Oh Monday, Monday...

My lovely ladies- I've missed you!  Seriously.  I think I think about blogging more than I should.... Is that bad?

Today I'm playing along in a new link up.  Well it isn't new, but I've never done it so it's new to me :) If you too want to play, then jump over to lowercase letters and get your groove on girlfriends!

I've got several random things to talk about today so it being "Miscellany Monday" is all the more convienent.

First up though is my sweet little angel niece, Jenna.  I haven't added as many photos of her on here lately, so I thought I needed to make it up to her.  Right? :)

The birthday girl and myself.

Sweet, sweet angel face.

She loves looking out the door...

Rockin' the D-D-D-D-D-Dora shades!

One of her MANY facial expressions.

She loves to "talk" on the phone... Minnie Mouse phone of course.

Chubby fingers and her ring we got her for Christmas.  Presh.
She steals my heart a little more each day, seriously.  I was overwhelmed with joy when my nephews, Kaleb and Kamo, were born, but this time has been a whole new experience.  Of course I was younger when the boys were born so I'm sure that makes a difference too, but Jenna has done so much for me and this family.  Every single one of us is wrapped completely around those little chubby fingers.  Can't you see why?

Secondly, update on Mom:  She is doing well.  She is still complaining of her hip hurting her, but we are thinking it was just how she was laid during and after surgery that is catching up to her.  She is in good spirits though and I'm thankful again for all of you who text/called/emailed/etc.  

Since her post-surgery instructions indicate that she cannot do much of anything for 6 weeks, I have fell into the leader of their household as well as my own.  So, therefore my house looks like a train ran through it because I am trying to keep their house up and going.  Oh well, you do what you gotta do for your mom and dad.  =)  But I am working on teaching daddy how to survive.... ;)

Speaking of updates: Let me give you one on me and my fireant situation.  I am doing much better.  The bites are still very visible, but for the most part I'm back to normal.  If I ever was normal?

Next up, brief topic.  A called me again yesterday.  He is just an idiot.  I'm sorry but I needed to get it out.  He always wants to know why I don't ever call him, and why he has to call me to "check on me".    Well idiot, because you broke my heart TWICE, put me through hell and back for over a year, and you currently are doing your new girlfriend the same way you did me.   Need I explain this more?  Ugh.  I dislike him.  So flippin' much.

ANYWAY.  *calming down.....*

Since Mom can't really be up for too long, there was no yard sale activity planned for this weekend.  BUT she is a die hard and when dad mentioned that he seen a cedar chest at a yard sale as he passed by, we were up and in the car in 5 minutes and headed that way. 

Yes, it was still there and yes, I bought it.  When I drove up and spotted it, I knew they were probably going to ask more than I wanted to pay for just an extra cedar chest.  I walked up, asked the price- $20.00!!  I immediately gave the woman the money and started loading it in my Jeep.  Score!  Now it is in my extra bedroom and I have to figure out what I want to use it for, but that shouldn't be an issue.  Just staying home long enough to actually do it is my only hang up... Oh well.  One day. 

This weekend I got to do something I haven't had time to do in forever- I hung out with my friend Jay R.  It was SO good to see him and catch up.  He is and always will be one of my best friends :)  Oh, and Jay- I loved our talk about the ghosts... :)  Ps. Remind me to never visit your mother's house.

Oh and I got some exciting news yesterday- the hotel is booked for my Gatlinburg trip!!! I am way way way excited about that!  I'll be on my third va-cay of the year Sept 8-14th.  And then I'll be off again on the 23rd and in Memphis at the annual yard sale.  Yippee!!  I'm excited to see September get here!!!

Well lovies, I am going to go do a little work now yeah right, I'll be in Pinterest. Everyone have a fabulous Monday, and remember I won't be posting tomorrow- I'll be at the election polls.  Don't forget to go vote!

Ps. Details on the giveaway coming later! (When I figure out how to do this.. LOL)

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  1. I wasn't aware you had cedar chests. How many does this make for you?


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