Bachelor Pad...


I don't even know where to start really.

But I do know one thing....

I totally love Ames now.  But I'll get to that.

First up, the challenge was brutal.  But I loved it.


A series of questions was asked to each guy/girl and whoever they felt best to pick, they literally had to chunk a paint ball at.  I would have LOVED to play this.  Can you imagine getting to freely throw a paint ball at your ex because you want him gone? Ahh.. love.

The winners: Michael and Melissa.

Michael & his date to the haunted hospital = creepy.   I LOVE that he took Holly on his date.  But I must admit I cried when they had their moment on the balcony talking and she made the statement about how he loved her when she didn't and then when she loved him, he didn't love her.  Maybe it kind of hit home with me.  Yikes.   I want them back together.

Melissa's date on the yacht- Uhhh... she is still as insane as she always was.  Why did they cast her on this show?  Someone remind me... Oh, because she is a freak and freaks make good tv shows. And Blake, sweetie, hottie, WTH were you thinking?  Don't kiss her.  I don't care if you did it just to make an alliance.  Melissa = not worth it.  But I guess his tactic won since he walked away with a rose.  And Kasey- shot down.  (Gotta give her credit for that one!)

And on a sad note, my girl left.  I love Gia, but I can't say that I blame her.  That house is full of drama and lies and she just decided it was too much and she'd rather leave than be cast off.  So I respect that, but still hated to see her go.  She needs a good man.  I truly love Gia and can't believe the girl is STILL single.

When Chris told the group that two women would be going on this week instead of a woman and a man, everyone's mouths just dropped.  And Vienna of course tried to play the victim.  But Chris cut her short on that.  He told her where the open doors were and told her no one was forcing her to stay.  Go Chris.  Just wish the heifer would have gotten up and done just such. 

So after some backstabbing, Jackie was voted off.  She and Ames had the sweetest moment saying goodbye to each other and I felt so bad that their time was ending.  Then Ames walks away from the limo... throws his hands in the air and literally runs after the limo, yells goodbye back at everyone and gets in the limo, leaving the show, with Jackie. 

He chose love and I was BAWLING like an idiot.  That's the kind of man I need and leave it to be good ole Ames.  I love him. 

BP is so much better than Bachelor/Bachelorette in my opinion.  I like the challenge portions I think.

Stay tuned.. The drama is still churning!!!!

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