This morning was a life changing morning.  I went with B and his side of the family to take his  little brother, Ben, to catch a plane for basic training with the Army.  Words are never enough in moments like this to express how PROUD I am of Ben.  

I think it takes a special person to voluntarily walk into a life with the military, but Ben has a driven personality that is good for that.  I know he will do well in every step of this part of his journey.

We will get to go visit him in October sometime.  I know the whole family has a countdown until that day now.  And it will be nice to see him. I've thought about it a lot today since we left him and I really do pray God watches over him as he learns more about himself in a matter of months than it takes some people a lifetime to do.  

His eye will be opened to new, sometimes exciting things, and at other moments his heart will break for those he loves back at home.  Regardless of which mood he is in, God will have his back and guide him through the best & worst of days. 

Commitment to our military is not for everyone.  I'm eight years older than Ben and can't fathom the idea of it, but he was excited.  From the bottom of my heart I am proud of those with the mindset to do these type of things.

And I am more than honored to say I personally know one and will one day call him my brother in law.  

We love you Ben.  
&  Can't wait to see you in October!! 
&&  Bring you HOME in December!!


  1. That is so awesome!! Thank you, Ben!! I totally agree that it takes someone special to do that!!


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