Mr. & Mrs. White {Part One- The days before.}

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I honestly cannot sit and tell you every little thing that I did in the days leading up the wedding.  My brain was at that point fried beyond recognition and I was running on very little sleep.  Have I mentioned I don't work well with no sleep?  Well, I don't.  I get tired, grumpy, and plain ill.  Then to imagine I still had a long "to do" list looming in those last few precious days.

I worked through Wednesday of the week and looking back I really should have taken Wednesday off too.  I had no idea JUST how much was still left to do.  On a funny note, my mom was off too and she said she thought we were just going to relax on that Thursday and do the running around Friday.  I sure fooled her.  We didn't stop to eat barely, ha!

And as if I didn't have enough things going on in my life at the moment, I knew the dogs needed to go to the vet for some baths.  Well, while there Roxie got some news.  She needed to be on a new medication.  Great, there went another $120.00 out the window.  And I had to rely on my parents to start giving her this new medicine while I was away on my honeymoon.  I felt bad for that, but doctor's orders!

So, back on track, Thursday was completely NUTS running around trying to get things sorted into piles and double checking my lists to make sure I had everything covered.  Oh, and I had to leave and go to my nephew's birthday party in the meantime.  Talk about needing to be more than one place at one time! But finally nightfall came and I crawled into my bed, exhausted.

Friday morning got an early start.  I was up and moving things around and headed to the nail salon by 9:00 AM.  Mom and I waited to get that done until last thing because we both knew we were going to be moving boxes, etc. and didn't want to risk breaking a new nail! *Gasp!*

Then it was time for more running around, however, my maid of honor and her husband pulled into town and really calmed me down.  I admit, I was losing my cool at this point. So with Hillary, Jeff, and Cassie's help, we pulled off getting all there was left to do, and made it to the hotel just in time. 

Now, the hotel I speak of is about ten minutes away from our wedding venue, but it was the closest (decent) place to get dressed for me that morning of, so I decided to spend the night there since I was starting hair and make-up at 7:00 AM.  I was grateful to have the Belmont Hotel, for sure.

Then it was time for the rehearsal... Coming in Part Two.

Look who is back!

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I feel almost weird posting since it's been so long since I was around in Blogland.  I've totally neglected anything blog-related lately.  I apologize.

So, how about for my first day back we play it easy, Okay?

First and foremost, thank you to each and every one of you who text/called/e-mailed/commented/etc. on my wedding day.  It was absolutely the day of my dreams.  Like most women, I had dreamed of that day since I was little girl and to be able to say that the day did not disappoint and it went off just as I had always imagined is a very rewarding feeling.

I think back on those months leading up to the wedding and the times I honestly sat and cried over stress about this or that decision and I almost laugh.  The trivial things I thought would drive me mad are honestly the things I didn't even take a moment to check on or look at during the reception.

Planning a wedding was by far the hardest thing I think I have ever done, but to see your dreams come to life makes it totally worth it.  I have the best friends/families that stepped up when they saw something needed to be fixed/done/etc. and I'm forever grateful for all their help.  I know there will always be things that were done that that I'm unaware of and that means so much to me.

Brian and I had our fairytale day and I can't wait to show off pictures and tell about our amazing honeymoon.  Bare with me as the week goes on I am going to try and get some things up.  But for now- I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! :)

Single Digits

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Well, folks.  I'm still alive I promise but I've been very busy with all the last minute wedding things that have to get done.  But when I woke up this morning, I was in single digits.  We have 9 days until the wedding and I couldn't be more excited/blessed feeling. 

However, with that said, I do have a lot more things to get done/packed/bought before the big day so I wanted to touch base with my readers (if I have any left still!) and let you know that I'm going to be MIA for awhile.  When I return, I'll be a married woman with lots of stories to tell!

This is just a big shout out to all you ladies who have stood there beside me and listened to me from the beginning of Brian and I's relationship all the way through this crazy wedding countdown.   It means more than you know and I wish I could bring you all in for my little wedding!

I really couldn't sit here and tell you a date I will be "back" so I won't do that.  But I do know it will be sometime the week of the 21st after we are back from our honeymoon. 

Do I feel badly about becoming a stranger in the blogging world? Yes.  But do I regret doing it for the sake of soaking in every single minute of my marriage and honeymoon? No.  These are the things my life is about right now.  These are the things I'll be back to share.

Love you all and can't wait to share my stories and pictures with you!  Until Next Time!