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Sorry, ladies, I did kind of go MIA yesterday. 

Let me back up and just re-cap the weekend! 

I worked, but still didn't feel just a whole lot better than I had all week.  But I left work an hour early and got my stitches out!!  Hallelujah!

While I was there, I got a shot in the bootay!  And it made me feel some better, but I still don't feel like myself yet.  So, I think I will end up getting the medicine filled that he gave me.  I was really hoping a shot would just knock it out.  Oh well.

That night, B's nephew had a ballgame so we went to that and then went to dinner at a local restaurant.  I won't go into the whole detailed reason why, but we ran into an old friend of mine and he personally came over to meet B.  It meant a lot to me since he used to be such great friends with an ex of mine.  And that's kind of where he and I lost our friendship.  So it was a sweet moment for me.  

I got up and went to some yard sales (duh!) with mom.  I didn't end up getting much this week.  Some weeks are just like that... you either hit it big or you don't at all.  It was nice getting to spend some time with Mom and Jenna though.  

After taking them both home, I went to my house and got ready.  Saturday was mine and B's date day/night.  We had not had a chance to get out and actually have a date in quite awhile so I was pretty excited!  

I didn't know what I wanted to wear, but I knew I wanted to wear something new and something comfortable.  So when I walked into my closet and saw this dress I knew it was the one.  I bought it last year on a whim and never worked up the nerve to wear it since it is kind of revealing.  (Too revealing for where I normally go, ha!)  But I decided to give it a whirl.

Please ignore my facial expression.. ha!

Opinions?? I think B liked it. ha! =)

Okay, back on track, for our date day/night we ended up going to Tupelo.  It's about 45 minutes from where we live and really the closest place to go and have a decent date.  We did some shopping and B ended up buying something that I just HAVE to take a minute and brag on.

A few weeks ago, he had told me he wanted to get my initials (future initials) on his hat for ball season this coming summer.  I thought he meant like with a permanent marker. (Gosh, how redneck do I sound right about now?!) Anyway, he meant stitched in.  So, as part of our date he got his new hat, AND my future initials on it.  He let me help pick out the font, color, size, etc. 
I COULD not be any happier with how it turned out.  And to know my man is going to be wearing "me" out there, just warms this little gal's heart!
My man + baseball hat + my future initals = HAPPY HAPPY KAYLA.

I just love it.  And he looks SO good in it.  I can't get enough.  

After getting the hat, we went for dinner at LongHorn.  Our last experience was LESS than great there, so we were a little hesitant to give it another try.  BUT the $60.00 gift card we had convinced us too! ;) And I am SO happy to say that this time everything was MUCH better.  We both ate GOOD and had a wonderful conversation about things.  Truly what we needed.  A good date and get away!

We went and shopped some more and B got some MUCH needed things while we were in Tupelo.  We came home, relaxed and watched some TV, and had a perfect ending to a really, really great date.    I am SO blessed to have this man in my life.

Mother's Day!  I wish I had a picture to show you of my mom and me, but sadly I didn't even get one!  My mom had to work that morning (a downfall of working for the hospital.. it can't exactly "close" for holidays!) so I didn't get to see her until around 4 pm.  She had picked out where she wanted for dinner, so that's what we did.  She wanted Pickwick Inn.  I think I've mentioned Pickwick on here a few times, but if I haven't then I'm referring to Pickwick Lake.  It's about 20 minutes from our house, so it's an easy ride to go have dinner on the lake. 

We browsed around and, of course, her other request was to go see Jenna.  So that we did.   I really wasn't feeling that well again, so by the time we got back to Mom's house from all that, I just went home and relaxed. I will be SO glad when this sickness is OUT of me for good.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.  I got to spend some time with my sweet mom and my sweet man.  I can't think of anywhere else in life I'd rather be than in the company of those I have right now.  Life truly is good. =)

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  1. Love the dress and I love love that he put your initials on his hat. So cute and precious!


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