5 on Friday!

This week was fun:
1// I started a new Dave Ramsey book, my first one ever.  #loveit #wantmore
2// Brian and I got new internet since the old one didn't have enough strength to power ALL out devices.  #socialmediahogs
3// Jenna got a new puppy.  Everyone, meet Max.:)
4// My new blog launced.  Keeping Up With Kayla just wasn't me anymore.  I'm back, revamped and ready for the the blogworld again. #motivated
5// Jenna held me to my promise and we went shopping for Max some clothes. XXS to be exact.
Happy Weeeknd!  


  1. ohh those chrismas clothes are just too cute!! love it!

  2. Dave Ramsey books are really awesome! I wish more people would read them :)

  3. Jeff and I really want to go through some Dave Ramsey stuff too. Just gotta get around to it! Also, loving the new blog look and name. (Side note - the fee inside Blogger doesn't seem to be working though. It still tries to take me to your old one, which doesn't work. Might want to check into that...?) Glad both of us are back in action now! :)

  4. LOVE! I've thought about changing my blog's name but I'm too scaredddddd... good for you!

  5. I've been wanting to read a Dave Ramsey book- looking forward to hearing how you like it when you're done!

  6. Max is adorable! Dave Ramsey is The Man. You should check out his website. You can watch his show anytime you want to. (daveramsey dot com)


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