Thankful Thursday & It's OK

It's Thursday!!  Jump over and show Rebecca at Southern Charm what you are thankful for today!

Well needless to say, I'm thankful that I wasn't a victim last night.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about them refer back to this post

[I'm thankful...]
  • For my loving mother & father. 
  • That I have a nice job inside.  The temps would have killed me this summer.
  • That I have two of the sweetest furbabies ever. 
  •  That Kathy had a fabulous birthday!!!!
  •  That it's getting closer to the weekend!!! I need some time to sit in pj's and relax!
  •  That I get too see the beautiful Alicia tonight (and baby bump Ali Beth!!!!!)
So, what are YOU thankful for today?


And now one of my fave link ups every week, It's OK with Neely and Amber
                                   Its Ok Thursdays

[It's OK]

  • That I don't want summer to go away, like it seems everyone else does.
  • That I am not ready to date someone yet. 
  • That I am getting anxious to start making Christmas lists (and keep summertime, hehe!)
  • To stay up too late just so you can read another chapter of a book...
  • To want to do nothing more than go home and get in my pajamas. 
Be sure you've went to Neely and Amber's pages and linked up.   What do YOU think is OK?


  1. I want to be home in my jammies so bad right now. Seriously!

  2. Like I said, I want to be outside with the kids and not be sweaty. That is all.

  3. I don't really want summer to go away either, not with the recent not-so-hot weather (in DC anyway), and I totally will stay up late to finish another chapter...which turns to another and another...haha
    Happy Thursday!
    Jenn @ Going the Distance

  4. I totally skipped my workout to come home and put on my pj's!

  5. Um, I just read your post, and I'm glad you're ok! I always lock my doors, but my mom instilled that into me so that's why I'm so adamant about it. My husband and I live in his grandmother's old house, and when she was alive and living here a couple got murdered next door. The man had come to the hubs grandmother's door asking to use the phone, but she told him no through the door. Then he tried next door, they let him in, and they murdered them both. People are crazy! It's a sad world we live in.

    Anywho...I'm definitely ready for the weekend! This first week of school kicked my booty :) Thanks for linking up!

  6. You're SOOOO cute!

    I don't want Summer to go either. :(

    You do know before you start dating, I have to screen the guys, right?

  7. I always stay up extra late to read more chapters :)


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