In a blank state of mind..

Two days in a row. 

Are you shocked yet?

Well, don't be.  I'm not really blogging today.

In fact, I'm reading blogs instead of writing.  And I just checked and I have 164 more entries to read before I am "caught up" on you lovely ladies..

By the way, I started using Google Reader... today.  And at first I admit I wanted to cuss and punch the thing, but then I think we have made up and we are friends now.  However, for anyone that DOES use it.. can you comment straight from the reader or do you have to open the actual blog?  I'm probably overlooking it, but if I'm not... then Google, fix this.

And the reason I'm reading all your blogs first is because I'm looking for some inspiration for some new topics.. so if I steal one from your page.. just go with it.  :)

Oh, and ask me some questions or something.. I need some topics ladies..

Peace, beeshes :)

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