It's Wednessssssssssssssday.  You know what that means...

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This week I'm loving...

  • My new cedar chest- that I scored for $20.00!
  • My sweet angel niece, Jenna-bugg!
  • That's it is already Wednesday, hello! :)
  • That my third vacay of the year starts in 15 days! Gatlinburg here I come!
  • That it's almost time for the annual Countrywood Yard Sales! (I smell a whole post coming on this fabulous thing!)
  • This cute dress- Hint, hint.. SOMEONE....  
    Forever 21
  • That my Roxie girl is finally starting to act normal.  For those of you who do not know her IRL- she is a devil.  She ate my freakin' couch, got it?

  • This... I mean really. Does anyone know where to find one? :)
    Happy Wednesday everyone :)


  1. That dress is adorable!!! :) I'm not sure it's meant for a blonde though, darn it!

    Glad Roxie is getting better. ;)

  2. Are you refering to the new couch? That precious little dog!

  3. love love love that quote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I LOVE that dress! I just went a little crazy at F21 and ordered like three new dresses for fall.


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