This one will make you smile.

I have to warn you, this post is going to be picture heavy!

I got to spend A LOT of time with my little angel, Jenna.  So here are just some random shots of her..

There were falls and booboo's...

chalk parties..

that silly grin..

diva in the making..

Marilyn Monroe moments..

stickers on "oobies"...

writing everyone's names..

dressed for church..

sweet moments..

moments that melt your heart...

and a love like I can't describe..

I had SO much fun with my girl this weekend!  She spent the night with me Saturday night and we honestly had a GREAT time.

I'm telling you ladies, my life just keeps getting sweeter.. :)


  1. She just could not be any cuter! I know you just love her to death!


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