My man. In a year.

Love is different for every person.  No two people feel the same, but there is a common thing that in life sometimes we get lucky enough to find that person who is our soul mate.

God allowed me to open a door and begin a beautiful journey with mine a year ago today. B is every thing I have dreamed of since I was a little girl, and so much more.  

B, baby, I want to take a minute and thank you for the best year of my life.  You took a girl with broken wings and made her into a woman that feels as though she can fly and conquer the world.  You restored a confidence in myself I have not seen in years.  You challenge me to think outside the box and look at situations in ways I might not normally would have.  You treat me like a princess and open doors just like a true Southern gentleman.  You can look at me and tell me you love me with your eyes.  You wrap you arms around me and make all the problems in the world disappear.  You are my best friend, the best boyfriend, and the best guy I have ever met.  You are my world, love, and I hope you know that I hope one day when we celebrate many years of marriage that I will still feel this exact way.  You have my heart forever.  


I love when we laugh.
I love shopping with you on Friday nights.
I love seeing you interact with your parents.
I love the relationship I see you have with your brother & sister.

I love that you always know my thoughts.
I love the way our hands always find each others at random times.
I love how you come up behind me and put your arms around my waist when I’m cooking.
I love listening to you be excited about things.
I love our popcorn dates in bed.
I love visiting you at work.
I love staring into your eyes.
I love when we dance in the middle of the floor with no music.
I love watching your guy shows with you.
I love it when you say ‘I love you.’
I love telling people about you.
I love getting a pretzel at the mall with you.

I love cooking you dinner.
I love talking to you inches away from your face.
I love the way you hold my hand during a prayer.
I love sitting next to you at church.

I love that you open the car door for me.
I love our lunch dates.
I love when you randomly tell me how pretty you think I am.
I love playing with your hair.
I love how you never want to leave, and I beg you to stay.
I love how considerate you are.
I love how you like to do projects with me.
I love when I come home and you’re already at my house.
I love it when we’re really goofy and play fight.
I love how you make me feel beautiful in sweatpants, even those green ones you hated.
I love how generous you are with your friends.

I love watching you sleep.
I love that you built a relationship with my family.
I love how motivated you are.
I love your work ethic.
I love watching you grill me dinner.
I love falling asleep in your arms.
I love listening to you sing.
I love how important family is to you.
I love waking up to texts from you.
I love telling people all about you and how you've changed my life.
I love that you love me for me - and don’t want me to be anything else.
I love kissing you.
I love the way you treat me.
I love how often you tell me you care about me.
I love how you make me feel safe.
I love it when you kiss me and I'm not expecting it.
I love when you tell me you miss me.
I love your smile.
I love the way you make me smile, all the time.
I love how when you hug me, I’m home.
I love your sense of integrity.
I love how when you say “I love you” it makes everything okay.

I love how you always try and do the right thing.
I love just laying on the bed in the dark talking to you.
I love it when I say goodbye to you knowing that I'll see you later that same day.
I love making your coffee before you leave for work.
I love being in public with you.
I love when my friends tell me how much they like you.
I love when my mom and dad ask where you are.
I love when I can guess what you’re thinking.
I love how sometimes I can read your mind.
I love when I ask you what you’re thinking and you have a sincere answer that catches me off guard.
I love when Jenna tells me you are "hers".
I love how we compromise.
I love when you play with my hair.
I love your generosity and how much you love to give.
I love watching you when you don’t think that I am.
I love it when you call.
I love knowing that you’re always going to be there.
I love taking pictures with you.
I love talking about the future with you.
I love getting to know you better all the time.
I love it when you notice little things.
I love the person you make me want to be.
I love writing your last name.
I love doing dishes with you.
I love hearing your mom talk about you.
I love when you just hold me.
I love finding myself smiling just because I’m thinking about you.
I love the person you are becoming.
I love you.

From the beginning until now...

You will never know how deep my love runs for you, B.  But in one year I've found myself fallen deep, head over heels in love with you.  I cannot imagine my life without you in it and I can't remember my life before you came along.  Thank you for every minute we've shared over the last year.

I have found the one my heart loves. 
-Song of Solomon 3:4

To find out how we met, click here.


  1. Congrats on 1 year!!! So special :) Ours is coming up in November and it's hard to believe a year has almost already passed!! <3

  2. Congratulations! You two are way too cute!

  3. Such beautiful words! I've followed your blog since I *think* the start of your relationship. It's beautiful, I hope to keep watching MORE unfold ;)

  4. ahh what an adorable post!! congrats on finding the man that has given you so much in the past year. wishing you two many more years

  5. congrats on your 1 year anniversary! you guys seem truly happy and it's so awesome to see :D enjoy every moment!

  6. This was so special to read. You two make such a sweet couple. Happy anniversary.


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