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It's Hump Day...

                                  It's Wednesday..what's not to love?
      Be sure and go check out Jamie's page to see what she is loving.
                                                 And link up!!!

[1] I'm loving... my sweet parents.  These two continually crack me up with their jokes on each other other and their "normal" ways, even though I'm not sure they really are normal.   

[2] I'm loving... Reagan & Roxie.  I really need to start showing them more on here, but they don't like pictures made so it makes it hard.  It's completely my fault though.  I probably have over 1000 of Reagan from his first year of life.

                                  [Poor future child.]

[3] I'm loving... my awesome friends.  Ya know, the kind you can ask something to and they really do tell you the truth.  Yeah, I'm blessed with the best.   Don't hate.

[4] I'm loving... that the mornings have been cooler lately.  I enjoy my coffee in the cool morning air. 

[5] I'm loving... that "my" deer are starting to surface in the field behind my house again.  After last year's hunters they were skiddish.  I still hold a grudge for whoever allowed them to hunt in there.  Those are clearly MY DEER, people. 

[6] I'm loving... my new lipgloss.  e.l.f you make my heart smile.

[7] I'm loving... my new purse I got this past weekend- yard sale find!  It is perfect for me and it's black.  Hello functional!

[8] I'm loving... Ulta, in general. And I am also having a withdrawal and need to be placed in a store soon.  Someone want to go??

[9] I'm loving... my eyeliner from Ulta.  Another reason I need to go.. I'm getting low. 

[10] I'm loving... Honey Nut Cherrios.   Say what? Yes- me the girl who doesn't like cereal- likes a freaking cereal.  Kmart is running a special this week 5 for $10.00 on HNC so mom and I popped in Sunday after church to pick up some since they eat it like its going out of style.  I tried it and l-o-v-e-d it.  Now I'm hooked. 

I can't believe it either...


There's a new member of the family.....

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                                         The car family that is.

Meet __________________.  She doesn't have a name, YET.  But I'm pretty stoked about her.

Now you may be asking why we have a mini van... well duh... YARD SALES. 

Yes, I'm being serious.

Yes, you can make fun of it.

I don't care.  She is going to be FUN for Countrywood coming up... and I am going to be able to haul lots of goodies now!  We got her at a steal of a price and I'm pumped.

NOW tell me I don't love yard sales, hoecake! :)

Feeling Frisky on a Monday!

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It's Monday... && that means to get to ramble a little bit.

  • Friday night I kept Jenna bugg.  And I didn't even get any pictures.  I know, bad me.  But we had a lot of fun.  We went to Kmart and shopped some (and bought her stuff....) and then came back home and played until bedtime.  Saturday morning Mom and I took her home and we went to a few yard sales.
  • I scored some clothes this weekend.  I never shop stores (I think I've explained all that one here before...) but it is also a hit or miss thing with me and clothes.  This weekend I was on a hit.  I got several, several things.  I was happy :)
  • I also got a fabulous new BIG red suitcase bag.  This is perfect timing because I leave for Gatlinburg in exactly 10 days! :)
  • I also got a new purse, whoo hoo!   This has been on list for a couple weeks now and when I saw the beauty I knew she was mine.  A black Chanel. :)
Saturday after I got home from yard sales, I cooked dinner for mom and dad.  We had CocaCola pork chops, fried rice, salad, garlic bread, and peach cobbler.  And yes, I made it all.    ((SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PICTURES!! DANGIT!!!))  It was delish, if I must say!  Mom and Dad just went on and on about it.  

See, I CAN cook.. when I want to.   I just don't always WANT to. :)

Sunday morning I was up extra early and ready for a good church service and that we had.  Bro. Randy amazes me how he can always just make you feel like he is talking TO YOU... but I hear others say the same thing all the time.  Anyway, great great service. 

Sunday was spent catching up laundry that I've neglected the last week since Mom's surgery so 7 loads later, I was done. ha!   But in the middle of all that laundry I took a quick second to make my kiddos something.  Well, okay, so it's FOR me..

My precious Folgers can went from this...

To this...

Walah!  The dogs now have a new treat canister.  One day when I've got time I'm going to sit back down with this and paint some paw prints.  Eventually.

So, now after a random weekend, my house is back clean & and I am ready to get home and settle in to watch Bachelor Pad tonight.   Aren't you??? :)

“Once you realize that each day of your life brings a new chance for you, you will be able to move on and be happy.”

And the winner is.......

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Yes, that's an Iphone picture. 

Trying to get this thing to appear on my blog has made me think bad thoughts, so this is easier (and safer!)

So.. #2 is....... WHITNEY ELLEN!!!!!!!!!!

Look for my email girlie! :)

& thanks to all who played along!

hey you... yeah you!

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Don't forget to go enter for the giveaway that ends on Monday!

Friday lovin'!

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Go on, jump over and link up with Lauren at the little things we do.   It's Friday people.

1.   One of life's most simple pleasures is  a good book, or a lazy day with some good tunes. :)

2.   People assuming I know what they want to do    makes me want to punch someone.

3.  I like   my dogs    because,    they are loyal and always there for me  .

4.   Hoecake    is a funny word. [hey, don't blame me.  My phone uses it..... LOL]

5.  If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be    lotion.  I'm somewhat addicted .

6.  I'm happy that   I got to see Alicia last night.

7.  I would never     speak badly of something that I know is precious to someone's heart.   .

Now let's switch this up and play with Boobies.  I love this lady. :)

So.. my FUF goes to....All the people around the world who use something as a pity party for themselves or as a right of passage to claim they have it worse than others.  Sure we all have things we dislike, or have wrong with us, but trust me.  If you keep going on and on and on about it sooner or later you are going to wind up alone and then who will you rant to?

Anyway.  That's all I wanna say about it.  But goodness.


Also, don't forget to go and comment for a chance to win the giveaway.  The winner will be announced Monday! If you missed the post, go here and check it out!

And as always... everyone have a wonderful and safe weekend! =)  I'm keeping Jenna-bugg tonight so I'm sure there are pictures to come Monday!

Thankful Thursday & It's OK

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It's Thursday!!  Jump over and show Rebecca at Southern Charm what you are thankful for today!

Well needless to say, I'm thankful that I wasn't a victim last night.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about them refer back to this post

[I'm thankful...]
  • For my loving mother & father. 
  • That I have a nice job inside.  The temps would have killed me this summer.
  • That I have two of the sweetest furbabies ever. 
  •  That Kathy had a fabulous birthday!!!!
  •  That it's getting closer to the weekend!!! I need some time to sit in pj's and relax!
  •  That I get too see the beautiful Alicia tonight (and baby bump Ali Beth!!!!!)
So, what are YOU thankful for today?


And now one of my fave link ups every week, It's OK with Neely and Amber
                                   Its Ok Thursdays

[It's OK]

  • That I don't want summer to go away, like it seems everyone else does.
  • That I am not ready to date someone yet. 
  • That I am getting anxious to start making Christmas lists (and keep summertime, hehe!)
  • To stay up too late just so you can read another chapter of a book...
  • To want to do nothing more than go home and get in my pajamas. 
Be sure you've went to Neely and Amber's pages and linked up.   What do YOU think is OK?

I locked my doors this morning..

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...for the first time in a really long time.

Safe? No.

Have I been guilty of not doing it?  Yes.

Is that changing now? Yes.

Last night I was at mom and dad's house still talking to mom and their neighbor knocked on the door.  Dad let him in and I overheard them talking about another neighbor being scared because she lives alone.  Well duh, I live alone so my ears tuned in. 

Apparently this woman was out walking her two dogs, pitbulls.  Once she got the first walk over with and got back home to switch dogs, she saw a man acting strange.  There is a church that is next door to this woman's house (which is behind my parents' house) and this truck had parked there and was watching the woman.  She said he began walking toward her (she thinks he didn't know she was looking at him too..) until he saw that she WAS in fact looking and that she had a pitbull with her. 

At this point the man turned around and "acted" as if he were looking at the church building.  When in fact, he is NOT a member of that church.  Or at least never attends service there.  

[Living in a small neighborhood all your life, you know the people that belong and the people that don't..]

It was enough to spook her, so she went to tell someone about it and as you can imagine news spread in the neighborhood last night.   She also went on to tell us that she had gotten a text message from another girl who lives closer to my house saying she had someone come to her door trying to sell home security systems.  She wasn't interested and told him through the door that she wasn't, at which point he left.  But apparently (and it might be hearsay..) there has been three rapes that started out with someone trying to sell home security systems. 

All I know is that on my drive home to my house last night my eyes were PEELED and I was watching for the truck she described, or any other strange vechicle. Then when I got home I was terrified to get out of my car and go into my own house.  All I could think was how I never lock my back door and someone could be in there.....waiting on me.   Anyone who knows me IRL and has been to my house at night can testify that I live in a black hole.  You can't see anything with that field around my house.  ((When I was a kid, I couldn't even stand trick or treating down there... THAT BAD.)) 

Well I got inside, checked under every bed, every closet, etc.  I felt goofy doing it but I've also seen too many CSI episodes. :)  Nothing was there so I made the dogs come on and I went to my bedroom and locked myself in there. 

Aside from Reagan acting weird and barking at nothing, everything was fine.  But was my head racing with bad thoughts?  Yes.  

So when I left this morning I was responsible and locked my doors.  Now when I go home for lunch I'll probably walk into the door thinking it's just shut.

Oh the joys of living alone. 

A big big celebration...

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                is in store for someone very special in my life...

That's right.  Everyone give Kathy a big ole hug if you see her or talk to her... or are friends with her on facebook.  Ya'll know she be lovin' her some facebook. 

[Seriously.  She calls me 5 times a day to ask me if I've seen ____ or _____ on facebook.]

God love her. 

She is my best friend and one of the sweetest people I know.

She says God gave her a miracle when I was born.  The way I see it, God gave me to a miracle. :)

Happy Birthday Kathy.

You are loved by many!


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It's Wednessssssssssssssday.  You know what that means...

Don't forget to link up at Jamie's blog!
This week I'm loving...

  • My new cedar chest- that I scored for $20.00!
  • My sweet angel niece, Jenna-bugg!
  • That's it is already Wednesday, hello! :)
  • That my third vacay of the year starts in 15 days! Gatlinburg here I come!
  • That it's almost time for the annual Countrywood Yard Sales! (I smell a whole post coming on this fabulous thing!)
  • This cute dress- Hint, hint.. SOMEONE....  
    Forever 21
  • That my Roxie girl is finally starting to act normal.  For those of you who do not know her IRL- she is a devil.  She ate my freakin' couch, got it?

  • This... I mean really. Does anyone know where to find one? :)
    Happy Wednesday everyone :)


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This is just a little thank you for the 50 Followers!

How to win:
  1. Be sure you are a follower of mine on here.
  2. Leave me a comment on this post and let me know your fave nail polish color && your email address! (I'll need to get in touch with you, darlin'!)
It's that simple :) Now, go and play along! :)

A winner will be chosen on Aug. 29th!

"Sometimes the only thing in life that makes it better is new nail polish."

Oh Monday, Monday...

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My lovely ladies- I've missed you!  Seriously.  I think I think about blogging more than I should.... Is that bad?

Today I'm playing along in a new link up.  Well it isn't new, but I've never done it so it's new to me :) If you too want to play, then jump over to lowercase letters and get your groove on girlfriends!

I've got several random things to talk about today so it being "Miscellany Monday" is all the more convienent.

First up though is my sweet little angel niece, Jenna.  I haven't added as many photos of her on here lately, so I thought I needed to make it up to her.  Right? :)

The birthday girl and myself.

Sweet, sweet angel face.

She loves looking out the door...

Rockin' the D-D-D-D-D-Dora shades!

One of her MANY facial expressions.

She loves to "talk" on the phone... Minnie Mouse phone of course.

Chubby fingers and her ring we got her for Christmas.  Presh.
She steals my heart a little more each day, seriously.  I was overwhelmed with joy when my nephews, Kaleb and Kamo, were born, but this time has been a whole new experience.  Of course I was younger when the boys were born so I'm sure that makes a difference too, but Jenna has done so much for me and this family.  Every single one of us is wrapped completely around those little chubby fingers.  Can't you see why?

Secondly, update on Mom:  She is doing well.  She is still complaining of her hip hurting her, but we are thinking it was just how she was laid during and after surgery that is catching up to her.  She is in good spirits though and I'm thankful again for all of you who text/called/emailed/etc.  

Since her post-surgery instructions indicate that she cannot do much of anything for 6 weeks, I have fell into the leader of their household as well as my own.  So, therefore my house looks like a train ran through it because I am trying to keep their house up and going.  Oh well, you do what you gotta do for your mom and dad.  =)  But I am working on teaching daddy how to survive.... ;)

Speaking of updates: Let me give you one on me and my fireant situation.  I am doing much better.  The bites are still very visible, but for the most part I'm back to normal.  If I ever was normal?

Next up, brief topic.  A called me again yesterday.  He is just an idiot.  I'm sorry but I needed to get it out.  He always wants to know why I don't ever call him, and why he has to call me to "check on me".    Well idiot, because you broke my heart TWICE, put me through hell and back for over a year, and you currently are doing your new girlfriend the same way you did me.   Need I explain this more?  Ugh.  I dislike him.  So flippin' much.

ANYWAY.  *calming down.....*

Since Mom can't really be up for too long, there was no yard sale activity planned for this weekend.  BUT she is a die hard and when dad mentioned that he seen a cedar chest at a yard sale as he passed by, we were up and in the car in 5 minutes and headed that way. 

Yes, it was still there and yes, I bought it.  When I drove up and spotted it, I knew they were probably going to ask more than I wanted to pay for just an extra cedar chest.  I walked up, asked the price- $20.00!!  I immediately gave the woman the money and started loading it in my Jeep.  Score!  Now it is in my extra bedroom and I have to figure out what I want to use it for, but that shouldn't be an issue.  Just staying home long enough to actually do it is my only hang up... Oh well.  One day. 

This weekend I got to do something I haven't had time to do in forever- I hung out with my friend Jay R.  It was SO good to see him and catch up.  He is and always will be one of my best friends :)  Oh, and Jay- I loved our talk about the ghosts... :)  Ps. Remind me to never visit your mother's house.

Oh and I got some exciting news yesterday- the hotel is booked for my Gatlinburg trip!!! I am way way way excited about that!  I'll be on my third va-cay of the year Sept 8-14th.  And then I'll be off again on the 23rd and in Memphis at the annual yard sale.  Yippee!!  I'm excited to see September get here!!!

Well lovies, I am going to go do a little work now yeah right, I'll be in Pinterest. Everyone have a fabulous Monday, and remember I won't be posting tomorrow- I'll be at the election polls.  Don't forget to go vote!

Ps. Details on the giveaway coming later! (When I figure out how to do this.. LOL)

Friday, my love.

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I cannot stress enough how glad I am that it is Friday.  This has been such a long & exhausting week for me and I'm ready to kiss it goodbye.

Update: Mom is doing well.  She came home from the hospital yesterday and is saying she is having no major pains.  Again, thanks for the many prayers.

Also update: Jenna is feeling better.  She went to the doctor, then was sent to the hospital for some bloodwork/chest xray done and they determined it is nothing more than some type of infection, probably ear.  They sent her home with some meds and she seemed in better spirits last night. 

I'd give you an update on what has been going on, but that's pretty much it.  I spent yesterday running like a chicken with it's head cut off.  I'm taking care of two households now since Mom is out of commision for 6 weeks.  I am not sure I will make it, but hey... I'll try my best!  I think this might be dad's training period.  In other words, I will show him how to do laundry/dishes/etc.    Hence why I WILL NOT have a man that doesn't understand it is just as much his job as my own.. :) [Could be why I'm SINGLE!??!]

Yesterday was Jenna's birthday.  I just cannot believe that she is already a big girl.  This has been a remarkable year though.  So much has happened in our family and I am SO grateful for every bit of it.  I think in a lot of ways Jenna is that reason.  =) 

Well- my plans for the weekend are simple- NOTHING.  I will be with Mom of course.. but I might actally find some time to catch up on some of the blogs I read.  This week has not been good for that, ha!

Anyway, as always be sure and head over to Lauren's page and play along!

1.   My idea of pure perfection would be    living on an island in the Caribbean .

2.   Respect     makes the world go 'round.

3.  If it weren't for    bills    I'd    travel to all the places on my bucket list  .

4.  Bloggers are   so addictive and creative .

5.  If I had    loads of useless money    I'd buy you    a house on the island next me, if I like you enough that is ;)   .

6.  I'm glad it's Friday because     I don't think I can manage another day this week, working.  NEED A BREAK    .

7.  Something I'm excited about is     having nothing to do this weekend.  That sounds lame .

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday.. but before I go I want to play along for the first time in another link up.  I freakin' love this girl.. and we are moving in together, right? :) I call her bombshell, but you can refer to her as Boobies :)

Fawk you Friday to....

  • Fake "friends"
  • Ex-boyfriends
  • Annoying people (I won't get too specific there..)
  • Heartache
  • Lack of sleep
  • Any future annoyance today :)

P.S--I reached 50 followers... that calls for celebration...
Check back next week.. I'm working on a giveaway :)

Thankful Thursday!

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Be sure you jump over and link up with Rebecca!

Hey lovies.   First of all I want to thank each of you who text/called/emailed/fb'd me yesterday wishing luck to my mom.  You women are the best! =)

Now, I wish I could stay awhile and chit chat about something random... BUT I AM EXHAUSTED. 

 I spent the night at the hospital with mommy dearest and needless to say I got zero sleep.  Every 30 minutes a nurse was coming in to check/do something.  Now, don't get me wrong- I am SO grateful for the good help we experinced during and after mom's surgery, but I do like my sleep.  And require it. 

I will fall into a coma in my own bed tonight.. and I cannot wait.

So, while I am grateful for so many things.. today's post is going to be a short one..


  • That my beautiful, strong mother made it through her surgery and is currently waiting discharge from the hospital.
  • That my precious daddy spent the entire day at the hospital with us yesterday, even though I knew he had things he needed to get done.
  • That the nurses went above and beyond to make sure Mom was comfortable at all times.
  • That so many phone calls/texts/emails/etc. came through checking on Mom. She is such a loved woman and it was apparent yesterday!

  • That today my beautiful niece, Jenna, turns the fabulous age of ONE!
  • That while today is J's birthday she is a sick baby and currently headed to the hospital, so I am thankful for there being even more nurses who are wonderful at their job.
  • That we have such a blessed family/friends circle.
Everyone let me just say a big thank you to each of you too.  This blog is my outlet.  And I don't know what I'd do without it and some of you wonderful women I've met along the way.

Hope each of you has a GREAT day!


WILW- Absentee.

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I know today is the WILW post, but sadly I'm not participating.

In fact, when you read this I will have already been up for many hours.

My mom is having a surgery today, so please just keep her in your thoughts & prayers.

&& and everyone have a fab day!

P.S.- Thanks to everyone for the wishes on me feeling better.  The bites are SLOWLY getting better.. Thanks lovies!

Bachelor Pad...

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I don't even know where to start really.

But I do know one thing....

I totally love Ames now.  But I'll get to that.

First up, the challenge was brutal.  But I loved it.


A series of questions was asked to each guy/girl and whoever they felt best to pick, they literally had to chunk a paint ball at.  I would have LOVED to play this.  Can you imagine getting to freely throw a paint ball at your ex because you want him gone? Ahh.. love.

The winners: Michael and Melissa.

Michael & his date to the haunted hospital = creepy.   I LOVE that he took Holly on his date.  But I must admit I cried when they had their moment on the balcony talking and she made the statement about how he loved her when she didn't and then when she loved him, he didn't love her.  Maybe it kind of hit home with me.  Yikes.   I want them back together.

Melissa's date on the yacht- Uhhh... she is still as insane as she always was.  Why did they cast her on this show?  Someone remind me... Oh, because she is a freak and freaks make good tv shows. And Blake, sweetie, hottie, WTH were you thinking?  Don't kiss her.  I don't care if you did it just to make an alliance.  Melissa = not worth it.  But I guess his tactic won since he walked away with a rose.  And Kasey- shot down.  (Gotta give her credit for that one!)

And on a sad note, my girl left.  I love Gia, but I can't say that I blame her.  That house is full of drama and lies and she just decided it was too much and she'd rather leave than be cast off.  So I respect that, but still hated to see her go.  She needs a good man.  I truly love Gia and can't believe the girl is STILL single.

When Chris told the group that two women would be going on this week instead of a woman and a man, everyone's mouths just dropped.  And Vienna of course tried to play the victim.  But Chris cut her short on that.  He told her where the open doors were and told her no one was forcing her to stay.  Go Chris.  Just wish the heifer would have gotten up and done just such. 

So after some backstabbing, Jackie was voted off.  She and Ames had the sweetest moment saying goodbye to each other and I felt so bad that their time was ending.  Then Ames walks away from the limo... throws his hands in the air and literally runs after the limo, yells goodbye back at everyone and gets in the limo, leaving the show, with Jackie. 

He chose love and I was BAWLING like an idiot.  That's the kind of man I need and leave it to be good ole Ames.  I love him. 

BP is so much better than Bachelor/Bachelorette in my opinion.  I like the challenge portions I think.

Stay tuned.. The drama is still churning!!!!

Birthdays, babies, broken arms, and BITES.

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First of all, this is not how I saw myself titling Jenna's birthday party details.  But it can't be more true.

Yes, there was an awesome party (like 75 people, wowza!), yes she was a sweet baby, yes someone almost broke their arm, and yes, yours truly almost went to the ER with an exxcessive amout of bites.

Confused?  Let me explain..

Friday after work I hopped in my car, picked up my mom, and drove to Walnut (little town about 20 minutes away) to pick up the smash cake. 

                                          Isn't it totally cute??

Then I rushed back home, went and grabbed something to eat (I was in for a long night, right? :) ) and then headed back to Mom's.  She was sweet enough to make the cupcakes for me, long as I agreed to do the decorating.  Sounded like a good deal to me. 

Jenn came over to Mom's and together we fixed up the treat bags for the kiddos.  I'm excited the bags I had picked out matched SO well.  I had chosen pink polka dot ones and black polka dot ones.  Awesome. 

Once all the bags were done up, I went home with cupcakes in tow.

I let them cool down COMPLETELY before adding any icing. 

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
  • Strawberry icing (unless you really want to be fantastic and make your own.)
  • Mini oreos. (I bought the box of the individual snack size bags.)
  • White chocolate chip morsels.
I poured my icing into a bowl and used my mixer to make it "fluffier."

Starting with your completely cool cupcake, spread your icing onto the cupcake a little thicker than you normally would.  You are going to need this extra "grip" from the icing when you apply your oeros.

Take two mini oreos and place them on the cupcake as "ears."  Then just place the white chocolate chip morsels onto the cupcake.  You can place as many or as little as you like.  Tip: make sure you put the pointed end of the morsel into the icing.  This will provide a better hold for it.

After all the cupcake fiasco was done and Tammy and I sat up and talked for awhile about various things, it was bedtime. 

Saturday morning I was up at 7 am, preparing things for the party.  I made up some sweet tea and packed the car with what I could. 

Then out of nowhere a massive rain storm come barreling through Corinth.  I'm talking it was blowing things around my yard like crazy and I started to panic.  It might RAIN like this for Jenna's party.  But we got lucky and it was over as fast as it appeared. 

I left my house, made a stop for ice, and a stop at the party store to get the famous Minnie Mouse head blew up.  It was even cuter than I imagined it being.


So, I finally make it to the park and start setting up the decorations.  Keep in mind, it was very quiet at the park right now so I'm humming along and doing my thing when I hear "pop, pop, pop, pop..."  I start looking around trying to figure out what is making that annoying sound.. and then I look up. 

The perfect Minnie Mouse head.....


Panic pretty much set in at this point.  It isn't like I could go buy another one, this was the special Minnie balloon that the man had the LAST of in JACKSON, TN. 

So, my brother comes up and I pretty much scream he needs to save Minnie Mouse.  SO what does he do?  Climbs the pavillion, walks the metal beams, and saves Minnie Mouse without getting his arm or head cut off from the spinning fan.. somehow.

So, Minnie was saved, but now Kevin is stuck up in the beams... and has to JUMP down.  Well in the process of doing that, he catches his arm on the metal beams and it just about breaks his arm.   (Injury #1)  We just didn't know at the time, but he was in bad pain for the rest of the day...

After that, I got the decor set up, things placed, drinks made available... the whole nine yards was ready for a party.  So I took Jenna to the car and got the birthday girl dressed.

Now tell me this isn't precious..? :)

The guests started arriving and we soon realized we were about to have a bigger crowd than we anticipated so a quick run was made to the store for more hamburger meat.  We ended up with an approx. head count of 75 people!! And we honestly think there was more than that there because some were with their kiddos on the playground.  Overall, GREAT turnout!

Once everyone was done with their meals we decided to let the baby girl open her gifts.  I mean this when I say I think she had Christmas early.  She got more gifts than I've ever seen a child get at a birthday party.  But then again, she is well loved and rightfully so! :)

Then it was cupcake time!  My little creations were a big hit and I got several compliments off of them.  I even ate one myself and it was DELICIOUS :) So, to that, I patted myself on the back. 

Then it was time for the smash cake session.  So I stripped Jenna of her Minnie Mouse dress and put her in the tutu.  She looked absolutely adorable with those little fat rolls hanging all over her.  We spread a white blanket to set her in the middle of and placed her down.  I sat her cake in front of her and she immediately took the Minnie ears off the cake and was playing with them. 

Then she got some icing on her hands and started to act like she wasn't going to like it so I reached over to help her and when I did evidently I slid through a massive fire ant bed.  Seconds later I was screaming for help. (Injury #2) 

Jennifer was videoing Jenna while she was smashing her cake and you can hear me start screaming bloody murder in the background and see everyone rush toward me.  I thought I was about to go into a panic attack for real.  They ended up knocking what they thought was all the ants off me and I ran to the bathroom to strip off my clothes to make sure none had gotten anywhere underneath.  Thankfully, they had not. 

But trust me, standing in a public bathroom, naked, and barefoot is not where I saw myself. 

I shiver now just thinking about it. 

I finally calmed myself down and came back out to join the party.  However, when all the commotion with me happened it scared Jenna.  We are all assumming the hitting of me and everyone screaming just panicked her. 

Needless to say the party kind of ended right there because Jenna was worked up and hot and tired and I was in severe pain and needing to get some Benadryl in me ASAP.  And I admit, I truly considering going to the ER.  I told everyone no, but the more it stung and the sicker I felt I really wondered if I should have. 

So now my legs are AWFUL looking and I will NOT be posting a picture of them.  ha!
But I will give you this much...... two of the injuries.. hehe!

And somewhere along the way my nephew fell and hurt his ankle? I didn't even know this had happened until yesterday so there ya have Injury #3.

Next year maybe we should have a little more low-key party. ha!

I'll leave you with some random pictures :)