Mr. & Mrs. White {Part Three: The Moments Before I Do..}

Well, ladies (and any gents!), it is time for my next wedding re-cap post.  This time we will be looking at the moments leading up to the ceremony and the reception.
Of course, I do not have my professional photos back yet, so any pictures in any further posts will be snapshots from various iPhone.  Also, I should note- Thank you to all that took pictures and tagged me on FB with them. I stole them from you ;) ha!
We left off at the Rehearsal, so after that...
Lindsey, Cassie, Hillary, Jeff (poor guy!) and myself all loaded up in Hillary's car and went back to the Belmont hotel.  We got in our respective rooms and I begin to search through all those six bags of things I brought to find my curlers.
Yes, I was sporting the old-school Velcro curlers like a true bride-to-be. 
And no, I didn't get a single minute's sleep with those things in my head.
Meanwhile, we chatted about wedding things, moments so far, all the planning I had done, etc. until we finally decided it was bedtime. 
I woke up really, really early this next morning.  I was SO anxious to get my day started and see my future husband.  I took a paper and pen and sat in the foyer of the hotel and wrote Brian a final note as his fiance. 
[And I honestly, forgot to even give it to him until AFTER we were married. Fail.]
My hair/make-up lady got there at 7AM and we started making me beautiful.  Honestly, this was one of my favorite moments of the day.  I never, ever get my make-up done.  I usually just slap a little on myself and go on about my day.  So, to REALLY have some make-up on I felt like a million bucks. 

  Thank you, Lauren, for making me feel awesome!
My gorgeous mother & I.

That morning was so fun/crazy with lots of hairspray fumes and make-up essentials playing around the room.  I truly had a fantastic morning with my besties and my mother.

Up Next: Here Comes The Bride....


  1. I love, Love, LOVE your hair!!!! Can't wait for the next installment.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. This was such a tease! I can't wait to see more!

  3. ahhh! I cannot WAIT to see your wedding pictures! You looked amazing, and I am sure your pictures are GORGEOUS! :)


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