Come Inside...

Yes ,it is that time...

I have been trying to force myself to do this for quite some time now.  I keep telling myself "When I get this or that done, I'll do it.." but the truth is.  I will always be wanting to do "this or that" and now is a good a time as any to show my little piece of this world off.

When I moved back to my hometown in 2008, I had full intentions on buying a house instead of living with mom & dad until Prince Charming came along, or renting.  I had been renting in Oxford and I didn't see a reason to throw any more money out the window when it could be going for something I will one day own.  So, the house search began.

As a first time homeowner all the things about houses excited me.  The possibilites were endless and I was like a kid in a candy store who was all hyped up on life.  I ate, slept, lived thinking about my future house and what it would look like/be like.  

Then reality came and I realized that it's a ruthless world out there.  Nothing is as easy as picking a house and just signing for it.  There are SO many other things to take into consideration.  And lucky for me I have wonderful parents' who were there for the whole trip with me and helped guide me where I needed to go.  

I knew where I didn't want to live, but other than that I was pretty open as far as location goes.  But I started looking around where I grew up (and my parents' still live) since I knew the area so well and it wouldn't be as big of a change for me being on my own for the first time.

I found a house that was just oh so cute outside, scheduled a meeting to view the house, got inside... & hated it.  This was first real taste of what looking for a house is like.  The outside can be SO appealing and get inside and it is seriously everything you do NOT want.   Needless to say, I was a little disappointed.  And no, I don't mean this house wasn't workable.  Trust me, I even tried to visualize it made by me.. and it still sucked.  In fact, the closets were probably the thing that killed it for me.  I'm a girl.  I need closets.  It was a three bedroom house.. with ONE closet.  Um, that doesn't work. 

So... moving on.  I was getting a little depressed/outdone/upset/etc. at the thought of this becoming my pattern in house viewing... but then it happened.  My great aunt called my mother and asked her was I still looking for a house in the neighborhood.  Mom told her yes, and she said she had great news for me.  A lady in her Sunday School class was about to sell a house in the exact neighborhood I wanted. 

This lady was actually selling this house because her mother had died (not in the house, mind you) and she had no need for it.  Nor did her brother.  So we talked on the phone and decided on a time to meet and let me see it.  Now, I've watched (and I'm sure you have too) enough HGTV for the phrase "I just knew" to be a common thing.  I can literally say when I walked in- I KNEW. 

I can't tell you on certain thing, but it was just a mere feeling of "being home" finally.  I walked the house slow, looking in closets, drawers, etc.  I wanted to make sure my feeling was right.  I didn't say anything the whole time walking through, until I got to the last room (my current bedroom) and looked at the closet.   Thank you Jesus, it was a walk-in.  

This house was made for me.

At this point, all excitement had taken over.  I think I was sqealing and pulling on my mom's arm "to look at this and look at that" like a little child would be.  So I told her I was interested and all that talk.  And then she explained that the house was not ready for sell, yet.  

Say whaaaaaaaaaat? :(

Turns out the house had to go through probate (look it up if you don't know what I'm referring to) and so I had to wait 2 months until I could even start the closing process and buying it.   This was some bad news for me, BUT the good thing is that she told me she was NOT putting a For Sale sign in the yard and so it wasn't like I was "competing" for this house.  She and her brother were looking for an easy sell and I was determined this was going to be my house, so the deal was almost sealed (just not legally ha!)

So, then it hit me- I was "homeless" for two months + however long it took to close.  Okay, so I wasn't homeless.  But I was moving out of my apartment in Oxford and I wanted to be moving straight into my own place.  That didn't work out.  So... I moved back into my parents' house.

And I just about went crazy.

I love my parents, I do.  But once you have lived on your own, you just cannot come back.  Suddenly your old bedroom is like a shoebox big enough for a mouse, and if you are anything like me- you own a ton of CRAP that you gotta figure out where to store in the meantime.  Hence, my craziness. ha!

So, fast forward past the living out of boxes & stepping on things that had a newfound permanent home in your floor and it was time for me to start the buying process!  I gotta admit, I was nervous.  I mean, here I was, a single 23 year old buying a house of my own.  I was a little beside myself to say the least.  But the whole process went smoothly.  I actually was one of those dorky people who had a "countdown" on my calendar until Closing Day. 

And then it finally came.  I signed my name and life away and started a new phase of my life.  That was in October of 2008 and here I am just past three years and I am SO happy and pleased with the decisions I made as far as the house and what all it needed done to make it more "me".  Like I said, the list is still there for more "home improvement projects" but it is my little slice of happiness...

So let's take a look!

This is the day I closed... right after I turned the key for the first time! :)

This is sadly one of the only pictures of my house, outside view, from the beginning.
Since this is probably going to get picture heavy, I am going to spend some time on each room and take it that way.  Hope you enjoy my house tour! :)  Be sure and check back soon!  I'm currently working on each room's transformation posts! :)

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