Marriage {Month One}

Today, we celebrate our first month of marriage
It's so hard to think that one month ago today, I was surrounded by all our loved ones and preparing to walk down the isle to the man of my dreams.  It's been a whirlwind first month and I know they will continue to get quicker as the time goes on. 
So, what have I learned in the first month? 
Well, Brian likes to leave his shoes in the middle of the floor, throw his "pocket stuff" on the kitchen counters, leave a glass on his nightstand, hog the covers, and play Xbox way after I go to bed.
But you know what? I love all that and more because I have him there, as my husband, to do those things.  I can pick up those shoes and move his pocket things.  I can pull those covers right back to my side, and pick up his glass every morning.
And while some of you might not understand how I deal with his Xbox time, then let me explain how simple it is.  He is in OUR home, WITH ME, where I know he is SAFE, and not out getting into things of the world.  I hear him yell at that television screen and honestly smile.  My man is in his happy spot, and even though I may not be playing with him, he is WITH me.
Brian is happy playing.  It's not an obsession, but it's a hobby.  I'm happy with Pinterest and blogging.  It's not an obsession, it's a hobby.  We understand each other's wants (and the need for GREAT Internet service, LOL!) and allow each other that space.
Space? In the first month already?  Yes, because no matter how in love you are, we as humans need our space for our own interests.  Brian and I understand that and are already giving each other those moments.  We just work well together.  I knew we would.
We've been working on arranging the house how we BOTH want it, and not just to my taste.  I've adapted to having another person living in what was once only my home.  We've cooked meals, and did laundry.  He helps with as many chores as I ask him to and never complains.
So, how has my first month as Mrs. White been?
REMARKABLE.  And I thank God daily for blessing me with Brian as my husband.
Happy One Month, babe!


  1. So sweet! If ant believe it has been a month already!

  2. Space is so important! Derek used to get so aggravated with my blogging time, but now he uses it as time to spend in the barn tinkering with his "man toys!" It's okay that we aren't always doing the same things at the same time, but doing our own things while being in the same place is definitely okay!

  3. Tyler is an xbox player too! sometimes it drives me NUTS, but I have to remember that he doesn't really understand blogging!

  4. this was super cute! i love all of the little quirks youve gotten accustomed to... and its true... let him enjoy his xbox. hes home and it makes him happy. Im sure there are things you do that make you happy but kinda bug him lol

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  5. Sounds like it has been awesome! Nick plays video games or does other stuff after I go to bed. It works about because I sleep better when I fall asleep in our bed alone! You guys just do your thing and what works for you!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. My husband is the same way! Especially with Xbox (Call of Duty). It bothered me a little bit when we first got married, but then I realized how much he loves it. I actually learned how to play & love it now too. After almost 4 years of marriage, I'm used to it. And like ^^^ Ashley said, I sleep better when I have the bed to myself too ;) lol. It's great that you learned this early on in your marriage!

  7. Hey girlie! Do you have a new blog? I'm so confused. I just realized I'm not following you on Bloglovin- I am now! lol. I am so out of the loop. About to scour the archives and get caught up with your wedding. So behind but Sooooo glad I checked this. Congrats on your marriage. I'm so happy for you!


  8. Aw, I love this! And yay for space! I think it's something so important for a relationship & helps keep it stronger! Happy for you lady!


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