a bucket list.  The tab is up top and some of you might have read it before, but if you haven't, then what are you waiting for??

I can't wait to see what's on YOUR bucket list?

Where I’m at..

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This might be a slow week for me. 
First off, I’m in a blog funk and out of things to talk about.
Second, the things I DO want to talk about are getting their own post and none of that is ready to go, yet.
Third, I’m waiting on my computer to arrive (Still not on Best Buy’s fan list) so I can get back into the swing of things.
I know I’ve slacked ever since coming back from vacation, but I promise I’m not quitting.  In fact, just the opposite.  Hoping once I get to blogging at home that I can make this little baby a little more interesting.
So for those of you who read this, thanks for sticking by.. and hang on just a few more days and I pinky promise I’ll be back in the game!
This week is also going to be busy.. so my blogging will HAVE to be done probably in the wee hours of the mornings. Bare with me. J

Best Buy.. I think not.

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Best Buy is on my bad list.

I ordered a new computer this past Saturday.  I was promised it would be at my house on the 8th. 

Today is the 8th.  Where is my computer?
San Pablo, CA, United States 08/08/2012 2:51 A.M. Departure Scan
08/08/2012 1:27 A.M. Arrival Scan
Fresno, CA, United States 08/07/2012 9:12 P.M. Departure Scan
08/07/2012 5:43 P.M. Origin Scan
United States 08/07/2012 7:07 P.M. Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Obviously it isn't going to make it to Mississippi today. 

And let me make this better...
Tuesday, 08/14/2012, By End of Day

6 days AFTER when she promised I'd have it.  I called customer service last night and the woman told me it was "right on schedule."  

If you know me, you know this isn't the end of this.  Yes, I will wait and get the computer but I am NOT done with my phone calls.  I don't expect to be treated this way when they just got a GOOD bit of money.

So.. here's my thoughts.  This was my first time buying from Best Buy.  And I think it's safe to say it will be my last.  They can kiss my butt. 

I'm excited!

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I had a good weekend!

Not that the others have been bad, but it was just more normal I guess.  Friday night B and I ate a quick dinner I threw together (but turned out awesome, right babe?) and then we went to Walmart and Lowe's.  This had became a regular thing for us on Fridays nights prior to vacation so we picked it right back up! LOL

We also went by and visited with B's mom.  The daycare she works at was having a sleepover for the boys and two of his nephews were involved so we went by to crash the party a few.  Whew, those boys were WILLLLLLD.  But it was cute watching them all run around with their little gym shorts on and acting like "big boys." ha!  Little do they know what the world has in store for them in their futures.. ha!

After that we went back home and went to bed fairly early.  We are becoming such old people.  But that's okay with me.  Saturday morning I got up and fixed his coffee and he left for work.  I got dressed and went shopping with Mom for Jenna's upcoming birthday.  We ended up getting her several presents and just had a good day out and about together.   We haven't really gotten to do that much lately so it was nice. 

B and I chilled at my parents' house that night with my brother, sister in law, and Jenna.  Then we came home and just relaxed.  Sunday...Oh Sunday.  I was useless.  ha!  But I did end up finding a new show that I liked.  It's probably been out awhile, but Swamp Brothers.  It had me cracking up and I seriously sat there and watched like 6 episodes in a row, hahah!  I was trying to tell B about it last night and apparently it's funnier when you watch it yourself because he didn't laugh at what I thought was so funny, ha!  #fail.

Last night was the Children's Choir show at their church.  This is the same show they performed while we were on vacation.  It was SOOOO good and I'm proud of Blake and Bryce.  They did amazing jobs!

Now.. in other exciting news.  I am finally going to be able to do more with little ole blog... I ordered a computer this past Saturday during the shopping trip and it should be here Wednesday!! So I might just change the look at this blog a bit when I get the new computer and get some time!!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday! :)

The beach life..

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As promised... my favorite pictures from the trip!  My precious man & myself...

Let me add...B was a trooper during all these photos. He said he would have stood there for 1,000 more if that's what I had wanted since this was our first trip.  What a great man!

Bet he don't say that when we have engagement pictures taken... ha!!!

B, thank you for an absolutely amazing trip.  We had a blast and you were a perfect gentleman.  I never expected anything less of you though.  You truly know how to make a woman feel special and I am forever grateful to God for allowing such a man to walk into my life when I most needed you. 

Getting to walk hand in hand with you along the shore and sit and watch a moon shine down on us was and always will be a favorite moment of mine.  Again, that was just God giving us another sign that He put you and I together and we should always be thankful for His blessings. 

Thank you allowing me into such a gracious and understanding family that will forever be in our lives and hopefully get to see our family grow as we have children one day.  Thank you for being the man they led you to be.  You serve your God and family well.  And I will be more than honored one day to call you my husband.

I love you with all of my heart and soul. 

2012 Vacay!

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I'd be lying if I said this vacation was anything short of awesome! B and myself had an incredible time with his family, and with each other.  It was so nice to be away from work and for the most part, our phones, and just enjoy each other.  And let's not over look the view.  Jeez, how I would l-o-v-e to wake up to that every single morning.  Ahh, pure bliss.
We started off the day with two packed vans that my baby rented for the family to use on the trip.  There was literally like a wall behind our seats- a wall of suitcases.  Ha!

We made a few stops on the way down for lunch and just some stretching (my stupid back problems get in the way during things like this!).  But I think we all appreciated a good stretch of the legs. 

Once we got to the beach, us ladies went grocery shopping and then I was pretty much pooped so I went to bed fairly early.  Actually we went to bed kind of early all week.  I think we were all enjoying the extra rest time. 

The week consisted of lots of lazy times, the boys boogie boarding at the beach while us girls laid out, fun at the track, putt putt golf, seeing a movie, shopping, and eating some fabulous food! Take a look yourself..

B and I got to enjoy some late night walks on the beach where we really opened up our hearts to each other even more than we ever have.  And one particular night on the balcony when we both ended up needing a box of tissue.  It is just such a joy to know this man is in my life and to hear him verbally express the same feelings that I know I have within my heart is just purely God's grace for us.  No other explanation on how my life can in such a short amount of time be everything I've ever wished for.  Thank you, God. 

Of course there were other pictures besides the ones of fun stuff.  B and I wanted to make this a special year and get some really great pictures of himself and me.  And you all know I'll be using some of these at our wedding, so hence the major importance.  We did picture night two separate nights.  Thursday night was our pink outfits, which I think turned out fantastic!  And then Friday night was the full family pictures and B and I got to end up taking some more couple pictures since we matched pretty well that night too.  (And that was by complete accident!)

I know I brag a lot on B and how much he changed my life, but the part I don't tell enough is how his family has changed my life as well.  From the very beginning they were on board with B and me to become something great.  I just really think it radiated from us that we were going to be a power couple.  And I truly see us that way.  But his family welcomed me into their lives with open arms and huge smiles.  His mom tells me weekly how excited she is and how blessed she feels to have someone like me in their family and that she is so gracious to God that I have a family that they too can interact with and we can all be one big, strong unit.  I think it's great.

His sister allowed me to be around her kids early into our relationship and that spoke volumes to me.  She had already told those kids who I was and they knew my name.  Allowing a "stranger" to come inside your family circle with no certainty that they will remain took a chance on her part.  And I am forever grateful for that.  Blake, Bryce, and Brad are my own nephews now.  I don't see them as "his nephews".  They are just simply "ours" now.  And I love every single second of it.  For them to text me, hug me, and ask for me by name when I'm not in the room just melts this gal's heart.  And that's the exact type of family I wanted to one day end up in.  How blessed am I?

This vacation was particularly special to the family because B's little brother, Ben, leaves for bootcamp in the Army in just a few short weeks.  So everyone was trying to get in some time with Ben and make some memories for him to hold on to while he is away.  And some cute pictures for all of us back home to look at and know there is a great member of this family out there fulfilling his childhood dreams and we have someone to be proud of by name. 

It was really nice for me to get to experience Ben in this way.  B loves his brother and would do anything in the world for him.  They are best friends and I know how much they mean to each other.  You can see that just looking at them.  Ben is still in college and working and so to get away for a week and get some time to get to know him even better was wonderful to me.  

The whole group just made me feel welcomed.  I admit, I was nervous awhile back about going into this family vacation for the first time as still the "new girl" to the family, but it was nothing short of great.  Hope I get to make many, many more trips with this family. 

Speaking of this family, how about some family photos... 

Can't you tell I had an amazing week?

Now, I know you are wondering, or you should be, where the pictures of just me and the honey are.  Don't fret my loves- yours truly is working on a post displaying just that.  I'm very excited to show these off, so keep posted- they are coming up asap!