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I'm loving...
My sweet mama.  She does so much for me and has always been one of my biggest fans.   I love you, Mom! 

I'm loving...

that is is not much longer until I am here!  I SO cannot wait to get my feet in the sand!!!!!!

I'm loving...

that my "grandma" carpet is gone off the porch!!! Wheeeeeeeeew! I can't wait to get this all re-done and see the new look!  

I'm loving...
That my name is no longer on my sidewalk.  You see, daddy says it was not that dirty.  I beg to differ..  Thank God for pressure washers. aka my new best friend.  Daddy thought it would be cute to "write" my name on my sidewalk as we were cleaning.  I just am grossed out. haha.

I'm loving...
that I am done with the 50 Shades Trilogy.  Although, I was sad to see it go because, well, duh.  If you're reading it or have read it you know WHY I was sad to see it go... haha.. But I am glad that I know how it ends now.  The anticipation was killing me! Onto to the next read..

I'm loving...

My little swimmer!

& as always & forever..
I'm loving...
My hard-working man!  *Taken during a project- post coming soon!*

Happy Birthday to my darling...

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Happy Birthday to you....

B's birthday was Sunday, May 27th.  However, since I knew we would have very limited time together that night (as all of our Sundays are..) I wanted to give him his gifts Saturday night. 

He came over and we worked on a project (post coming!) and then had a fabulous dinner (pat on the back! haha!) and then showered and let the presents begin.

 My sweet, sweet man.  I can't get enough of this face.  That's my soulmate you are looking at.. that's the man I can't see my life without.  That's the man that holds the key to my heart.  That's the man who knows me better than I know myself.  That's the man that God created especially for me.   How blessed I am..
 Reading his card.  I gotta admit, it was a sweet card.  I'm pretty sure he would agree! :)
 "The game"...  Men and their toys is all I know.. haha.  
He didn't see this one coming.  I hope at all.  He seemed pretty shocked!  Look at that face! 

My baby has been drooling over this thing for quite awhile.  Every time we go to Lowe's he has to touch it and talk about it.  And it's been HARD the last couple times to act like I'm not interested when inside I was wanting to scream "I BOUGHT IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!".

I'm so glad I never let the cat out of the bag though, because his face was precious when he saw what it was!

I also got him some other kind of tools, and a beach towel big enough for him.  I just don't think B would appreciate the 5ft normal beach towels.  He is WAY too tall for that! haha.

On his actual bday!
 B, there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the way you make me feel, the way your touch gives me goosebumps, the way I can tell what you want to say before you even form your mouth for words to escape them. 

You are God's most precious blessing He has ever given me and I am eternally grateful to be the woman that He chose to see fit to stand beside you for the rest of our lives.  We've been allowed a second chance at life, and luckily that's with each other now. 

All the past hurts and failures mean nothing with you standing beside me because I know it was all worth it to end up with you. 

I wish there were more than one day a year to celebrate the life of you.  You are that amazing.  You've shown me you aren't the typical guy.  You didn't want to rush into dating me.  In fact, when we met, you weren't even thinking that at all.  You showed me respect from day one.  You've been truthful from the beginning.  You are the perfect man for me babe, and I really can't brag on you enough.  You're so family oriented that I hope and pray one day we have a child of our own for you to drool over because I know you'd make the best father in the world.  

You are such a hard-worker, and such a perfectionist at all you do.  I love you for it even though sometimes I do like to give you a hard time about it all.  You're a strong Christian man and in a world we live in like today, it's even more important to know I have a man and a partner who will continually pray for me and our relationship.  God brought us together.  We can never forget that and lack on thanking him for all He does for us as a couple. 

You are my best friend, my other half, my #1 priority, and the best source of advice I can find.  You are my dream man and I still pinch myself occasionally to make sure this isn't some really good dream I will wake up from, but you're always really there. 

I cannot tell you enough what life without you was like.  I think you have a pretty good idea.  We both were experiencing the same emotions in our individual lives.  And babe, don't ever forget that you and I were both looking at that same moon praying for each other. 

Here we are babe, 8 months into the best part of my life.  You challenge me, you lift me up, you confide in me, and level me out.  You are the perfect combination with me.  And I promise here publicly to never let a day go by without letting you know how much I appreciate you and the person you are to my life. 

I hope you had the best birthday possible.  I enjoyed every second of getting to see you take the spotlight since you try and push it on me so often.  You are just as deserving of life's things as anyone else and and I love seeing you get things you have wanted for so long.

Now, tell me when we are going for your birthday dinner... :)

And let me add, we are going to eat at Red Lobster for his bday, and yours truly doesn't eat seafood... now tell me that isn't love..

I LOVE YOU B!!!!!!!!!!!! 

With all of my heart and soul....


Popping in..

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Oh my stars...it feels weird to be back at work today.  I hope each of you had a fabulous weekend and didn't forget to celebrate the real reason why we had this holiday weekend. 

Freedom did not come free.  I hope you all remembered that and took time for a prayer for those who have served, are currently serving, and are making plans to join to serve. 

I took off Friday so this was an extra long weekend for me and I am SO glad that I did.  I got some projects done (coming up this week!) and got to celebrate my sweet B's birthday (also coming up!)

I wasn't going to make a post today, but I did want to touch base and let you all know I am here, I am alive, and I am working on some posts for the week! 

First one up will be tomorrow!  That's riiiight.. double post!  (You know I'm not missing out on a WILW!) ;)

Enjoy your Tuesday!!! (And thank goodness it's a short week!!!!!!!)

Isn't he..

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I know, I said I wouldn't be back until Tuesday. I couldn't wait to show him off!

It's my...

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Friday!!! =)  I'm SO excited!  Of course, the bank is closed on Monday, but I took off tomorrow to make it an extra long weekend for myself. I never take extra days off just for nothing.  I'm usually having to run to the doctor for something and just take the rest of the day for me, so a WHOLE day for me is exciting!

But I do plan on cleaning the house and scraping some more of the ugly green carpet off the porch!  So a little "work" will happen.  And lay out :)  Hey, gotta relax too, yes?

So, this is a quick post just to wish everyone a GREAT holiday weekend!! I am planning on mine being spectacular! 

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then I'll be alive.. but for blog only folks- I will see y'all TUESDAY!


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Join Jamie!
I'm loving...
HUMP DAY! Who doesn't love the middle of the week??!

I'm loving...
That I am OFF on Friday AND Monday.  LOOOOOOONG weekend baby!

I'm loving..
That B's birthday is coming up!  I can't wait to give him his presents!  (Hope you like them baby!!!)

I'm loving...
All the time I get to spend with my Mom and Jenna. =)

I'm loving...
This kid and her many faces...

& as always..

I'm loving...
that I have such a sweet man in my life. 
Even if he does like the wrong team.. ;)

Project Mania

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I'm in a project state of mind.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect night stand for quite some time.  I wanted two that "matched" yet didn't match exactly.   I know, that's weird.  But I don't like all matching pieces.  I like the character that each piece brings individually.

I bought this little jewel last summer.  It took me a few minutes to look past the teddy bear and see what COULD be lying behind it.  But I paid my $5.00 and took her home. 

And that is where she has sat for about a year. I never could figure out what color to paint it, and I still been searching for the second one that would be a good match. 

Then it happened!  A month or so ago, I stumbled across the perfect match. 
Words just cannot describe how happy I was to pay (yet again!) my $5.00 and load this baby in the car. 

Well, I got it home, put it on "my side" of the bed and fell in love.  I know it looks beat up, but I like that about it. Remember, I'm all about the character of things.  The picture doesn't do it much justice, but it is an old dark brown color.   The main color in my house is brown, so that's another reason I fell instantly in love with this piece.

I got the brown on on "my side" and the teddy bear on "B's side" and now I'm just in a mixed emotional spot.  I (obviously!) know I have to paint the teddy bear one.  I just cannot seem to make up my mind on what color. 

My thoughts are to leave the "mine" like it is and see if my plan works out.  And take "his" and paint it a distressed white.  Or distressed brown.  For those of you who have worked with this type of thing before, which is easier?  I'm not good with things like this and want this to turn out half way decent! ha!

My bedroom walls are beige, the other furniture pieces are dark brown, and the bedding is cream color.  Someone PLEASE share some thoughts on this.. I need all the help I can get.
And I NEED to get Mr. Teddy gone before B has a heart attack looking at it! ;)

Yes, those are steps. I moved into my house October of 2008 and I have hated these steps (and my porch) ever since. 

In case you are wondering why, well...

The day I became a homeowner!
Can you see that HIDEOUS green indoor/outdoor carpet?  Well, there's my reason I hate my porch.  I've been wanting to rip that mess up ever since moving in but my sweet daddy kept warning me I would have a problem with getting all the glue and stuff up off that concrete.  That that scared me into leaving it alone.

Until Friday. 

I had a rough afternoon (nothing happened, I was just in a mood I suppose) and so I went home after work and took my frustrations out on that porch.  Well, I only did the steps so far.  I wanted to try a smaller space first.  That ugly mess ripped up so easy.  I think it's been there a hundred years and WANTS to be taken up and put out of its misery.

So that's on Kayla's To Do List.  I am going to get all the rest of the ugly mess off the porch, scrape it up really well, and paint that concrete. 

Wish me luck!!!

This one will make you smile.

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I have to warn you, this post is going to be picture heavy!

I got to spend A LOT of time with my little angel, Jenna.  So here are just some random shots of her..

There were falls and booboo's...

chalk parties..

that silly grin..

diva in the making..

Marilyn Monroe moments..

stickers on "oobies"...

writing everyone's names..

dressed for church..

sweet moments..

moments that melt your heart...

and a love like I can't describe..

I had SO much fun with my girl this weekend!  She spent the night with me Saturday night and we honestly had a GREAT time.

I'm telling you ladies, my life just keeps getting sweeter.. :)

Books & Blanks

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It's Friday!!!  I'm so excited this week is over.  It has just seemed long, and I'm looking forward to a couple days of rest and doing nothing!

Since it's Friday, I'll be linking up two places today! 

First up, I'm over with Heather for Book Club Friday.  If you read, then you need to join in on this link up!  It's always fun to find a new great read, yes?

This week I'm choosing:

Fifty Shades Freed

That is the last book in the trilogy that is sweeping the nation!

When unworldly student Anastasia Steele first encountered the driven and dazzling young entrepreneur Christian Grey it sparked a sensual affair that changed both of their lives irrevocably. Shocked, intrigued, and, ultimately, repelled by Christian’s singular erotic tastes, Ana demands a deeper commitment. Determined to keep her, Christian agrees.

Now, Ana and Christian have it all—love, passion, intimacy, wealth, and a world of possibilities for their future. But Ana knows that loving her Fifty Shades will not be easy, and that being together will pose challenges that neither of them would anticipate. Ana must somehow learn to share Christian’s opulent lifestyle without sacrificing her own identity. And Christian must overcome his compulsion to control as he wrestles with the demons of a tormented past.

Just when it seems that their strength together will eclipse any obstacle, misfortune, malice, and fate conspire to make Ana’s deepest fears turn to reality.

Okay really, who isn't in love with Christian Grey?!  I'm not finished with the book yet, so I cannot give a complete review, but from what I HAVE read, it is the best one yet to me.  I am truly scared what I will do when this book ends. 

Who am I going to think about?
Who am I going to imagine?
Who is going to wish me sweet dreams with "Laters, baby"!??!?

So, if you haven't concluded this yet- READ THIS TRILOGY.

Next up, I'm over with Lauren for Fill in the Blanks
1.  Something that is very near and dear to my heart is,  commitment.  I think these days people dive into relationships, work, friendships way too easily.  They aren't committed to truly be there for that person in the long run.  That breaks my heart  .
2.      The weekend!   is good cause to celebrate .

3.  The most fun I ever had was    the first night B and I sat in the dark for over three hours just talking  .
4.  True friends are    amazing to have.  They let you be your TRUE self, listen when needed, give advice when needed (and sometimes unwanted!) and are there to be the sholder to cry on when you fail .

5. Something that makes me terribly happy is       hearing Jenna say "I love you sissy" .

6. A good way to spend a sunny day is     on a boat catching some beautiful rays of sunshine!  .
7.  My favorite celebratory food is   chocolate (although I eat it daily.  But living another day is a celebration, right?)  .


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Today I have two things I want to talk about with you ladies.

1. Maybelline Age Rewind- Dark Circle Eraser.
This stuff is a must on my list now.  I've always had dark circles under my eyes.  Just a natural curse.  No matter how much or little sleep I get at night, they are always there.  I picked this up on a whim at Walgreen's a few weeks ago and have been pleased with it. 

Now, I'm not going to tell you MY dark circles went away, but I am going to tell you that yours might.  Mine are natural, remember?   I don't think any amount of product will remove mine.  (Dang it!)

I feel like I look more alert and not as sucken in a black hole as I used to.  Now, whether anyone can actually tell a difference is beyond me.  But it's all about how we feel about yourself, yes?

2. Dove Hair Therapy- Cream-Serum.
This stuff will never not be a part of my routine now that I've experienced it.  Again, this was bought on a whim.  I was just in Wal-Mart one day and ran up on this line of stuff.  I was sniffing (C'mon, y'all know you sniff it before buying it too!) and really liked this.  I took it home and have used it every single day since. 

My hair isn't "frizzy" like some people would say theirs is.  But I have fly aways a lot.  This has really helped with that and makes my hair feel ten times better.

Well, that's it ladies. My little show & tell for now!  Do you have any products you can recommend for me to try?  I'm always up for a trial of something!


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Are you linked up with Jamie?

I'm loving...
that it is Wednesday.  Whew!  I am so ready for the weekend (and I don't even have plans!)

I'm loving...
that I have the final book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy downloaded.  I love Christian Grey.  What will I read when this is over?  I'm scared.

I'm loving...
that I am finally learning how to use Twitter.  Yes, I am way behind.  But I finally took the plunge and think it's quite fun to watch.  I don't actually use it much myself. 

I'm loving...
That tonight is Wednesday night.  That's always a TV-watching night for B and myself.  Well, we watch man shows. 

I'm loving...
that tomorrow is Thursday! (Fave day of the week!)

I'm loving...
that I have a sweet, sweet niece Jenna bugg. 

I'm loving...
that I'm actually keeping up pretty good with the #PhotoADayMay Challenge.  (You can find me on Instagram @klnelms)

& as always, I'm loving...

this man!

Let's play a game..

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Sorry, ladies, I did kind of go MIA yesterday. 

Let me back up and just re-cap the weekend! 

I worked, but still didn't feel just a whole lot better than I had all week.  But I left work an hour early and got my stitches out!!  Hallelujah!

While I was there, I got a shot in the bootay!  And it made me feel some better, but I still don't feel like myself yet.  So, I think I will end up getting the medicine filled that he gave me.  I was really hoping a shot would just knock it out.  Oh well.

That night, B's nephew had a ballgame so we went to that and then went to dinner at a local restaurant.  I won't go into the whole detailed reason why, but we ran into an old friend of mine and he personally came over to meet B.  It meant a lot to me since he used to be such great friends with an ex of mine.  And that's kind of where he and I lost our friendship.  So it was a sweet moment for me.  

I got up and went to some yard sales (duh!) with mom.  I didn't end up getting much this week.  Some weeks are just like that... you either hit it big or you don't at all.  It was nice getting to spend some time with Mom and Jenna though.  

After taking them both home, I went to my house and got ready.  Saturday was mine and B's date day/night.  We had not had a chance to get out and actually have a date in quite awhile so I was pretty excited!  

I didn't know what I wanted to wear, but I knew I wanted to wear something new and something comfortable.  So when I walked into my closet and saw this dress I knew it was the one.  I bought it last year on a whim and never worked up the nerve to wear it since it is kind of revealing.  (Too revealing for where I normally go, ha!)  But I decided to give it a whirl.

Please ignore my facial expression.. ha!

Opinions?? I think B liked it. ha! =)

Okay, back on track, for our date day/night we ended up going to Tupelo.  It's about 45 minutes from where we live and really the closest place to go and have a decent date.  We did some shopping and B ended up buying something that I just HAVE to take a minute and brag on.

A few weeks ago, he had told me he wanted to get my initials (future initials) on his hat for ball season this coming summer.  I thought he meant like with a permanent marker. (Gosh, how redneck do I sound right about now?!) Anyway, he meant stitched in.  So, as part of our date he got his new hat, AND my future initials on it.  He let me help pick out the font, color, size, etc. 
I COULD not be any happier with how it turned out.  And to know my man is going to be wearing "me" out there, just warms this little gal's heart!
My man + baseball hat + my future initals = HAPPY HAPPY KAYLA.

I just love it.  And he looks SO good in it.  I can't get enough.  

After getting the hat, we went for dinner at LongHorn.  Our last experience was LESS than great there, so we were a little hesitant to give it another try.  BUT the $60.00 gift card we had convinced us too! ;) And I am SO happy to say that this time everything was MUCH better.  We both ate GOOD and had a wonderful conversation about things.  Truly what we needed.  A good date and get away!

We went and shopped some more and B got some MUCH needed things while we were in Tupelo.  We came home, relaxed and watched some TV, and had a perfect ending to a really, really great date.    I am SO blessed to have this man in my life.

Mother's Day!  I wish I had a picture to show you of my mom and me, but sadly I didn't even get one!  My mom had to work that morning (a downfall of working for the hospital.. it can't exactly "close" for holidays!) so I didn't get to see her until around 4 pm.  She had picked out where she wanted for dinner, so that's what we did.  She wanted Pickwick Inn.  I think I've mentioned Pickwick on here a few times, but if I haven't then I'm referring to Pickwick Lake.  It's about 20 minutes from our house, so it's an easy ride to go have dinner on the lake. 

We browsed around and, of course, her other request was to go see Jenna.  So that we did.   I really wasn't feeling that well again, so by the time we got back to Mom's house from all that, I just went home and relaxed. I will be SO glad when this sickness is OUT of me for good.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  I got to spend some time with my sweet mom and my sweet man.  I can't think of anywhere else in life I'd rather be than in the company of those I have right now.  Life truly is good. =)

Book Club #1!

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I'm switching gears today.  I recently started following a new blog and she linked up with this Book Club Friday.  Y'all know I love to read, so this was screaming my name!!

So this week I am going to choose was almost every woman is reading (and panting while doing so..)

The 50 Shades of Grey. - E.L James

The synopsis:
When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve, finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms.

Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires.

My opinion:
Where do I even start?  Christian Grey is sexy, powerful, and a man who knows what he wants (and how to get it!)  Ana Steele is a bit whiny at times, but under the circumstances I think I'd act pretty much like she did too. 

I will admit at first it took me some time to get into the book.  I even at times wondered IF I would get into it.  It is nothing like anything I normally read.  And as much as that's scared me, it excited me.  Now I cannot seem to get enough. 

Do I recommend?:
Heck yes.  Just be ready to blush, look up strange things on Google, and um, want a Christian Grey moment or two.. ;)

I'm under the weather..

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Ladies, I know I know... I'm practically MIA this week. 

I just don't feel good.. I sound like a man.  I feel like a truck ran over me.  I probably look like it too.

I just don't have anything to say.. hoping I get to feeling better soon!! 


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I'm over at Jamie's today!
I'm loving..
that I am FINALLY feeling better!  I'm not going to pretend I'm a good patient, because I'm not.

I'm loving...
that I got to spend some time with B's nephews, Blake & Bryce, yesterday! 

I'm loving...

This stuff. And it loves my hair.   yay! ;)

I'm loving...
That today is Wednesday, can I get an amen??? This has already been the strangest week!

I'm loving...
that I got the call back from the doctor yesterday.  My mole was benign, so thank you, thank you for all the prayers!

I'm loving...
That I am going to be in such a wonderful family when I marry B.  Yesterday was a rather crazy day.  His dad was admitted to the hospital and lots of just random things happening.  But together it all pulled together and worked out okay.  I'm thankful to find a family like that.  And would you please keep his dad in your prayers?

I'm loving...
each and everyone one of you!  Thanks again for all the emails/texts/calls. :)


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I'm really out of things to talk about.  I've been sick far too many days and stuck in the "blah" zone. 

But one thing I WILL touch on is The Fifty Shades of Grey.  I finished it this past weekend and it was FABULOUS. I, of course, ordered the second book of the trilogy, Fifty Shades Darker.. and am addicted to it just the same!

Do I blush reading it? Yes.  Do I care?  No. haha. 

Ladies, if you haven't read this book.. then go get it.  NOW.   Just be warned:  It IS going to make you think... and blush. :)

Have you read it? What do you think?

Life's Curve Balls..

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I didn't mean to skip out of ya'll Friday.  In fact, I had a good post coming.  (I'll get to that later this week) But I had an expected thing happen on Friday morning.  I woke up, sent B on his way to work, jumped in the shower, got out and started fixing my coffee, and felt something "odd" on my face.  I went to the bathroom, took a peek in the mirror and was horrified.  I had blood all over me. 

I had a mole on my face.  I've had it my entire life, and for some unknown reason it decided to split and bleed.  It scared me to death obviously so I called the doctor at 10 minutes until 8.  The nurses were not in yet, but I left a message for someone to please call me back asap.  They did and I was told to come on in to see the doctor. 

Well, the doctor's office is 45 minutes away so after being at work for about 30 minutes, out the door I went.  I won't sit here and lie and say I wasn't scared to death because I was and still am until I get those results.

Without going into much detail, he didn't seem to think it was anything to be concerned about, but it was being sent off for testing just to be sure since anytime a mole bleeds out on its own, it's sign of cancer.  So, just please keep this lady in your prayers.  I know God is going to make it okay, and one day I won't look hideous again.  But in the meantime, I'm on edge.  For reals.

Day one.

Day two.  Yes, I'm swollen.

It didn't really "hurt" except that shot to deaden it.  Now, that I felt like went straight to my brain.  And my brain has hurt ever since. ha. 

Anyway, that's where I was Friday.  It wasn't how I planned it, and surely not when I planned to have that mole removed.  But life sure does hand us some curve balls.

In other news, I got to see an old friend this weekend!  My hometown had a 10k run going on, and one of my old friends from when I lived in Oxford sent me a message saying he was going to be running in the race!  He is originally from Kenya, and one of the sweetest people!  I was very excited to get to see him!  Oh and did I mention he came in second?  Yep :) 

Way to go, friend!!!

That's about all I did this weekend.  After Friday's thing, I basically didn't want to leave the house with this on my face.  It honestly looks like I have a permanent mosquito sitting on me.  That's not very attractive. In fact, I haven't even see my boyfriend in two days.  That's how crappy I feel. 

But, on a good note, I did have a sweet visitor yesterday. 
Love her!

So anyway, no I'm not dead.  I'm just feeling partially that way at the moment.  So keep those fingers crossed about the results tomorrow!