Freaking out..

Like REALLY freaking out...

Cassie emails me this morning and it reads, "OMG have you tried to get on Pinterest?"

Now, that is just NOT the kind of words I wanted to hear first thing- but yes.  Pinterest is now with Facebook in the land of blocked.... and me and Cassie are dying.  I actually told her I might hang myself down here from lack of boredom again.  

BUT, in good news- B stayed with me again last night.  He is off on vacation this week so he has stayed at my house every night so far, and I aboslutely LOVE having him there. It is so nice to get to enjoy him all the way until bedtime and then wake up to him there.  I know, I know.  You want to vomit now. 

Vomit.  :)

I cooked again last night (enchiladas) after I got my hair layered (it was driving me insane).  And again he offered to help with the clean up, and he took the trash out and helped me straighen up.  He is such an angel.  And I know what you are thinking.. "It won't last" but I do think it will.  B says he is "domesticated" hahah!  So I got a good man all the way around!

After dinner we ran down to my parents' house for me to drop off my W2 to daddy (and get some $$$ back haha) and talk to them for a bit before we sped back home in time for Teen Mom to come on.  Yes, we are addicted to Teen Mom, don't hate.  It really is a good show. 

Speaking of good shows, we watched Caged Monday night. (Apparently we really like Mtv.. haha.) and that show made me cry like three times!  It is kind of the "teen mom" guy version, except these dudes are trying to be fighters.  It really is good, but the reason I cried is because one of them lost his girlfriend and gosh, it is just too sad for emotional roller-coaster me to be handling. 

Anyway, during our Teen Mom period last night I was trying to get the laundry caught up too and I got out a load of towels and brought them to the bedroom to finish up watching too.  And he shocked me once again.. he helped me fold the freaking towels.. and HE put them up. 

Pretty sure he could see the look of complete shock on my face, again.

If this is a bad joke, someone pinch me now.  Because this man continues to show me what a good and perfect match he is for me.  *Love is currently oozing out of me..*

And as if all that wasn't sweet enough, HE got up this morning (and remember, HE is off work..) and made my coffee and went and got me breakfast.

God love him.  :)

And since I know he will read this at some point-  I LOVE YOU B! :)

Now, I am going to "get back to work" and by that I mean freaking out about Pinterest...

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