The Curse..

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in my bathroom.

Say what? 

Well last week my curling iron died.... and I thought I was going to die with it.

Today-  flat iron. 

I'm a little scared...

Oh and I still don't have Pinterest at work.  So I'm not sure what to do to comfort myself.

Other than shop for these two.............

Come Inside...

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Yes ,it is that time...

I have been trying to force myself to do this for quite some time now.  I keep telling myself "When I get this or that done, I'll do it.." but the truth is.  I will always be wanting to do "this or that" and now is a good a time as any to show my little piece of this world off.

When I moved back to my hometown in 2008, I had full intentions on buying a house instead of living with mom & dad until Prince Charming came along, or renting.  I had been renting in Oxford and I didn't see a reason to throw any more money out the window when it could be going for something I will one day own.  So, the house search began.

As a first time homeowner all the things about houses excited me.  The possibilites were endless and I was like a kid in a candy store who was all hyped up on life.  I ate, slept, lived thinking about my future house and what it would look like/be like.  

Then reality came and I realized that it's a ruthless world out there.  Nothing is as easy as picking a house and just signing for it.  There are SO many other things to take into consideration.  And lucky for me I have wonderful parents' who were there for the whole trip with me and helped guide me where I needed to go.  

I knew where I didn't want to live, but other than that I was pretty open as far as location goes.  But I started looking around where I grew up (and my parents' still live) since I knew the area so well and it wouldn't be as big of a change for me being on my own for the first time.

I found a house that was just oh so cute outside, scheduled a meeting to view the house, got inside... & hated it.  This was first real taste of what looking for a house is like.  The outside can be SO appealing and get inside and it is seriously everything you do NOT want.   Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.  And no, I don't mean this house wasn't workable.  Trust me, I even tried to visualize it made by me.. and it still sucked.  In fact, the closets were probably the thing that killed it for me.  I'm a girl.  I need closets.  It was a three bedroom house.. with ONE closet.  Um, that doesn't work. 

So... moving on.  I was getting a little depressed/outdone/upset/etc. at the thought of this becoming my pattern in house viewing... but then it happened.  My great aunt called my mother and asked her was I still looking for a house in the neighborhood.  Mom told her yes, and she said she had great news for me.  A lady in her Sunday School class was about to sell a house in the exact neighborhood I wanted. 

This lady was actually selling this house because her mother had died (not in the house, mind you) and she had no need for it.  Nor did her brother.  So we talked on the phone and decided on a time to meet and let me see it.  Now, I've watched (and I'm sure you have too) enough HGTV for the phrase "I just knew" to be a common thing.  I can literally say when I walked in- I KNEW. 

I can't tell you on certain thing, but it was just a mere feeling of "being home" finally.  I walked the house slow, looking in closets, drawers, etc.  I wanted to make sure my feeling was right.  I didn't say anything the whole time walking through, until I got to the last room (my current bedroom) and looked at the closet.   Thank you Jesus, it was a walk-in.  

This house was made for me.

At this point, all excitement had taken over.  I think I was sqealing and pulling on my mom's arm "to look at this and look at that" like a little child would be.  So I told her I was interested and all that talk.  And then she explained that the house was not ready for sell, yet.  

Say whaaaaaaaaaat? :(

Turns out the house had to go through probate (look it up if you don't know what I'm referring to) and so I had to wait 2 months until I could even start the closing process and buying it.   This was some bad news for me, BUT the good thing is that she told me she was NOT putting a For Sale sign in the yard and so it wasn't like I was "competing" for this house.  She and her brother were looking for an easy sell and I was determined this was going to be my house, so the deal was almost sealed (just not legally ha!)

So, then it hit me- I was "homeless" for two months + however long it took to close.  Okay, so I wasn't homeless.  But I was moving out of my apartment in Oxford and I wanted to be moving straight into my own place.  That didn't work out.  So... I moved back into my parents' house.

And I just about went crazy.

I love my parents, I do.  But once you have lived on your own, you just cannot come back.  Suddenly your old bedroom is like a shoebox big enough for a mouse, and if you are anything like me- you own a ton of CRAP that you gotta figure out where to store in the meantime.  Hence, my craziness. ha!

So, fast forward past the living out of boxes & stepping on things that had a newfound permanent home in your floor and it was time for me to start the buying process!  I gotta admit, I was nervous.  I mean, here I was, a single 23 year old buying a house of my own.  I was a little beside myself to say the least.  But the whole process went smoothly.  I actually was one of those dorky people who had a "countdown" on my calendar until Closing Day. 

And then it finally came.  I signed my name and life away and started a new phase of my life.  That was in October of 2008 and here I am just past three years and I am SO happy and pleased with the decisions I made as far as the house and what all it needed done to make it more "me".  Like I said, the list is still there for more "home improvement projects" but it is my little slice of happiness...

So let's take a look!

This is the day I closed... right after I turned the key for the first time! :)

This is sadly one of the only pictures of my house, outside view, from the beginning.
Since this is probably going to get picture heavy, I am going to spend some time on each room and take it that way.  Hope you enjoy my house tour! :)  Be sure and check back soon!  I'm currently working on each room's transformation posts! :)

Project mania!

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Oh what a sweet man I have in my life....

I have mentioned before that I have a list of things I want done around the house. (And if I have failed to make mention of this list, then please be aware it is coming soon. I am thinking do it combined with the House Tour, opinions?)

Well, again, since I am so blessed with a fabulous man in my life- he helped me with a small project.

I have a picture of the "before" but I am still having computer issues and can't get ahold of that picture, just yet.   So just imagine my little stool with a tan cloth seat... and then see a big ruined oily spot on the cover. 


Thanks to my dad for the spot. Oh, and here is a tip: Never spill a Bath & Body Works wallflower.. It WILL be painful, no matter how much you like the smell- HA!

And it was Margarita- and you all know how much I like the Margarita... So yes, my feelings got hurt.

But I stuck this baby out in the shed and let it "air out" and then I dug in my fabric bin (while B called me Martha) and found this funky pattern that matched my bathroom well enough.

You see this little jewel is where I lay my towel and clothes while I am in the shower. So it was necessary that it come back. :)

YAY again for an awesome boyfriend to the rescue!

Freaking out..

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Like REALLY freaking out...

Cassie emails me this morning and it reads, "OMG have you tried to get on Pinterest?"

Now, that is just NOT the kind of words I wanted to hear first thing- but yes.  Pinterest is now with Facebook in the land of blocked.... and me and Cassie are dying.  I actually told her I might hang myself down here from lack of boredom again.  

BUT, in good news- B stayed with me again last night.  He is off on vacation this week so he has stayed at my house every night so far, and I aboslutely LOVE having him there. It is so nice to get to enjoy him all the way until bedtime and then wake up to him there.  I know, I know.  You want to vomit now. 

Vomit.  :)

I cooked again last night (enchiladas) after I got my hair layered (it was driving me insane).  And again he offered to help with the clean up, and he took the trash out and helped me straighen up.  He is such an angel.  And I know what you are thinking.. "It won't last" but I do think it will.  B says he is "domesticated" hahah!  So I got a good man all the way around!

After dinner we ran down to my parents' house for me to drop off my W2 to daddy (and get some $$$ back haha) and talk to them for a bit before we sped back home in time for Teen Mom to come on.  Yes, we are addicted to Teen Mom, don't hate.  It really is a good show. 

Speaking of good shows, we watched Caged Monday night. (Apparently we really like Mtv.. haha.) and that show made me cry like three times!  It is kind of the "teen mom" guy version, except these dudes are trying to be fighters.  It really is good, but the reason I cried is because one of them lost his girlfriend and gosh, it is just too sad for emotional roller-coaster me to be handling. 

Anyway, during our Teen Mom period last night I was trying to get the laundry caught up too and I got out a load of towels and brought them to the bedroom to finish up watching too.  And he shocked me once again.. he helped me fold the freaking towels.. and HE put them up. 

Pretty sure he could see the look of complete shock on my face, again.

If this is a bad joke, someone pinch me now.  Because this man continues to show me what a good and perfect match he is for me.  *Love is currently oozing out of me..*

And as if all that wasn't sweet enough, HE got up this morning (and remember, HE is off work..) and made my coffee and went and got me breakfast.

God love him.  :)

And since I know he will read this at some point-  I LOVE YOU B! :)

Now, I am going to "get back to work" and by that I mean freaking out about Pinterest...


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Well... he did it again.

B amazed me.

Last night I cooked (shocker I know) and after we were done eating, HE helped clean up the kitchen.  I think he could see the shock on my face too ha! I just am so truly blessed to have been the girl that this man chose to spend his life with from now on. 

I have had my share (and then some) of the jerks of the world- and payoff is SWEET this time around!

I'm in SUCH a loving mood today..


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I am STILL in a picture mess people.

Someone rescue me!!!!!!!!!!

Lack of me.

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I am alive...

But remember when I promised to get those pictures up and running?

Well, I lied.  I am working on it but I am having MAJOR computer problems so I am working off the one at work.. Shh! And I have fell into a MAJOR picture overload..

Bare with me.  They are coming.

And once they do- I'll be back strong.


Friday: The 13th.

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Do you believe in the bad luck curse of today? Or not?

Personally, I don't.  I've never had anything bad happen to me on Fri. 13th, welllllll... except a ticket... but I don't want to discuss that ;)...

I just think it's too funny how people get all caught up in the fact that today is supposedly such bad luck and whatnot.. 

So.. what is everyone's plans this weekend?  Mine is going to be pretty easy going.  I am going to hang with my man tonight (yaaaay!!! =) ) and then head over to Peyton and TJ's birthday party tomorrow!  I'm thinking about taking Jenna with me and let her get out with her favorite aunt (haha!) And then, of course, Sunday is church and laziness.  It all sounds like a good plan to me :)

I think Jenna and I will have a little me and her day :)  I'm sure pictures are coming.  OH and I plan on getting those other pictures on those posts just sitting here... PROMISE! :)

Everyone have a fabulous weekend! :) 


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Be sure and go link up with Jamie today! :)

I'm loving... That I finally got all my "loose" recipes in a binder. And now they aren't all over the place. 

Maybe I will cook more now, ??
I'm loving... that I am starting my day off with this baby.. Need I say more?

I'm loving... this rainy weather, for today.  Don't get me wrong though, I am MORE than ready for summer to be here.

I'm loving... some of my Pinterest finds for this week..
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image
Pinned Image

Everyone have a blessed day! :)

"A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her."
- Marilyn Monroe

Kayla: the raw edition.

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                 Pinned Image

Yeah, so I saw this on Pinterest this morning and it spoke to me.  Ever had a quote SPEAK to you?  Well, if so then you know the exact thing I am talking about right now.

Re-read it.  It might be true for some of you too.  I admit that I look too much into things.  I get my feelings hurt too easy.  I wear my heart on my sleeve.  I am easily hurt. 

But that doesn't mean it gives me the right to just fall apart when things don't go "my way." Or how I saw them going.

Life is going to throw you some lemons and some bad days.  It isn't about the lemons.. it's about what you do with them. 

I've had a rough last (this going on two) days and I'm stopping it... right now.  And here is the kicker: there is nothing wrong with my life. I have the best family, friends, boyfriend, dogs, etc. that a girl can ask for.  But I'm in a slump. 

And by golly I'm digging my way out. 

Because being in a slump isn't my style.  It is just that fabulous (sarcastic moment) part of my month and I HATE feeling this way.  And it happens every month.  Emotions go to soaring and I am a basketcase. 

I have not slept the last two nights and I'm assuming that's why.  I lay there and think of a million STUPID things.  Like last night I thought how I could rearrange the drive thru at work.  WHO DOES THAT!?!?!

Can someone please pray I get some sleep, like actual GOOD sleep, tonight? :)

Prettttty please.  Because I'm getting on my own nerves and I'm sure everyone else's too.


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Okay.  I'm a little upset at the moment. 

I have several posts ready to be published but I can't because I don't have the pictures added.

For some reason this computer doesn't want to play nice today and let me upload them.

So until then friends... I'm on the boring side of things.

And in other news...

It's Monday.

And I could use of these...

Any takers?

Fill In The Blank

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Jump over and link up with Lauren!

1.   One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is     lounge on my couch with the dogs and watch a good movie or read a good book   .

2.   When I have free time I tend to    get on Facebook or Pinterest, ha!     .

3.  If I had an entire day completely to myself I would    sleep in (as in past 7) then wake up and fix coffee and be lazy.  Then I would get ready and go browse around town and just go at a slow, slow pace.  I feel like I am always on the run so I would def take my time.. mingling     .

4.  I would prefer to spend my free time (alone or with others...)    both.  I really like SOME alone time, but usually I perfer a handful of people to be with    .

5.  Most of my free time happens    Sunday afternoons, nap time  .

6.  The best thing about free time is    it is MINE!  .

7.  The next time I have free time I should probably    work on some of those home projects..   but instead, I'll probably     get on Pinterest and pin more things I'll never do. :)  .

In a blank state of mind..

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Two days in a row. 

Are you shocked yet?

Well, don't be.  I'm not really blogging today.

In fact, I'm reading blogs instead of writing.  And I just checked and I have 164 more entries to read before I am "caught up" on you lovely ladies..

By the way, I started using Google Reader... today.  And at first I admit I wanted to cuss and punch the thing, but then I think we have made up and we are friends now.  However, for anyone that DOES use it.. can you comment straight from the reader or do you have to open the actual blog?  I'm probably overlooking it, but if I'm not... then Google, fix this.

And the reason I'm reading all your blogs first is because I'm looking for some inspiration for some new topics.. so if I steal one from your page.. just go with it.  :)

Oh, and ask me some questions or something.. I need some topics ladies..

Peace, beeshes :)

Already 2012..?

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Okay.  My apologizes for the absence.  I truly have made one of my goals (since I am terrible at "resolutions") is that I will become a better blogger.  Mark my word.  I am even going to start thinking up some topics and writing them in my famous planner.  This should help, yes?

Okay, before I can carry on with this year's agenda.. I must do a recap of the end of my 2011. And since I left off on Kaleb's bday...  

Christmas 2011- I was lucky enough this year to get off extra time for Christmas to get my house ready for the family get together.  You see, my house is always the Christmas meeting spot.  When I closed on my house three years ago (Gosh, where has time went!?) I wanted to have my very first Christmas there.. and now it is the tradition.  While it kind of makes me nervous since I don't have the biggest house, and I'm not used to that many people in my house (along with my huge LEANING ((more on this in a minute)) tree) it is still fun and I'm glad to have my family around for a little while just enjoying each other. 

Well, like I said... I work at a bank as some of you know and we were lucky enough to close at 2:00 on Friday Dec. 23 so I had the rest of that day and then the entire Christmas Eve to get prepared since my festivities didn't begin until 7:00.  We usually stick to 6:00 at my house, but since B is a part of my family now, and he had other family obligations to be at, I pushed mine back a whole hour so we were sure he would make it.  Yes, I love my B.

I wish I had a picture of the spread of food.  (More on that in a minute too!)  But I sadly don't.  When I'm hosting something at the house I tend to forget to actually capture the moments because I'm being a mama hen and trying to make sure everyone is taken care of, ha!  But the spread was good and we all had a fabulous time!

Christmas 2011 w/ Mom and Dad

Best shot I have, once again.. No pictures..
Mama's Christmas furbabies!
My oldest child.. haha!
Well, that's about all the pictures I have from Christmas Eve.  I am hoping to get copies of everything my sister in law took, and then maybe I'll show those off too! :)

Well, once my family was gone, B and I decided to have "our" Christmas together that night.  We had already agreed to not do it with either side of our family since we wanted it to be just us.  So we were both gathering our gifts to start our little merry Christmas and then it happened. 

What, you say...

Well.. the Christmas tree fell on me. 

Yes. You read it right.  It fell.  ON ME.
Crappy Iphone picture..
Okay, you have to look close, but there is a piece of TWINE holding my freaking tree up. 

Fabulous Redneck Christmas special.

Okay, back story on this.  When I was decorating my tree this year, I knew it felt a little "odd" but I thought I had overloaded it with ornaments since I added some different touches to it this year.  So I removed some and it still didn't get better.  I warned my family about touching the tree, that if it fell.. to run for your life.  They all laughed.  I was dead serious and with good reason. So the night before at my house I was trying to be responsible and I moved ALL the presents out from under the tree and grouped them by family.  I know this sounds dorky and while yes I fit that bill.. It was clearly to save my life from the scary falling tree. 

Well my plan worked and my tree survived Christmas with the family.. BUT when B and I sat down to get our presents out... well there she came.  All I could hear was him making strange noises in the background and I looked up to a sea of green/burnt orange/and gold coming at me.  Luckily, B saved me and caught it before it absolutely trampled me down.  But still.. there we were- both of us holding onto the tree that was NOT going to stand on it's own.

You see earlier in the night when I told my family about the tree, my brother made fun of me and told me I could tie it to the cieling. Sooooo..when the tree fell, I did what a smart girl does and takes the brotherly advice-I got the twine.  Thank God for there being a hook in my cieling (I dont know why??) and us being able to save the tree without a room full of disaster!

Well, once the tree was secured to the cieling (okay that just sounds ODD...) B and I went ahead with our gift exchange.  I think he was happy with what I got for him, or at least he acted happy! haha.  But more importantly I have to brag on my man.  He got me a gift certificate to Victoria Secret, which I swear is more for his benefit than mine, but still all smiles... and you ready?....

A NEW FREAKING CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama is back in the house with her pictures.  I guess anyone who has 2000 pictures on their IPHONE needs a camera, right? :)  Well daddy delivered and mama is happy.  SOOO happy.
I haven't gotten those pictures uploaded to this computer yet, so that's on my "to do" list (that really is lying here by me..).  Anyway, it is a FABULOUS camera and I'm pretty pumped about getting to really use it.  So far I keep forgetting I have it in my purse since I've went so freaking long without one.. that and there is nothing to take pictures of but my dogs.. and God bless them.. they hate me getting on a picture rant.. haha.

And then there was the funny gift from the man..
You see, lovies, this man of mine thinks that MSU is the best.. and his woman begs to differ.  So we are and always will be a house divided.   But yes, this tag really is going on my Jeep.  I love him.. can you tell? :)   Anyway, it was FUNNY when I opened the box and saw this.  He sure got me with this one. haha.  Boy keeping a girl on her toes :)

The next day was B's family Christmas.  I should mention that this was the first Christmas I have been to or had anyone at my own in 6 years.  So this was a big deal to me.  But his family is awesome and I had a lot of fun watching them all enjoy their family time!!! So blessed to be a part of it now.  And I got some super good goodies from them too.  I'm still excited about it all!!!

Now, I gotta take a second and pass along some pictures of my sweet girl that my sister law sent me of Jenna.
Remember the Dora kitchen I purchased... here ya go! :)

Love this kid.
I just have to take a second right here and brag on what kind of fabulous end to 2011 I had.  Those that know me IRL or have followed me long enough to see, know I have been through some serious heartache this past year.  But I also got to experience some wonderful memories and some life changing trips.  A special thanks for Mert for that special talk we had in Florida that finally assured me of letting a certain bad situation go.  And another special thanks to Tammy for being the one to encourage me to take a chance of faith and talk to a complete stranger.  That man has evolved into the man I hope to spend the rest of my life enjoying. 

So, 2011 was crazy/dramatic/life learning... it was all worth it to end up where I am right now. 

So that brings me to 2012.  B and I spent the NYE eating pizza and watching Moonshiners on tv.. and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  I got my new years kiss and I got to start this year off with the man of my dreams..

I am living the fairly tale now.  Good luck bringing me down..

CHEERS TO 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!