Project mania!

Oh what a sweet man I have in my life....

I have mentioned before that I have a list of things I want done around the house. (And if I have failed to make mention of this list, then please be aware it is coming soon. I am thinking do it combined with the House Tour, opinions?)

Well, again, since I am so blessed with a fabulous man in my life- he helped me with a small project.

I have a picture of the "before" but I am still having computer issues and can't get ahold of that picture, just yet.   So just imagine my little stool with a tan cloth seat... and then see a big ruined oily spot on the cover. 


Thanks to my dad for the spot. Oh, and here is a tip: Never spill a Bath & Body Works wallflower.. It WILL be painful, no matter how much you like the smell- HA!

And it was Margarita- and you all know how much I like the Margarita... So yes, my feelings got hurt.

But I stuck this baby out in the shed and let it "air out" and then I dug in my fabric bin (while B called me Martha) and found this funky pattern that matched my bathroom well enough.

You see this little jewel is where I lay my towel and clothes while I am in the shower. So it was necessary that it come back. :)

YAY again for an awesome boyfriend to the rescue!


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