Birthdays, babies, broken arms, and BITES.

First of all, this is not how I saw myself titling Jenna's birthday party details.  But it can't be more true.

Yes, there was an awesome party (like 75 people, wowza!), yes she was a sweet baby, yes someone almost broke their arm, and yes, yours truly almost went to the ER with an exxcessive amout of bites.

Confused?  Let me explain..

Friday after work I hopped in my car, picked up my mom, and drove to Walnut (little town about 20 minutes away) to pick up the smash cake. 

                                          Isn't it totally cute??

Then I rushed back home, went and grabbed something to eat (I was in for a long night, right? :) ) and then headed back to Mom's.  She was sweet enough to make the cupcakes for me, long as I agreed to do the decorating.  Sounded like a good deal to me. 

Jenn came over to Mom's and together we fixed up the treat bags for the kiddos.  I'm excited the bags I had picked out matched SO well.  I had chosen pink polka dot ones and black polka dot ones.  Awesome. 

Once all the bags were done up, I went home with cupcakes in tow.

I let them cool down COMPLETELY before adding any icing. 

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes
  • Strawberry icing (unless you really want to be fantastic and make your own.)
  • Mini oreos. (I bought the box of the individual snack size bags.)
  • White chocolate chip morsels.
I poured my icing into a bowl and used my mixer to make it "fluffier."

Starting with your completely cool cupcake, spread your icing onto the cupcake a little thicker than you normally would.  You are going to need this extra "grip" from the icing when you apply your oeros.

Take two mini oreos and place them on the cupcake as "ears."  Then just place the white chocolate chip morsels onto the cupcake.  You can place as many or as little as you like.  Tip: make sure you put the pointed end of the morsel into the icing.  This will provide a better hold for it.

After all the cupcake fiasco was done and Tammy and I sat up and talked for awhile about various things, it was bedtime. 

Saturday morning I was up at 7 am, preparing things for the party.  I made up some sweet tea and packed the car with what I could. 

Then out of nowhere a massive rain storm come barreling through Corinth.  I'm talking it was blowing things around my yard like crazy and I started to panic.  It might RAIN like this for Jenna's party.  But we got lucky and it was over as fast as it appeared. 

I left my house, made a stop for ice, and a stop at the party store to get the famous Minnie Mouse head blew up.  It was even cuter than I imagined it being.


So, I finally make it to the park and start setting up the decorations.  Keep in mind, it was very quiet at the park right now so I'm humming along and doing my thing when I hear "pop, pop, pop, pop..."  I start looking around trying to figure out what is making that annoying sound.. and then I look up. 

The perfect Minnie Mouse head.....


Panic pretty much set in at this point.  It isn't like I could go buy another one, this was the special Minnie balloon that the man had the LAST of in JACKSON, TN. 

So, my brother comes up and I pretty much scream he needs to save Minnie Mouse.  SO what does he do?  Climbs the pavillion, walks the metal beams, and saves Minnie Mouse without getting his arm or head cut off from the spinning fan.. somehow.

So, Minnie was saved, but now Kevin is stuck up in the beams... and has to JUMP down.  Well in the process of doing that, he catches his arm on the metal beams and it just about breaks his arm.   (Injury #1)  We just didn't know at the time, but he was in bad pain for the rest of the day...

After that, I got the decor set up, things placed, drinks made available... the whole nine yards was ready for a party.  So I took Jenna to the car and got the birthday girl dressed.

Now tell me this isn't precious..? :)

The guests started arriving and we soon realized we were about to have a bigger crowd than we anticipated so a quick run was made to the store for more hamburger meat.  We ended up with an approx. head count of 75 people!! And we honestly think there was more than that there because some were with their kiddos on the playground.  Overall, GREAT turnout!

Once everyone was done with their meals we decided to let the baby girl open her gifts.  I mean this when I say I think she had Christmas early.  She got more gifts than I've ever seen a child get at a birthday party.  But then again, she is well loved and rightfully so! :)

Then it was cupcake time!  My little creations were a big hit and I got several compliments off of them.  I even ate one myself and it was DELICIOUS :) So, to that, I patted myself on the back. 

Then it was time for the smash cake session.  So I stripped Jenna of her Minnie Mouse dress and put her in the tutu.  She looked absolutely adorable with those little fat rolls hanging all over her.  We spread a white blanket to set her in the middle of and placed her down.  I sat her cake in front of her and she immediately took the Minnie ears off the cake and was playing with them. 

Then she got some icing on her hands and started to act like she wasn't going to like it so I reached over to help her and when I did evidently I slid through a massive fire ant bed.  Seconds later I was screaming for help. (Injury #2) 

Jennifer was videoing Jenna while she was smashing her cake and you can hear me start screaming bloody murder in the background and see everyone rush toward me.  I thought I was about to go into a panic attack for real.  They ended up knocking what they thought was all the ants off me and I ran to the bathroom to strip off my clothes to make sure none had gotten anywhere underneath.  Thankfully, they had not. 

But trust me, standing in a public bathroom, naked, and barefoot is not where I saw myself. 

I shiver now just thinking about it. 

I finally calmed myself down and came back out to join the party.  However, when all the commotion with me happened it scared Jenna.  We are all assumming the hitting of me and everyone screaming just panicked her. 

Needless to say the party kind of ended right there because Jenna was worked up and hot and tired and I was in severe pain and needing to get some Benadryl in me ASAP.  And I admit, I truly considering going to the ER.  I told everyone no, but the more it stung and the sicker I felt I really wondered if I should have. 

So now my legs are AWFUL looking and I will NOT be posting a picture of them.  ha!
But I will give you this much...... two of the injuries.. hehe!

And somewhere along the way my nephew fell and hurt his ankle? I didn't even know this had happened until yesterday so there ya have Injury #3.

Next year maybe we should have a little more low-key party. ha!

I'll leave you with some random pictures :)


  1. Bless your heart!!!!! I was hurting for you reading it!!! but on the other hand- the birthday was precious!!! Oh my goodness...if I ever have a little girl I may have to steal your theme!!! and Jenna is so stinkin' cute!!! hope you are feeling better! :)

  2. Oh my goodness, you poor thing. Ackkkk!!!! How are you feeling today? Better, I hope!

    She's just so cute though, this post was filled with so many emotions. lol.

  3. Fire ants attacked the boys feet and Peyton has little blisters all over his feet even NOW, like 1 month later. But I must say- superb party job!

  4. glad you are feeling better sister! I love the picture of her sitting there with her legs crossed. TOO CUTE.


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