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It's Hump Day...

                                  It's Wednesday..what's not to love?
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[1] I'm loving... my sweet parents.  These two continually crack me up with their jokes on each other other and their "normal" ways, even though I'm not sure they really are normal.   

[2] I'm loving... Reagan & Roxie.  I really need to start showing them more on here, but they don't like pictures made so it makes it hard.  It's completely my fault though.  I probably have over 1000 of Reagan from his first year of life.

                                  [Poor future child.]

[3] I'm loving... my awesome friends.  Ya know, the kind you can ask something to and they really do tell you the truth.  Yeah, I'm blessed with the best.   Don't hate.

[4] I'm loving... that the mornings have been cooler lately.  I enjoy my coffee in the cool morning air. 

[5] I'm loving... that "my" deer are starting to surface in the field behind my house again.  After last year's hunters they were skiddish.  I still hold a grudge for whoever allowed them to hunt in there.  Those are clearly MY DEER, people. 

[6] I'm loving... my new lipgloss.  e.l.f you make my heart smile.

[7] I'm loving... my new purse I got this past weekend- yard sale find!  It is perfect for me and it's black.  Hello functional!

[8] I'm loving... Ulta, in general. And I am also having a withdrawal and need to be placed in a store soon.  Someone want to go??

[9] I'm loving... my eyeliner from Ulta.  Another reason I need to go.. I'm getting low. 

[10] I'm loving... Honey Nut Cherrios.   Say what? Yes- me the girl who doesn't like cereal- likes a freaking cereal.  Kmart is running a special this week 5 for $10.00 on HNC so mom and I popped in Sunday after church to pick up some since they eat it like its going out of style.  I tried it and l-o-v-e-d it.  Now I'm hooked. 

I can't believe it either...



  1. Ultaaaa. I swear, they suck my paychecks right out from under my feet!

  2. YES to #4! Agreed! Coffee on a cool morning- love it!
    And I think we are getting an Ulta in the area- I can't wait!! I'm already a Sephora junkie! ;)

  3. I love Ulta too! I can always find something that I like or "need" when I go shopping there

  4. YAY! :-) Happy Wednesday! Thanks for all of the sweet comments on my blog! I need to catch up on reading!

  5. Girl!!! I love Honey Nut Cherrios!! They have always been my favorite! I wish I lived close to a K-Mart! ;)

  6. i've been loving honey nut cheerios lately too! can't get enough :)

  7. Ulta is AMAZING! I spend a lot of dough there. ;)

    These are all great.


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