Life's Curve Balls..

I didn't mean to skip out of ya'll Friday.  In fact, I had a good post coming.  (I'll get to that later this week) But I had an expected thing happen on Friday morning.  I woke up, sent B on his way to work, jumped in the shower, got out and started fixing my coffee, and felt something "odd" on my face.  I went to the bathroom, took a peek in the mirror and was horrified.  I had blood all over me. 

I had a mole on my face.  I've had it my entire life, and for some unknown reason it decided to split and bleed.  It scared me to death obviously so I called the doctor at 10 minutes until 8.  The nurses were not in yet, but I left a message for someone to please call me back asap.  They did and I was told to come on in to see the doctor. 

Well, the doctor's office is 45 minutes away so after being at work for about 30 minutes, out the door I went.  I won't sit here and lie and say I wasn't scared to death because I was and still am until I get those results.

Without going into much detail, he didn't seem to think it was anything to be concerned about, but it was being sent off for testing just to be sure since anytime a mole bleeds out on its own, it's sign of cancer.  So, just please keep this lady in your prayers.  I know God is going to make it okay, and one day I won't look hideous again.  But in the meantime, I'm on edge.  For reals.

Day one.

Day two.  Yes, I'm swollen.

It didn't really "hurt" except that shot to deaden it.  Now, that I felt like went straight to my brain.  And my brain has hurt ever since. ha. 

Anyway, that's where I was Friday.  It wasn't how I planned it, and surely not when I planned to have that mole removed.  But life sure does hand us some curve balls.

In other news, I got to see an old friend this weekend!  My hometown had a 10k run going on, and one of my old friends from when I lived in Oxford sent me a message saying he was going to be running in the race!  He is originally from Kenya, and one of the sweetest people!  I was very excited to get to see him!  Oh and did I mention he came in second?  Yep :) 

Way to go, friend!!!

That's about all I did this weekend.  After Friday's thing, I basically didn't want to leave the house with this on my face.  It honestly looks like I have a permanent mosquito sitting on me.  That's not very attractive. In fact, I haven't even see my boyfriend in two days.  That's how crappy I feel. 

But, on a good note, I did have a sweet visitor yesterday. 
Love her!

So anyway, no I'm not dead.  I'm just feeling partially that way at the moment.  So keep those fingers crossed about the results tomorrow!


  1. Oh no!! Definitely praying for you, but I'm sure everything is just fine! That had to be scary though, so sorry it happened! Keep me updated!

    But that's so great that you got to see your's always great seeing old friends!

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