Project Mania

I'm in a project state of mind.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect night stand for quite some time.  I wanted two that "matched" yet didn't match exactly.   I know, that's weird.  But I don't like all matching pieces.  I like the character that each piece brings individually.

I bought this little jewel last summer.  It took me a few minutes to look past the teddy bear and see what COULD be lying behind it.  But I paid my $5.00 and took her home. 

And that is where she has sat for about a year. I never could figure out what color to paint it, and I still been searching for the second one that would be a good match. 

Then it happened!  A month or so ago, I stumbled across the perfect match. 
Words just cannot describe how happy I was to pay (yet again!) my $5.00 and load this baby in the car. 

Well, I got it home, put it on "my side" of the bed and fell in love.  I know it looks beat up, but I like that about it. Remember, I'm all about the character of things.  The picture doesn't do it much justice, but it is an old dark brown color.   The main color in my house is brown, so that's another reason I fell instantly in love with this piece.

I got the brown on on "my side" and the teddy bear on "B's side" and now I'm just in a mixed emotional spot.  I (obviously!) know I have to paint the teddy bear one.  I just cannot seem to make up my mind on what color. 

My thoughts are to leave the "mine" like it is and see if my plan works out.  And take "his" and paint it a distressed white.  Or distressed brown.  For those of you who have worked with this type of thing before, which is easier?  I'm not good with things like this and want this to turn out half way decent! ha!

My bedroom walls are beige, the other furniture pieces are dark brown, and the bedding is cream color.  Someone PLEASE share some thoughts on this.. I need all the help I can get.
And I NEED to get Mr. Teddy gone before B has a heart attack looking at it! ;)

Yes, those are steps. I moved into my house October of 2008 and I have hated these steps (and my porch) ever since. 

In case you are wondering why, well...

The day I became a homeowner!
Can you see that HIDEOUS green indoor/outdoor carpet?  Well, there's my reason I hate my porch.  I've been wanting to rip that mess up ever since moving in but my sweet daddy kept warning me I would have a problem with getting all the glue and stuff up off that concrete.  That that scared me into leaving it alone.

Until Friday. 

I had a rough afternoon (nothing happened, I was just in a mood I suppose) and so I went home after work and took my frustrations out on that porch.  Well, I only did the steps so far.  I wanted to try a smaller space first.  That ugly mess ripped up so easy.  I think it's been there a hundred years and WANTS to be taken up and put out of its misery.

So that's on Kayla's To Do List.  I am going to get all the rest of the ugly mess off the porch, scrape it up really well, and paint that concrete. 

Wish me luck!!!


  1. Ahhh I love your gift of thrifting! Personally, I would paint the teddy bear dresser teal/turqoise. I think it would really pop against the dark brown furniture and cream bedding. However, seeing as how it's B's dresser..that probably wouldn't go over so well with him. Haha!
    And you go girl for ripping that mess up..I've always hated the green carpet stuff too. Who ever came up with such an awful idea?!

  2. I am thinking the brown distressed would look awesome! Let me know if you need some help with the porch, I would be glad to help!

  3. I think the brown distressed would be great & kind of flow better with your side. What does B want?

    Way to go on ripping up the carpet! Looking forward to seeing what the finished product looks like! = )


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