Two souls 
but with a single thought,
Two hearts
that beat as one.

The Beginning...

We aren't the typical love story.

July 2011 brought about a major move for both Brian and I.  We were both in hurtful relationships and took the initiative to move on with our lives. Neither one of us expected to find each other, especially fall in love. Neither of us were even looking for a new partner.  But life is funny in that sense. What we got was so much more than either of us could have ever dreamed.  

submitted this post about our love story on our first Valentine's.  You can read that to know the real story on "how we met" and how we came to be the power couple that we are today.  

Now, I will admit that during those first few months of dating, we struggled.  We both were so caught up in the "past" and our own defense mechanisms that we were not used to letting our hearts open fully. During those months, we learned that if this was going to work, at all, then we both needed to change and be open to what God can provide.

We talked out our "past" and vowed to leave it there.  That was the best decision we made for our relationship by far.  After that first "hump," we became inseparable and I can't imagine a day without him in my life.

We got to know each other fast.  The connection was instant.  And it wasn't long before I went on my first ever White Vacation, where Brian so graciously let me enjoy a fabulous photo shoot of the two of us.

The Engagement...

Brian and I had discussed our future plans for awhile before the proposal happened.  We both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other.  We even already had the wedding date picked.  

But that sneaky man of mine had me fooled big time.

The more we talked about "the future" the farther off I thought it was going to start.  I had no idea that he had went with his mother and sister and spent hours (yes, literally!) in the jewelry store finding the perfect ring for me, for us.  

Our first anniversary came and went and I still didn't have a ring.  It was at that point that I told myself to relax and stop getting so caught up in the "ring frenzy."  I wanted to remember the moments that led up to the ring because building a marriage is so much more than how shiny your ring is, (even though that's nice!)

You can read about our one year anniversary here and here.

In the meantime, Brian's family was taking a trip to Columbus, GA to visit with his little brother, Ben.  He had been in basic training for the Army and it was the designated family weekend visiting time.

It goes without saying, that I was completely not expecting to see a ring that weekend, but a gorgeous ring is what I got!  You can read my entire surprise proposal post here.

And just because that man of mine is awesome, he had it worked out to catch the entire thing on video.  This is just the short version. :) 

I wish the quality was a little more clear so you can see my facial expression.  But let me just tell you.  I was slightly annoyed with him right before he proposed.  We were "taking pictures before dinner" and Brian and I had already had our picture made once.  So, when he volunteered us to have another one, I was really thinking he had lost his mind. Brian never volunteers for pictures.  I guess I should have seen the sign, but oh well!  I still got the biggest (and best!) shock of my life!

P.S.-  I have no idea what was up with my jumping backwards.  I totally don't remember it. 

So, we left like any normal couple and came home engaged!  Then it all made sense to me.  I had been bugging Brian for weeks to get our picture made so I could get our Christmas cards sent out & he kept pushing me off.  

He was waiting on me to be wearing a new certain piece of jewelry!  Well done, good play! 

2012 Christmas card 

I thank God each and every day for this man.  Brian truly is my miracle. 


One of our engagements, with our wedding date.

The Wedding Recap...

The Days Before..
The Rehearsal...
The Moments Before...
The Ceremony..

The Wedding Photo Album


  1. Hi Kayla,

    I just want to tell you that i love your love story it reminds me so much of me and my BF,I was actually telling my bf how i found this blog and how the things you post remind me so much of me, BTW i love you blog i look forward to reading more, and getting to know you, i am a new follower so i will be catching up your blog this week since i do nothing at work.

  2. I realized I've never read this story. Seriously, stories like this make me realize that when the time is right, my fairy tale will happen too. I just have to be patient ;)

  3. Hi Kayla, new follower here and loved your love story, I love when God connects people in this way and when people actually believe Him and make the connection. So did Brian purposely add you based on interest or he was it a I know this girl so let me add her sort of thing?

    Just curious of how he'd gone about contacting you in the first place.

  4. Wow, Kayla! Your ring is gorgeous! I love how vintage it looks but still classy and elegant. Very very pretty. I really loved reading your love story. It made me smile. My fiance and I met on the street corner. He walked past me and I thought he was someone I knew but it turned out he wasn't who I thought he was.... but now we are engaged and soon to be married. It's amazing how people meet. Sometimes you just have to live and just BE and everything will fall into place. :)
    -Ginny :)

  5. I really love your story, Kayla! :) I just teared up reading how y'all met and started dating. Side note: I love Gatlinburg! Sorry you got sick there :( I couldn't get some of the links above to work (the photo shoot and proposal ones).

    I just love how the Lord brought you two together and how mature you were about it all. I admire you greatly! What a blessing to have a relationship that glorifies the Lord!!!

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