We had a date.

At home.  And it was fabulous. 

If you follow me on Instagram ((and if you don't, then you should.)) then you seen what kind of date we had. 

The edible kind- our fave.  And what's better than that- it was two of my fave things in life- Bread and salt. 

Okay, so the secret's out.  We made pretzels.  Some "OMGGGGG Pretzels" at that.  *Pats herself on the back*

Let me rewind a little.  Since our anniversary fell on Monday this year, we went ahead and had our date night out this past Saturday.  We went to Tupelo (about 45 minutes from home) and had dinner at Harvey's.   Then:
-We browsed the mall.
-He bought me make-up.
-I bought him screwdrivers. ((The tool, not the drinks. haaa!))
-My phone battery died.
-I had to physically walk the mall and find my honey.  (Ouch.)

Then we stopped and had a pretzel.  You see, me and my man like to eat.  Look at my pictures and you can tell I do, so eating a pretzel is like mandatory when you go to the mall.  Ooooey Goooey Goodness.  Straight to my thighs.

After that, we came home and slept like babies.  :)

So, that brings me to Monday.  Our "official" anniversary date at home.  We both knew what we wanted to do for a week or so before it happened, so we did it.  We made the pretzels with hopes they turned out like the ones we ate on Saturday night. 

It all started with a little kit..
(You can buy this at Kroger, and I've seen them in Wal-mart too!)

A few fun moments in the making...

Doesn't it look like a heart?  NOT STAGED! :)
and an end result that was to die for.

So, was ours as good as the ones at the mall?
You betcha. 

Date night out- Success!
Date night in- Success!

Here's to many more anniversaries, and I'm confident many more pretzels! :)

And of course, we had a little photo shoot.  Just me and my man :)

P.S.- Doesn't my man look hot in this picture? #luckylady


  1. Y'all are seriously too stinkin' cute for words. I LOVE pretzels and have always thought about buying that kit..guess I have to now! ;)

    Happy belated anniversary! xo

    P.S. Loving this new design girl, and that you hit 100 followers!! YAYYYYY!

  2. Yum! You guys are too stinking cute!

  3. Please send some of those yummy pretzels my way! I'm the same.. I've either gotta have a pretzel or a cookie, sometimes both at the mall :) and the pretzel with marinara sauce...delish! Y'all are too cute for words and I'm completely jelly! Does he have any brothers or cousins? I'd move to Mississippi and we could be real life bff's :)

    Have a good day deary!

  4. Loving your pics! You two are beautiful together! Love seeing a well matched couple!

  5. Love a good date night in. I had gotten that pretzel kit as a new home kit (such a cute idea) but when I made them my pretzels came out really heavy and hard a rock. It was an epic fail. Seeing how good your pretzels came makes me want to try it again.

  6. I found your blog through Tales of a TwentySomething. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better as your newest follower!

    What a fun at-home date. Any date that involves eating snacks is good in my book. :)

  7. I have seen those kits at WalMart... I am putting in my request for a pretzel for next weekend. k thanks :)

  8. Hope you had some broccoli bites or fried cheese at Harvey's! Sounds like an awesome date minus the phone dying. ;)


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