Gettin' Whitty With It...

Confused?  Don't be.  I'm talking about the funny, gorgeous, talented Whitney!  She blogs over at I WORE YOGA PANTS TO WORK.  If that name alone isn't enough reason to check her out, then let me tell you something else.  Look around my page, see how cute it is now?

Yep, she done it.  I told you she is talented! So, if you are thinking about a new blog design- email her!  I bet she can fix you up.  I am incredibly happy with mine!  Isn't that little leopard bow THE CUTEST THING, like ever????

Go check out her blog, you will not be sorry that you did.  And follow her on twitter.  The girl is funny!

Okay, enough of me. Here she is...  ((Missssss Ameeeeeeerica..... ))

Hey everyone, like Kayla said, I'm Whitney and I house my twisted thoughts over at I Wore Yoga Pants. It's so sweet of Kayla to call me all of those nice things, I think she's pretty terrific, too. Thank you Kayla, by the way, for inviting me to come ramble on your blog. You're a brave, brave soul!

That's me on the left and that's me on the right.

No, I don't adore myself soooo much that I need to show you how I look with and without sunglasses (because we all know everyone always looks better with shades on... no, just me? my bad) but on the left is me when I'm all primped up and proper and the right is me on a normal day. I likez to party. I also demand that my "good side" is my left side. Anyone else?

Fun fact: According to some study, that is official enough to be posted somewhere I was allowed access to read it, most people prefer photos of their selves from the left side. 

See that? I'm full of knowledgable nonsense like that, which may or may not be 2% accurate. You know, the stuff that really no one cares too much about. 

Moving on... I love wine. A lot. Specifically a nice glass of Chardonnay. And by glass, typically that means a good dent in a bottle. Which is why I prefer to dispense my wine from a box...

I know you're all probably thinking Kayla must have been drunk off her ass when she asked me to write a post for her, but don't knock it till you try it. 

This budget friendly cardboard box houses some pretty delish chard. I convinced that plastic bags are the new green glass bottles.

but that's just me. 

Pair it with some fancy cheese... it'll make you feel more fancy.

Also, calling it Cardboardeux wine will make it feel far more fancy. (thank you to my sweet friend Tay for this one)

Not to say I don't prefer the finer wines in life... If I could drink this wine every single night I'd be on that shiz like nobody's business, but I have yet to win the lottery and so I've got to stick to the Cardboarduex wine.

PS. Am I the only one who craves bread when someone tells me that the wine I'm ordering is "buttery"? No, just me? K... moving on. 

So, aside from loving wine, I love my dogs, taking photos, watching ridiculous reality television shows, painting my nails, shopping (when I'm not broke.. or even when I am sometimes), blogging (har har, obviously), cooking (don't tell anyone), and a bagillion other things that us girly girl types like.

I have a collegiate bachelors degree but I have to say that my greatest teacher and influence in life has been professor Google. You see this pretty little layout I created for sweet Kayla? Yeah, I learned all of the coding and such from sir Google - such a great teacher that Googz is.

Also, Dr. Google is my favorite (free) medical provider. Dr. Googz has been misdiagnosing me for years, yet I continue to be a faithful returning patient. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the wealth of (mis)knowledge. I've had multiple diseases in my short 25 years, according to my main doc, Googz. One time the Googz told me to drink more booze when I had a hangover and then I ended up drunk again. Sometimes I worry about Googz... he might drink more than I do.

What else do you all need to know about me? 

Well, I'm going to be a reality star one of these days. 
Think Snooki but blonde, a lot less tan, add in a bunch of Elle Woods and equally as much of a train wreck.

I'm thinking I can rock the hell out of a big ass blonde poof. What do you all think?

Alright, I'm pretty sure I should wrap this thing up here shortly before I scare off all of you lovely ladies that haven't already clicked the red "X" by now. Thank you Kayla for letting me sabotage your blog today! Love you lots and I'm so happy you love your design. :)


  1. Hahaha oh goodness I love Whitney! That girl is nuts and I love it! Your design looks so cute! So glad I clicked over to check out her post so I can follow along now :)

  2. Seriously! I have never laughed so hard in my life :) PS - I'm gonna call you Snooks from now on! Love you BOTH!

  3. Omg Dr Google is bad news bears. I convince myself I have a serious condition like 4 days a week. and boxed wine is how us classy people get drunk. Love this post :)

  4. I followed Whitney to your blog!! I'm a new follower and can't wait to start reading your blog!! :)


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