On a slow note..

I am so glad to be posting and getting back into the "normal" scheme of things again.  B and I have been on the road, on the go, and not stopping much in between.  It is time for a break, to say the least.  

This past Thursday night we had our first "normal" Thursday night in forever.  Some of you might not know, but Thursdays have always been mine and B's night.  We met on a Thursday and it kind of went from there.  He comes over, I cook, and he stays the night every Thursday night.  It's our tradition.  

And somehow in all this craziness we've managed to keep him here, but not necessarily with me cooking.  Ballgames were a big reason that got off the normal routine.  But since all that is over, we are back.  And this past Thursday night we had one of our favorites.  I thought I'd try something new and start blogging about the recipes I try. (Thank you Pinterest!) But first, just my own... 

It has no name, but this is it:

And let me tell you, I'm no chef.  I like to cook, and actually am growing to like it more and more, but this one is easy peasy, ladies.  

Here's a look at the ingredients!

It is "man- tested" around here and I got a thumbs up!  It's perfect for a quick dinner night!  We normally throw it together with some garlic bread and some mac & cheese!  Yumm!!! 

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