Happy Birthday to my darling...

Happy Birthday to you....

B's birthday was Sunday, May 27th.  However, since I knew we would have very limited time together that night (as all of our Sundays are..) I wanted to give him his gifts Saturday night. 

He came over and we worked on a project (post coming!) and then had a fabulous dinner (pat on the back! haha!) and then showered and let the presents begin.

 My sweet, sweet man.  I can't get enough of this face.  That's my soulmate you are looking at.. that's the man I can't see my life without.  That's the man that holds the key to my heart.  That's the man who knows me better than I know myself.  That's the man that God created especially for me.   How blessed I am..
 Reading his card.  I gotta admit, it was a sweet card.  I'm pretty sure he would agree! :)
 "The game"...  Men and their toys is all I know.. haha.  
He didn't see this one coming.  I hope at all.  He seemed pretty shocked!  Look at that face! 

My baby has been drooling over this thing for quite awhile.  Every time we go to Lowe's he has to touch it and talk about it.  And it's been HARD the last couple times to act like I'm not interested when inside I was wanting to scream "I BOUGHT IT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!".

I'm so glad I never let the cat out of the bag though, because his face was precious when he saw what it was!

I also got him some other kind of tools, and a beach towel big enough for him.  I just don't think B would appreciate the 5ft normal beach towels.  He is WAY too tall for that! haha.

On his actual bday!
 B, there are not enough words in the dictionary to describe the way you make me feel, the way your touch gives me goosebumps, the way I can tell what you want to say before you even form your mouth for words to escape them. 

You are God's most precious blessing He has ever given me and I am eternally grateful to be the woman that He chose to see fit to stand beside you for the rest of our lives.  We've been allowed a second chance at life, and luckily that's with each other now. 

All the past hurts and failures mean nothing with you standing beside me because I know it was all worth it to end up with you. 

I wish there were more than one day a year to celebrate the life of you.  You are that amazing.  You've shown me you aren't the typical guy.  You didn't want to rush into dating me.  In fact, when we met, you weren't even thinking that at all.  You showed me respect from day one.  You've been truthful from the beginning.  You are the perfect man for me babe, and I really can't brag on you enough.  You're so family oriented that I hope and pray one day we have a child of our own for you to drool over because I know you'd make the best father in the world.  

You are such a hard-worker, and such a perfectionist at all you do.  I love you for it even though sometimes I do like to give you a hard time about it all.  You're a strong Christian man and in a world we live in like today, it's even more important to know I have a man and a partner who will continually pray for me and our relationship.  God brought us together.  We can never forget that and lack on thanking him for all He does for us as a couple. 

You are my best friend, my other half, my #1 priority, and the best source of advice I can find.  You are my dream man and I still pinch myself occasionally to make sure this isn't some really good dream I will wake up from, but you're always really there. 

I cannot tell you enough what life without you was like.  I think you have a pretty good idea.  We both were experiencing the same emotions in our individual lives.  And babe, don't ever forget that you and I were both looking at that same moon praying for each other. 

Here we are babe, 8 months into the best part of my life.  You challenge me, you lift me up, you confide in me, and level me out.  You are the perfect combination with me.  And I promise here publicly to never let a day go by without letting you know how much I appreciate you and the person you are to my life. 

I hope you had the best birthday possible.  I enjoyed every second of getting to see you take the spotlight since you try and push it on me so often.  You are just as deserving of life's things as anyone else and and I love seeing you get things you have wanted for so long.

Now, tell me when we are going for your birthday dinner... :)

And let me add, we are going to eat at Red Lobster for his bday, and yours truly doesn't eat seafood... now tell me that isn't love..

I LOVE YOU B!!!!!!!!!!!! 

With all of my heart and soul....



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