Feeling Frisky on a Monday!

It's Monday... && that means to get to ramble a little bit.

  • Friday night I kept Jenna bugg.  And I didn't even get any pictures.  I know, bad me.  But we had a lot of fun.  We went to Kmart and shopped some (and bought her stuff....) and then came back home and played until bedtime.  Saturday morning Mom and I took her home and we went to a few yard sales.
  • I scored some clothes this weekend.  I never shop stores (I think I've explained all that one here before...) but it is also a hit or miss thing with me and clothes.  This weekend I was on a hit.  I got several, several things.  I was happy :)
  • I also got a fabulous new BIG red suitcase bag.  This is perfect timing because I leave for Gatlinburg in exactly 10 days! :)
  • I also got a new purse, whoo hoo!   This has been on list for a couple weeks now and when I saw the beauty I knew she was mine.  A black Chanel. :)
Saturday after I got home from yard sales, I cooked dinner for mom and dad.  We had CocaCola pork chops, fried rice, salad, garlic bread, and peach cobbler.  And yes, I made it all.    ((SHOULD HAVE TAKEN PICTURES!! DANGIT!!!))  It was delish, if I must say!  Mom and Dad just went on and on about it.  

See, I CAN cook.. when I want to.   I just don't always WANT to. :)

Sunday morning I was up extra early and ready for a good church service and that we had.  Bro. Randy amazes me how he can always just make you feel like he is talking TO YOU... but I hear others say the same thing all the time.  Anyway, great great service. 

Sunday was spent catching up laundry that I've neglected the last week since Mom's surgery so 7 loads later, I was done. ha!   But in the middle of all that laundry I took a quick second to make my kiddos something.  Well, okay, so it's FOR me..

My precious Folgers can went from this...

To this...

Walah!  The dogs now have a new treat canister.  One day when I've got time I'm going to sit back down with this and paint some paw prints.  Eventually.

So, now after a random weekend, my house is back clean & and I am ready to get home and settle in to watch Bachelor Pad tonight.   Aren't you??? :)

“Once you realize that each day of your life brings a new chance for you, you will be able to move on and be happy.”


  1. What you did with the folgers jar is so super cute! Great idea!! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend and that dinner sounds TO DIE!! YUM!

  2. Hey, now THAT is a GREAT idea!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  3. this is awesome!! totally stealing it!


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