Mr. & Mrs. White {Part Four: The Ceremony}

This it is.  The last and final re-cap of the wedding day.  

After such a wonderful, and thankful morning of less than crazy, I was so ready for the big day.

After a few bridal portraits, it was time to get in the car an make the drive to meet my man!
I asked Lindsey to ride with me on the way there :) 

Once we arrived at the Lodge, we wanted to make sure I was there and able to get out without Brian seeing me before it was time.  So we circled around and I felt like I was someone important, ha! 

 This is my wedding spot.  This is also where Brian and I had first look.
That was one of the best decisions ever, and if you are getting married then I recommend it.
My oldest, nephew, ushering my precious mother to her seat.

 I'm sure you all know this face, :)

 And then it was time.............
My precious daddy & the first man I ever loved.

 My favorite picture.

 Hand in hand with my husband, listening to my father-in-law

I want to add a huge thank-you to my cousin Kim for taking these photos and sharing them with me.  My professionals will be in later, so when those are in I will be sure to share.

After the sweetest ceremony, we went into our reception.  It was awesome to just mingle with everyone and finally relax!

We loved our wedding cups!

My gorgeous ladies and a photo prop!

One of the sweetest pictures and I can't wait to see the professional version.  Brian and I were holding our parents' wedding photos. :)

My cake.  EXACTLY how I ordered it.  Loved the monogram!

After all the fun and excitement of the big day, Brian and I changed clothes, said our goodbye's to our family, and headed for Gatlinburg.  

My wedding day was a dream from the time I was a small child and one October 12, 2013 it all became a reality.  


  1. you were a gorgeous gorgeous bride, and your wedding couldn't have looked any better:)
    love youuuu!

  2. You looked absolutely stunning!! I can't wait to see the professional photos! :)

  3. ADORABLE! You looked amazing and it was just perfect! So happy for you :)

  4. GEORGEOUS! Love dress and cake and your tiara is awesome!!

    FYI - giveaway at my blog
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. This is SO perfect! I can't wait to see the real photos! I agree with you, I wholeheartedly would do my first look all over again. It was my favorite moment of the day!

  6. This is so cute~ You look gorgeous! Looks like the perfect day! xoxo Just found your cute blog!

    Showered With Design

  7. Congrats!!! You made such a gorgeous bride, I love all the personal little touches you had.

  8. You are a gorgeous bride and I absolutely love love LOVE that cake!!

  9. Kayla! You look amazingly stunning in that beautiful wedding dress, and it looks like your wedding was full of love and fun! I cannot wait to read along about your marriage and life together!

  10. I love all these pictures and you look amazing!

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